trololol these two

Don’t cheat on this!

1. I need to tell you a secret. Look at 5.

2. Here it is… Look at 11.

3. Don’t get mad… Look at 15

4. Calm down and look at 13.

5. First look at 2.

6. Don’t get angry. Look at 12.

7. I’m procrastinating so much.

8. LOOK AT 14.

9. Be patient and look at 4.

10. JK. I wouldn’t let you go THAT easy. But look at 7.

11. I hope you’re not mad when I say this: look at 6.

12. Sorry. Look at 8.

13. Last time. Look at 10.

14. I don’t know how to say this… Wait, yes I do: look at 3.

15. You must be really mad. All I have to say is: look at 9.


At rehearsal tonight, someone brought up the…

is that ogre fiona or human fiona tho

…That’s a good point. Because yeah, at the end of the show I’ll be ogre-Fiona at that point. And the fat suit I wear is REAL FAT. like REAL FAT

mmm maybe I can change back into normal-Fiona afterwards. Douse myself in cold-cream to degreen, haha.

Or just y’know. Embrace the orge. Love the orge. Love the skin you’re in. Or the fat suit.