visardistofelphame  asked:

sorry for disturbing you, but I was wondering about the term Trollwife again. Would it be improper for me to use it? Someone said it would be appropriating. If it is, its no big deal~ I'm just looking for a good word to describe what I do

I’m not sure that it is, but I’m not sure that it isn’t.

Unless they are Scandinavian and a practitioner of Trolldomr, I’d be hesitant to just take their word for it.  As much as I feel it’s long overdue for people to care about cultural appropriation, I think in an effort to be not-dicks, some have accidentally slid a bit over the crest into being dicks in the opposite way.

Trolldom absolutely is a practice that’s still going on, though.  There are several youtubers that are Trollfolk (is that a word? I don’t know) that would probably be quite happy to clarify the point. Putting out calls for native practitioners of it, or hereditary learners or whatever to weigh in would be quite a good idea.

Its basically the Scandinavian equivalent of a witch. 

In a lot of fairy tales and folklore its taken as literal, but in some its shown as a symbolic title. That you’re dedicating yourself to them.

From how I see it, its sort of like the thing with how some mythology behind witches say that they’re all married to a demon or the Devil.

For now more research is required, but so far it definitely feels right.