trolls week 2017


Trolls Week Day 4, Alternate Universe

I present to you, Poppy Phantom!!! :D :D Poppy as Danny (duh), Branch as Sam and Guy as Tucker. Creek is supposed to be a combination of both Paulina and Vlad in this AU but I only had time to draw Branch insulting him with the famous shallow joke. 

Basic idea: Branch’s family, his dad mainly, is the one with the ghost hunting past and owns the ghost portal. Poppy visits Branch and explores the ghost portal one day while Branch wasn’t looking and ZAP!—a new hero is born. Branch feels extremely guilty this even happened to her so he helps her with her ghost hunting shenanigans even though he wasn’t originally interested in Ghost Hunting. Guy is the one with the secretly rich family and has a big love for technology :3  

Also Ghosts, like in the show, are seen as demonic creatures etc so they keep it as secret as possible about Poppy’s powers so she isn’t discovered and taken away by the government. 

Enjoy :3c

Trolls Week 2017 Day 4: Alternate Universe. Inuyasha

I finally colored this old sketch I love Inuyasha so much and thought Branch was kinda like him so InuBranch happened, or Branuyasha as I refer to him now and Kapoppy.

I have another page of sketches here too

..Don’t be discouraged..

So Trolls week has officially begun!!

Day one is Favorite Character/Ship, and here it is: Broppy!!

I’ve loved this pairing since the movie first came out, I remember every time I rewatched it I would squeal silently over Branch keeping Poppys invitations and the slight jealousy he showed towards Creek- and oh god the true colors scene always killed me. I love these two so much, they’re just there for each other ya know? They’re each others motivators and uplifters, they help each other out and kind of form a balance, they even each other out.


Trolls Week Day 3: Alternate Universe

I chose “Cat’s Don’t Dance”. Since the beginning I’ve always adored this movie and Branch and Poppy have the same sort of dynamic as Danny and Sawyer. Of course Branch would be the sullen one who gave up on his dream though and Poppy is such a Danny. I basically broke down my own human style and redesigned Branch and Poppy as 30s era humans with this in mind. 

I have every intention of coloring these. And this was so much fun. I already have a few scenes I’d love to redraw later. 


What’s that? A Trolls Week? In September?? 

That’s right!! I decided to initiate a Trolls Week for this wonderful fandom <3 

Just in case some of you aren’t familiar with what goes on in a ‘such-and-such week’, every day a theme is set and you can create whatever the theme inspires you to do. There are no limits on what you upload - we accept all sorts of projects: art, edits, fanfics, GIFs, videos, etc., it doesn’t matter. Once you’re ready to post, be sure to tag it as Trolls Week 2017, along with the day’s theme.  


1. No stealing and editing other people’s art!  We require completely original works from you.  :) (Now, editing screenshots or photographs from the movie itself is no issue if you want to do a photomanipulation. But please please please do not use artwork or material that is not your own!)

2. Please no NSFW; we’d like people of all ages to enjoy Trolls Week, so keep it as family-friendly as possible! ^-^ 

Trolls Week will begin on the 17th of September and end on the 23rd!! 

If you need any more information about it, feel free to shoot me a message!! Hope you all have a fantastic time with this!! 


1. Favorite Character/Ship

2. Humanization (how you imagine any of the characters as humans!!)

3. Hug Time 

4. Alternate Universe (can be an AU of any sort, from a book/movie, or an already existing AU from a fan fiction, or maybe one you made up yourself!)

5. Song for Someone (song that fits best w/ certain character(s). Can be as many/few characters as you want)

7. Favorite Background Troll (non-snack pack)

8. OCs (Draw your OC in the Troll Universe! If you haven’t made one prior to this, no fear, you can make one up just for this!)

(Remember, each can be interpreted in their own way, there is no right or wrong for these!)

Mark your calendars and have fun!!!!