I gotta say, Ridge is a cute patootie and I rarely miss his streams for that very reason <3 If he and Nilesy were to go to war(more so than they are already), I don’t know who’s side I would pick.

Probably Mr Cat, he’s the only one on the server with any sense.

ok but can we talk about how all anti-ichirukis are all “you have no right to feel shipbaited blahblahblah accept canon blahblahblah ur ship never stood a chance TROLOLOL u have no right to be angry”

but wtf is WSJ doing selling stickers for the Bleach finale featuring GASP IchiRuki? ? ? 

wtf is WSJ doing advertising for the Bleach finale featuring SURPRISE SURPRISE IchiRuki? ? ? 

even to the end Kubo and WSJ is milking IR for all its worth bc this ship didnt just fucking sail itself it sailed the entire series with it and i will never stop being salty about the fact that this pairing is canonically the healthiest and deepest and cheesiest ship in Bleach and it was tossed aside along with all the other major characters in the most OOC shounen ending of all fucking time 

star-burp  asked:

ok ok so I read the latest chapter of far away n closer when it came out, it's now what? like two weeks since, n lemme jsu t s ay, im still ded. Still ded. Was tryna stave off the fic cause s so damn good and I was like yeah I'll just read a bit, it'll be fine. it was not. im am not fine. *throws up hands* was just poppin in just 2 say that k


u better bring urself back to life ‘cos u gonna die like…twice next chapter, for two separate reasons, trololol

don’t worry there will be ample time to recover

mostly ‘cos im a slow potatoe rip

BUT!!! goodluck

thank you so much i love these messages