140313 eunhae tour in hiroshima:

Hae pressed the bell and hyuk began laughing and stripped himself of his jacket. +_+ while kneeling

Hyuk asked Hae to do the same. Hyuk pressed the bell. Hae didn’t remove his jacket. Hyuk pressed the bell impatiently until hae stripped.

So they are now both without jacket.

They pressed the bell and only a fan laughed, hyuk made fun of her laugh. 

They did it again and everyone laughed.

Hae stopped everyone from laughing and called out. “Number 62!! You! Laugh!!” IN ENGLISH!

Hae called “Number 62!! (English) please stand up.(Japanese)” Lol the fan is wearing a jacket with number 62 on it

So she stood up and hae asked her to laugh. Hae said earlier she was sitting with arms crossed and only smiled. Not laughing

EunHae said she was like CHOI SIWON


140313 eunhae tour in hiroshima:
  • Hyuk; we are going to do another ment now. Please sit down.
  • Hae: stand up!
  • /fan ready to sit down again/
  • Hyuk: Stand up!
  • Fans: Eh???
  • Hyuk: what ehh?
  • So we all stand up then they laughed and told us to sit down again..
  • cr: honeydewnam

[0:37] Eunhyuk said “Donghae-ssi come in, now go to the left, more, more, more..” and donghae pretended to leave xD@eSTARstar: