I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL PARTS OF THIS SERIES HAS REACHED 1-2k+ NOTES ALREADY??? OMG??? THANK YOU??? With that I’m going out of semi hiatus to give y’all a solo art (no comic on this part). Also when I say superfamily I meant that with Aunt May too okay. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She’s Peter’s #1 Parent (tony and steve protesting on the background) 

Also that means Peter has 1 mom and 2 dads to present on family day :’D

(One | Two | Three| Four) (twitter link-o)

Other angle of the FC Barcelona players interrupting the press conference of Getafe player Víctor Rodríguez in Halloween costumes. They actually wanted to scare Luis Enrique! Gerard Pique: “Shit! We have made a mistake!”

𝕪̲̅𝕠̲̅𝕦̲̅ 𝕔̲̅𝕒̲̅𝕟̲̅ 𝕤̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕖̲̅ 𝕥̲̅𝕙̲̅𝕖̲̅ 𝕤̲̅𝕒̲̅𝕞̲̅𝕖̲̅ 𝕖̲̅𝕪̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕤̲̅ 𝕚̲̅𝕟̲̅ 𝕕̲̅𝕚̲̅𝕗̲̅𝕗̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕣̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕟̲̅𝕥̲̅ 𝕡̲̅𝕖̲̅𝕠̲̅𝕡̲̅𝕝̲̅𝕖̲̅