Alright, this ended up actually getting finished. In one sitting to boot! Though that sitting took all night. And I haven’t slept since I got up around 6 PM yesterday. OH WELL.

Homestuck things… Sorry for spamming you with WIP shit. I’m too lazy to write out a description of the significance of this or anything in it so you’re just gonna have to deal.

By the way, the Alternian is a section of the song Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine, which I couldn’t stop listening to whilst drawing this.

Alright so here's the progress I have on the 'tumblrbent' blog.

Here’s the theme I’m using. I chose to use this theme because I really like themes by this theme maker, and there’s the cool 4-sectioned circle dealie on the left side that, when exploted correctly, could look really cool.

Since I know for a fact that there are at least four confirmed people (or should I say trolls, considering this is going to be a SGRUB session), I want to make a set of four gifs, each will transition between a picture of their respective troll’s symbol, then their troll, then the four gifs will make one big picture of the symbol we’re using for the session. They’ll transition in that cool blurry/shakey way because that’s exploited a lot in Homestuck and I just plain like it.

Things I still need to determine: if more than the four peeps I know will be involved will be involved, and what the session symbol will look like (because I can’t make the gifs without that). There’s also an option to have a music player on the main part of the blog, so if you have any suggestions for that that would be cool too. Currently I have a cool jazz arrangement of Atomic Ebonpyre playing because I was testing out how the music player would work out so yeahhh-