Bang Those Keys With Trompie

At first mention, you will be forgiven for thinking the name is reference to the pantsula All Star wearing quartet who share the name in plural form though. After listening to Trompie’s work the forgiveness is thrown out, pay your overdue respect to one of the most influential Pretoria sound engineer/producer/remixer of note. With his catalog of discography an envy for some producers who have been in the game same time as he has, you can only just nod and bow in his presence.

Worked with Maliq on the 5 star rated mixtape in Hype Magazine, Hakeem Anderson aka Flex Boogie has had his work pass Trompie’s Midas hands, recently dropped a story telling mixtape by Ondaground “Life in Retrospect Side A” and no one can forget Condor Music, his production on Ill Skillz “Back to the Streets”, the banger that was ripped to shreds by Mothipa and X-Rate under the alias BMP and the controversial “Bumpdigidy JHB remix”… ladies and gents lets hear it from the Attredgville native himself. Dev…

You are one of Pretoria’s most respected hip hop pioneers, in your opinion what would it take for PTA cats to be recognized SA wide and beyond the rainbow nation borders?

*On the real, some of them need to stop acting like pricks, we need that united forefront. That way, we can start building. Otherwise, we always have some sort of footing in the world cuz we do good music.

You have to do this for us, we know you as Trompie. What name appears on your ID and birth certificate?

*Stephen B Letsike …

We’ve heard the “bling like the Neptune sound”, the cut voice clips by DJ Premier, and the apparently difficult drum pattern by Lex Luger. What would you say is the Trompie signature?

*Either when you hear “Bang the keys Trompie”, nice rhodes either/or Hard drums, know that its ON. I want to be best in all I do and learn, no need to align myself to any signatures. Let people judge that.

Production and mixing you rated amongst the best, what is your equipment for your work, your artillery?

*Pro Tools with my Digi 002 rack or Mbox Pro

Hip-hop in SA is growing by leaps and bounds; there is some recognition by the major players. Same time there is fears of hip hop losing its authenticity and flooded with fakes, braggers and liars just for that lucrative deal. How do we strike a balance?

*I always say this, how about some initiative,  fronting and egos?

“You can have it” the song is doing well on Hip Hop PowerNights chart and at the time I type this the video is going through final edit.  Follow up plans, upcoming singles we should look out for, album maybe?

*People wont believe when I say that there is no formula, yet my strategy is, do simplicity and be innovative.

I’m certain you have been asked who are your influences in production, I’m gonna twist it a bit. Which producers, SA wise, have your respect?

*Starting it off, 37Mph, Towdee and Nyambo … these are who I respect! I believe people should earn the respect, otherwise, none would be received from me. I like a lot of producers tho.

“The Bumpdigidy (JHB remix)” was released at a time when “Stay Scheming” was SA cats latch on to beat with 5 remixes of it going round on Twitter and blogs.  The artwork said, “You can stay scheming while we rap” and the line “nice cats who actually rap”.  It was said it’s a subliminal to the Stay Scheming remixes. Your view on this please.

* I never understood what people were on about remixing overseas songs while there is a pool of songs that can be remixed on our shores. Im from a Dj’ing era and since the new skool never got to experience “white labels”, I think they need to so that their knowledge can exceed. The sad part is that, the same people and their fans, complain that SA music is not pumped enough on our radios and TVs, forgetting that they themselves shove back same overseas crap back to the listeners.

Another sad part is, most of these remixes suck, they steal original artist’s flows and rhyme schemes and worst of all, they try ride on their waves.

Now back to “bumbdigidy remix”, the song has in its entirety, over 5000 listens+downloads. Its South African and best off, it got Playlisted on a  couple of radio stations. I contacted Explicit for the remix first before anyone else, he slept on it, but later he sent me mail telling me that its gonna be put on with two of his fav rappers. Working with Explicit was that old skool feel where we use the ways we can communicate to have something stronger. All that mattered was time and when I explained to him that the time has arrived, he understood. I think we did good with this remix, an Im also proud of the initial remix by Roach inc Collective. Most importantly, I give thanks to working with PdotO, we birthed a classic monster.

Quick one twos…

Benni or Nomvethe


Meagan Good or Beyoncé


Hugh Masekela or Caiphus Semenya

Touch decision, but Caiphus

Jeep or Range Rover

Arent they from same company? Well, Range it is then.

Morning person or Evening person


 If Grandmaster Flash was the Zeus of hip-hop, handed you his crown and said, “For a day you rule over hip hop. You can create, destroy, perish or even accentuate the land of hip hop” what would be the THREE things you would do?

*I’d honestly say, to hell with him.. I take orders from GOD, let HIM do what he wants with me, I aint here to rule, but deliver something through me.

Salute to Trompie ( for taking time out to getting grilled by the nerd

Bozza News : 11th January 2015

Interview with Pretoria’s ‘Beat Machine’ Trompie OkayAfrica’s Sabelo Mkhabela caught up with the veteran hip-hop producer, Trompie Beatmochini, to talk about his Beatmachine Music Group imprint, thoughts on “new age kwaito,” working with Chana and more - Read full interview →

Asi chi nhai : Mr Blacks Relax into your Saturday with another popular track from Mr Blacks titled ‘Asi chi nhai’. As usual, the track features solid production, powerful vocals and a catchy bass hook. Great work Mr Blacks! Listen to 'Asi chi nhai’ now →
Trompie feat Les B & Skillo - Mageza

The whole hip hop industry has seen a surge of unofficial remixes come out recently. The G mix, freestyle, part whatever point is the song was inspired by another song. I’m not talking sampling here but rather do what you want with a beat for throw away reasons, hype or just fun.

This one here is pure fun. Trompie polished the “Maybach Music” beat and came out with a smooth offering with Les B and Skillo as the taxi drivers aka Mageza.

If you been on a taxi before and not the Cressidas 1.6 GLS ones, but Hi-Ace, Inyati, E20 and Quantum, you will relate and reminisce.

Take the back seat,  before short left and opposite Surgery and bump this!

You Can Have It by Trompie

With a list of features ranging from the soulful Kay Songstress, Morafe’s Towdee Mac, Beatmachine Group’s LeboyWonda and Mr Malik here it is for your listening pleasure…You Can Have It 

Silwerskerm Film Festival Screens "Trompie"

Silwerskerm Film Festival Screens “Trompie”

Originally posted on Retro Afrika Bioscope:

The Silwerskerm Film Festival is an annual gathering for mostly Afrikaans filmmakers. It’s a 4-day marathon which showcases the best new South African films at the kykNET Silwerskermfees. The festival is predominantly Afrikaans, but English stand-outs like the Durban International Film Festival award-winning “Durban Poison” was also screened.


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Quietude - Never grow up by Trompie

So yes >>> Its Throwback Friday and today I share a song I sample recently (well, 2010 aint that recent) … watch the vid and listen to the joint below it

I cant consider this a bootleg no more as this beat has gained its own popularity in a week being upped… I immediately cancelled downloads as I never thought how this will pop-off >>>> well, sampling Alicia keys “Feeling U, Feeling Me (Interlude)” I bring you “Tapped keys” by Trompie


courtesy of: The Diary of Alicia Keys



I haven’t been so greatful about the connects I have in a long time. Last night I found my Zambian peoples Zone Fam’s Latest Single “Mbama" video, off their coming album Business (Foreign Exchange) in my inbox. I couldn’t wait to just share it with yo’ll… Enjoy!

Boywonder - Life in retrospect side A (First Official Review)

Boy Wonder - Life in Retrospect Side A The synopsis of this release is its work that’s been produced over the last 3 years. At first listen just scheming through the release has a neo-soul, smooth and soothing feel. Think A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, J Dilla, Raphael Saadiq…it’s that smooth. Trompie is on production on the project except for Them Days which was produced by Ootz. Boy wonder story telling abilities are what script writers dream to be. The consistency and continuance is exceptional. This album can’t be played at random or shuffle “unless you don’t view stories in linear like Quentin Tarantino. Dim lights…opening credits…let’s dev… 1. Wassup World (intro) The intro kicks in with a collage of sound clips from different raps with radio static noise giving you a hip hop is all that should be played on radio station to station. 2. Brand New ft. Kay Songstress Smooth vocals by Kay Songstress. Boy wonder details what it feels like to be positive about life, feeling revived, feeling brand new. 3. Them Dayz How Monday is to some people, Boy Wonder details his bad day. "I’m moody, upset its starting to show/how the hell can my day go so wrong”. Everything that could go wrong, goes awfully wrong from car problems to calling his dad to pick him up. 4. The ones at the back The sample is soulful, that Isaac Hayes feel. A fighting the odds, life struggles, facing hardships and hustling to get by. Starting from the back of the line to the top. Inspirational. 5. Let’s go out Simple courting, ask a lady out.  Fellas will walk up to a girl, say nothing and p,ay this song LOL. “Baby you mighty fine/my bro cosigns” that’s a double compliment ladies! 6. Girl please feat Jojo Boy wonder gives a vivid description of the ladies he endured in his life. From gold diggers to poetic girls to him getting introspective of his dating life. 7. He says She says(Move) feat Ras Upbeat beat with rapid flows detailing a scene in the club. At the start the intro says it best, “Later that night at the club” so if you been following the track list, from being positive about the day, to it going pear shaped then courting a lady and ending up at the club. 8. Back of the club (skit) Drunk, stumbling and cursing the girl out. 9. Here we go again A boom bap with a soulful sample. Boy wonder delivers his train of thought on his identity and where he plans on going. 10. How you feeling ft Skillo Question this song is asking you is, how you feel about real hip hop? Skillo’s Tswana lyrics are crisp but…sorry the flow sounds like a lot of Motswako artists. 11. Unf**kwithable feat PDotO A no holds barred flexing tune. Punches, raw, go in or die song!  In conclusion this is a smooth offering. The beauty is the production and lyrics is something not on your Channel O playlist, not something trending via BBM but heads will appreciate the quality of the beats and the lyricism exhibitioned. Jump on it here –> SJ