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tromroan  asked:

You watch the man from U.N.C.L.E.??? I love you're raffles art but u.n.c.l.e. is my all time favorite show :OOOOO

hey!! actually i’ve only seen a few eps! i’d like to watch more tho eventually cos the characters are very lovable 

tromroan  asked:

Hello! Please let me know if this is not appropriate! I am trying to write a character who has narcolepsy, and I really don't want to get it wrong or make a mistake. Would you maybe be willing to answer some questions about narcolepsy in daily life? My apologies if this is too personal or anything. Thank you!

Hey, I’m totally down but keep in mind my narcolepsy is considered atypical. I don’t have sleep attacks or cataplexy, but I do experience hallucinations, sleep paralysis, insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and body aches, and such. Feel free to PM me. 

tromroan  asked:

I have a question! I absolutely love Saint For Rent, and I was wondering how it was your own stories and OCs became so popular? I've always wanted to write a webcomic, but I usually feel like no one would care... How did you become so popular just by doing your own characters??

Hey, thanks!

SO, here is the dealio about popularity. Popularity is based on LUCK –which affects who and how many will both see and share your work– and RETENTION of accrued audience –after viewing your work, people who stay because they have positive expectations of your future work based on your current and past work. 

You need time to produce content that will keep people interested, which will get them to care.

Luck is elusive, but you can put your time into increasing it via networking and just actively producing and content for a long time. 

(You can, of course, always create fanwork to increase your audience reach, but I find the retention isn’t as high because people know they can find high quality fanwork elsewhere, too.) 

Now, then. Here is the neat thing: TIME is the driving factor behind both Luck and Retention. So, the most important thing is to find a Consultant and get your Time Travel Visa.


(Okay, SO. There’s some truth up there, but you absolutely should not use popularity as a benchmark for your own stories! There will always be someone currently more popular or will be more popular than you. Once you reach that person’s level at popularity, you will still see other people more popular than you, and it will diminish your own achievements. You will constantly be asking people how they are more popular (than you), and that’s just a slippery slope down to serious dissatisfaction.

Consider focusing your time on the aspects of the creative process that you can actively control. If you love interacting with others and working on stories together, people will naturally care about work they have an investment in. If you create characters you enjoy for stories you enjoy, you will gain the interest of people who enjoy what you enjoy. It could be one person. It could be a million. They could be around for a long time. They could be gone in a week.

Again, time will tell.)