I guess trollselves is one those overnight fads, now? In any case, I’ve had a trollself basically since the concept’s inception a year ago, but I thought this would be an interesting opportunity to design a new version of it.

Their name is Shiro. Shiro’s trolltag is still preposterousLagomorph and they bleach their hair white and alternate between pink and green text to hide their blood color (which is actually pink), etc etc, it’s pretty dumb.

Dogdad don’t have time for your pansy-ass questions, son.

Lokoth, Bryan’s troll, meets his lusus, who is a giant white pit bull around the size of a small horse.

Hes a total hardass and a badass but once you get to know him he is incredibly sweet and a big softie. His tolerance level varies, but his loyalty runs deeper than blood.

P.s. its been forever since ive drawn anything canine and barking poses kill me.


I have never done anything even remotely talksprite related, so this was really time consuming for me to do, but I figured my trollsona deserved some sprites. I’m not entirely happy with them, but hey it’s late and I’m tired.

here is my beautiful trollself

  • Trolltag: idfk right now i need to change mine
  • Name: Pepper Destin
  • Age: 8 sweeps (closer to 9)
  • Blood: Maroon
  • Power: giving people feels apparently?
  • Specibus: aerosolkind
  • Fetch modus: dicktionary no idk
  • Title: Witch of Doom
  • Planet: Land of Feels and Nuggies
  • Consorts: nuggetnoots
  • Moon: Prospit
  • Quirk: Switches between lower AND UPPER Case every time A IS HIT. Usually no punctuation occasionally numerous ,,,,,,,,,,,(uses this instead of .) or ???? or !?!?!? either ways always goes overboard. Uses :) when talking about hurting fictional characters with amount of eyes and mouths varying in intensity (::::))))))) might be seen too). Tendency to call people butts
  • Interests: lizards, art, chicken nuggets, mountain dew, sleeping but only when not supposed to, doing bad things to various characters, then crying over the same characters, shipping, torture machines and techniques, radioactive mutation shit
  • Lusus: Assbadger
  • Ancestor: The Fuckface
  • Quadrants: Haylei (matespit) Stu (moirail) Mikey (lightbulb) Karu (buttface)
  • Music: Kakkaa lumella

All of the talksprites I did together! I’ll go back and delete the old ones since I don’t want to clog anyone’s dash up too much.

Now I need to go to sleep. This was a lot of fun though!