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/Settles self down in here.

A curious circumstance indeed, that I should find myself suddently with him in my laps and for that moment where the hands still tending to the gun were forced to momentarily part as to allot for the ex-soldier his required space, I cannot help but be reminded of one of the strays I once kept. It is after the blonde is finally content with his settlement that the task prior halted is resumed in the manner I let both laterals fall to either side of him. Were him to contemplate leaving now, Cerberus might as well serve as that bar against. Whilst I consider placing the hellhound back on the table to my side, the triple barrels still need much of its oiling. 



trololololo (full version with lyrics as seen on the Colbert Report) 

Eduard Khil gilt a medizinisches Wunder. 

Er überlebte den Sturz aus dem 32 Stock des Hilton Mumbai, und erinnerte sich fortan nur noch an sein Lieblingsessen Königsberger Klopse (ohne Kapern) und diese Melodie, die eine böhmische Amme im als Säugling wiederholt vorgesungen hat. 

Habs fans are so fucking annoying.

When I see someone with a Habs shirt on, I automatically want to punch them. It’s a reflex. The way they cry and whine and sing that stupid ass song every game makes me want to hit myself. Like Carey Price. Who the fuck does he think he is? Letting in like 2 goals every game, he’s shit. I don’t know why people even like him. He sucks. And PK Subban? That fucking disrespectful prick. I hope he gets what he deserves. Fucking diving and scoring and shit like that. Like, who the fuck scores like that? He doesn’t deserve to be in this league, he’s too disrespectful. That whole entire city annoys me. French? What the hell is that?! I don’t understand it, but I still hate it. And they always complain all the time like wahhhhhhh we have 24 Stanley Cups wahhhhhh that’s the most ever wahhhhhh. I wish I had 24 Stanley Cups though. Maybe my team would be even more awesome, unlike the Habs, who suck.