trompehue studios


D –> Welcome to zahhak month!
D –> A whole month of making art, sketches, fanfiction, cosplay, and whatever else you can think of dedicated to homestuck’s very own sagittarius squad. From november 21st to december 21st!
D –> When posting, put #zahhakmonth within the first five tags of your post, that way i can find it! It will be reblogged here. Feel free to track the tag to see posts and announcements. 
D –> The only rules are to have fun. NSFW work is allowed, but please tag it. Some may be reblogged back here as well, but nothing too explicit!

D –> Special thanks to @bloodsbane for drawing horuss, @trompehue-studios for drawing equius! I (@equiuszahhak) draw darkleer, and shaded the rest.


So, as a birthday to myself, I commissioned an amazing Obi-Wan pattern for a bag. The amazing and lovely @trompehue-studios did the pattern and they did a better job than I could have asked for. It looks so dang good and I’ve gotten so many compliments.

I highly recommend commissioning them. They’re wonderful to work with and their work is absolute quality.

This is one of the best birthday gifts honestly. Zero regrets.

Edit: Also, they’re hella patient and VERY helpful. Turning the pattern into a tote bag had a lot of complications I wasn’t sure how to handle and they kindly walked me through everything.