tron girl

Commissions Open!

!Prices lowered temporarily while I get warmed back up into doing commissions regularly! 

I recently moved across the country, and although I transferred between locations for my day job, hours are sparse and it’s already a fairly low-paying job. I’m totally broke, so any help or support is greatly appreciated! 

Sketch commissions and line art may include touches of color at the client’s request. If you’d like a colored sketch but your budget may not be as high as the basic or full colors, just ask! I’m flexible and more than happy to do what I can! 

- Generally all character designs including anthros, beasts and monsters, robotic, etc
- Most sexual themes; explicit content requires discussion
- Paypal accepted only
- Nudity, pin-up

- Blatant pornographic themes 

Donations: While I don’t have any negative opinion regarding artists who accept donations, I personally like to earn the money I receive. If you don’t think you have enough money for a commission, but would still like to support me, please contact me! I’m very friendly and more than happy to work with any artist lover who may be working on a tight budget. 

or you can send me a PM here with any additional questions!


Tron Girl - Yes it`s a song but the story has a beginning middle and end, so it`s a short film too!  One of my favorite online vids combines Tron and Weird Science, and has the hilarious Erik Beck and Lauren Francesca - amazing!