So I just want to share how crazy i've went earlier when spazzing on Mr. Simple's MV. :)))

I arrived at school around 1:30PM and all i’m thinking is that the MV will be out at 2PM. FUUU. If only I can’t attend classes, but this subject’s the most important for me as of this term. KK. Then when the class started, I’m just wandering around the Mac Lab, not even wanting to continue the plate that we should be doing at that time (2d game using Adobe Flash) yea, that’s it.

Then I didn’t notice the time because I saw my classmate almost finished with his plate and I want to learn how the heck did he do it, so fast. LOL. Then my friend and classmate, Ate Kath, approached me and said that the MV’s out already, her friend texted her and I was like jumping and hopping around the maclab shouting, screaming that “FUCK IT! I NEED A GODDAMN LAPTOP NOW!!!” and Zaii said that she brought hers and her broadband but someone borrowed it. The result is, I pestered her to get her laptop immediately because I can’t concentrate. OMG okay. I think my classmates are thinking what the heck’s happening to me. But the hell I care!

Minutes passed and the one who borrowed her laptop still hasn’t arrived so I gave up and just continue to do my plate, sulking. ERRRR.

Then I don’t remember the sequence of events but her laptop is already with her! And I, of course, squeals all over again and pestered her to move quickly, and so so so so… I even sat on her seat lol. And once the video’s buffering, me and Ate Kath are squealing hard, not minding if my other classmates are looking at us.


Then when I just heard Mathieu, the one who’s sitting beside me, said the music and tune is amazing, like it’s for clubbing, etc. HAHAHHA ALRIGHT. THAT MADE ME ECSTATIC! AND TRIGGERED TO SPAZZ MORE!

So basically, we played the video.. I guess more than 10 times? Arwin, my friend who’s a blackjack sat beside me and said that he wanted to watch the vid. So I played it again at the MAC screen, imagine how big and loud’s that. LOL :)))

And some are already humming and singing parts of the song.. the intro and the blow your mind part. HAHAHAH FUNNY OMG OMG.

After downloading the video, I decided to go home, not finishing the class. 



Photos from last KFEST [073111] with my Mapuan/Kpoppers friends! <333 We have different fandoms :))) And only two of us are considered ELFs but still I enjoy spazzing with them lol. :))) At least there’s so many things we can talk about and share with each other :)))

TOP PHOTO: (From left to right) Ate Belle, ME, JustineBeeKath, and Kuya Peter :)

KPOP Related Stuff


List your favourite member(s) from each of the following groups:

1. DBSK - Changmin, Junsu, Yunho

2. Big Bang - GD, Dae

3. Super Junior - Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Ryeowook

4. SHINee - Key, Onew

5. 2PM - Junsu, Junho, Wooyoung

6. 2AM - Jo Kwon, Jinwoon, Seulong, Changmin

7. BEAST -

8. F.T. Island - 

9. F.Cuz -  

10. ZE:A -

11. Epik High - 

12. MBLAQ - 

13. U-Kiss - 

14. SS501 - 

15. C.N.Blue -

16. Girls Generation/SNSD - Hyoyeon

17. Kara - Nicole, Hara

18. 2NE1 - Dara, Bom, Minzy and CL

19. 4minute - HyunA

20. f(x) - Krystal, Amber, Luna, Victoria, Sulli

21. Wonder Girls -

22. After School - Lizzy, Kahi

23. Brown Eyed Girls -  Gain, JeA, Narsha, Miryo

24. Rainbow -

25. T-ara - Eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon, JiYeon

26. Jewelry -

27. Seeya - 

28. Davichi - 

29. Secret - Hyosung

30. Infinite -

31. CSJH - 

32. GP Basic - 

33. Co-Ed - 

34. Miss A - Min, Suzy

35. Sistar - Bora

36. Block B -

37. Teen Top -


Favorite boy group/s + duos?

Super Junior, 2PM+2AM =ONEDAY

Favorite girl group/s + duos?

f(x), 2NE1

Favorite mixed groups?

 Shiny Effects, Super Generation

Favorite pairings from the stated groups, or any other Kpop artist/s?

HyoHyuk, Minstal

Favorite solo artist/s?

G. Na

Favorite songs right now?

D-d-danger, Fly - SJ KRY, I Wanna Love You - Eunhae

First kpop song ever?

Fire - 2NE1??? :))

First kpop music video ever?


First kpop love (group/solo)?


First variety show?

Super Junior Mini Drama

Any dance you can do (from a MV)

– :)

A song you always/usually listen to EVERY day?

I Wanna Love You - Eunhae

Your favorite music video?

All of my biases MV :)

Any of your friends into kpop and who?

College friend actually. :) None of my “friends” are into kpop. They CURSE kpop. LMAO :) Kath and Justine who influenced me with their Triple S blood. Arwin with 2NE1 and forever love for Park Bom and a bit of VIP blood. Bee and Kath now with SHINee. Kuya Peter with SNSD and fellow Hyoyeon biased.
IAM friends @k_bluester @chinaeyes711 @MinXBae @iyanskye @athenarei @hikaru_dawn @ellapanda @sleepcar whom I met through IAMFOR2AM forums and twitter, Ate Kaye, Ate Jaqz, Ate Amy, Ate Dianne, Ate Dawn, Ate Vern, Ate LA, Ella and Carmina. :) And yes, i’m the youngest but they pointed me as their leader?! :D ROFL.
Of course, Zaii, my fellow ELF :)

Which group/artists can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into Kpop?

Super Junior + 2AM

tag some of your K-POP fan friends.

If you’re tagged here, you have to copy this survey and answer it.


Dara’s In or Out at THE PARTY!! <3333
Credits to: Ate Dianne :D