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Sorry for the shitty photos, it was supposed to be quick


Remember when @koralshkeecuje posted her wonderful pic with 8R? I finally wanted to try and design other characters from this show! They all were supposed to be parodies of other characters (the whole show is like a parody of Lazy Town, Sofia the First and The Lorax anyway).

I’m not sure that besides 8R these are final designs, so it’s more of a WIP. II’m def gonna change Fraser’s and Berry eggdude’s designs a bit and there is still one character missing. So yeah, enjoy!

Troll World © @koralshkeecuje and me


A tribute portrait to my friend Max, who continues to be a Good Carb Boy and puts up with my sad memey bullshit.
There are 5 more people left in my tribute portrait project.

(Basically those who are the closest to me in the fantroll community and mean the world and a half to me are getting specialized drawings of themselves from me.)

@rainbow-bear’s profile picture is distorted, which can be easily seen from the pin being nearly illegible (“do I look like I fly economy?”) and the cropping at the top (not the original resolution), suggesting the picture had been saved from a source that isn’t the original.

Submission: That account is a troll. I don’t care to have a discussion in my inbox about it.