tron gem

Fuckin SU AU?

Blue Diamond is a vain and selfish gem, often demanding more art of herself, she decorates herself with the gems of others, often having the gems being cut into “more beautiful shapes” the other diamonds dislike working with her in the conferences due to her lack of contributing. Gems that fail creating beautiful art, will be shattered, and all of the works will be burned in public. Using ground up gems, Blue Diamond uses it as her own paint, often in the form of makeup. She has 100 pearls, the roles of pearls is a risky job due to Blue Diamonds mannerisms. As other gems describe it as a “well oiled revolving door” due to the fact that only 1/100th of pearls keep their life and still work for the diamond. Her court is filled with beautiful buildings, various statues and paintings are found in the court. She has 20 sapphires. Gem Location: Chest. Various paintings depict her holding a Mirror. She is second to Yellow Diamond in the amounts of gems she shatters. She has the most planets under her court. She constantly orders yellow diamonds bismuths to renovate her palace. She herself constantly changes her form to whatever is deemed the most beautiful and luxurious homeworld fashions. Aesthetic: All Style No Substance. Thus Blue Diamonds Court has to have the most renovations due to the Blue Diamonds need for beauty over safety of other gems. She shatters gems that are either too ugly or too pretty. Vanity

Yellow Diamond, is a strict and harsh gem. She runs the yellow court. She demands the best Quality in buildings and furniture. She has 5 pearls and one personal Bismuth. The most amount of gems are shattered in her court. She is a harsh critic yet she made a law to those who have criticisms against the way she (as well as the other diamonds) rule their courts. She has the quickest tempers compared to the other diamonds. Yellow Diamonds court is very geometric, having sharp angles in all of the courts buildings. She has 2 sapphires. She looks down at Blue Diamond in scorn. Despite the amounts of gems being shattered, the gems live quite a long time. If a building has the slightest Chance of it not being good enough, the building is torn down, and the bismuth that constructed it is poofed and tortured by an Agate. Or transferred to White Diamond’s Court to be the energy for a gem powered mechanism. Only keeps sapphires for the future of their buildings. The second most planets in The Diamond Empire belong to her. Gem Location, back of neck. Aesthetic: Geometrical

White Diamond is a cold gem. Having the most robotic appearance compares to the other gems. Her court has the highest amounts of Peridots. The court also is the main hub for kindergartens. White diamonds court has the second least amount of shatterings as well as the second least amount of planets in her rule. Yet gems that fail their purpose are “remade” an alternate process of reverting the gem to its base components to reuse the materials in kindergartens. Or poofing the gem to power technology Agates have a harsh view on kindergarten gems, often transferring unwanted gems to other courts. Primarily Blue Diamonds court. The point of interest if you visit is the Grand Library, which has records dating since the beginning of the empire as well as the novels from Pink Diamonds court. The diamond herself is a calm calculated and cold woman. A very condescending woman. Often speaks down to other Diamonds. Having 5 pearls and 1 sapphire. She only looks into the future for possible conflicts to resolve before anything bad happens. Aesthetic: Neon/Tron Gem Location: Forehead.

Pink diamond is the youngest leader, yet shes snobby and cruel to the bottom class, that being rubies. She focuses on conquering new planets to expand the empire as well as her court. To the other diamonds she provides land for kindergartens as well as the art of writing. To the one percent of her courts population she is the bubbly charismatic leader that is protrayed in propaganda. Yet to many rubies, as well as her massive military, she is the cold hearted and strict ruler. Despite the low amounts of gems being shattered, those who do step out of line are donated to the White Diamond court for scientific purposes, to never be heard from again. She flaunts her power as the strongest military force by holding parade after parade. The essence of duality that is the Pink Court’s diamond has crushed rubies who blinked in the wrong way at a superior to retain her people in check. Her gem is located at the heart. Her aesthetic would be rococo. Much like the French rulers, the diamond herself met a bloody end.