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srsly i need someone to explain to me why rapmon looked so hot since pre-debut

i mean


sir those arms aren’t allowed

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tiger pjs pls

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lol that anon was at Taylor's TLC thread about two days ago talking the exact same thing about how Taylor and Karlie are not compatible (and putting karlie down in the process, of course). Personally, I don't see why do they have to like the same stuff or have similar personalities, not everyone wants to date a clone of themselves, that would be boring.

Wow I’m drunk. But fuck it.

These two women are still so young. But they have enormous ambition. And they have so much in common but yes some differing personal interests.

They can honesty shape the world. And not about sexuality. About fucking OWNING it.

Wait and see, and in the meantime watch their interactions with the following people. (Below).

Its not because they have comfy yachts, tasty canapés… this is about building connections:

- Tim Cook
- Elon Musk
- Sheryl Sandberg
- Michelle Obama
- David Geffen
- Mark Zukerberg
- Drake
- Scooter Braun

(And a million young fashion, tech and music people who will come along for the ride)

These ‘established’ people will be part of their path. But they will be paving the way for the next generation.

In ten years when astronaut Karlie (running STEM education) and music mogul, teacher, label owner and young artist champion Taylor are making life amazing for us all, check back.


End Credits

Homestuck finally receives some end credits six months later and is setting up things for the epilogue.

  • The players DID make it to the new universe.
  • Using ectobiology, they create new members of the human, troll, and carapacian race.
  • They are sent across planet earth for repopulation.
  • They time travel 5,000 years into the future to see how things progressed.
  • John and Jane rule the Human Kingdom, joined by Dad and Nannasprite. Karkat, Terezi, Jade, and Dave rule the Troll Kingdom. Rose, Kanaya, Calliope, and Roxy rule the Carapace Kingdom. Jake and Dirk rule the Consort Kingdom, joined by Gcatavrosprite.
  • John turns 17.
  • Rose and Kanaya are officially married.
  • The Trickster Juju is used to make things a little more fun, and a bit more responsibly.
  • John turns 18.
  • Terezi is searching around the black hole for Vriska, but has no luck. The black hole consumes everything around it, trapping many ghosts inside.
  • John turns 19, but only meets up with Jade. He seems restless. People wish him well.
  • John turns 20. He looks over memories of his adventure when he receives messages from Caliborn, challenging him to a rematch. John accepts.

This is great setup for the epilogue. While the most important thing confirmed here is that they DID claim the Ultimate Reward, we are clearly setting things up with regards to the black hole, Lord English’s ultimate fate, and Caliborn’s masterpiece. As a prediction, in the epilogue they will accept Caliborn’s challenge, the masterpiece will take place, the four beta kids will join Vriska at Lord English’s defeat, we finally see that, and the rest will be them escaping the black hole.

Happy 10/25 everyone! Hopefully we get a cool and new update as well!

I made a little map of my headcanon of which Troll would rule over which area if they got to become the rulers of Earth’s universe.

  • Karkat rules the Middle East and Eastern Europe
  • Aradia rules China
  • Tavros rules the deserts and population centers of Africa
  • Sollux rules Japan, Korea and Taiwan
  • Nepeta rules the savannas and jungles of Africa
  • Kanaya rules India, Southeast-Asia and Italy
  • Terezi rules North America
  • Vriska rules South America
  • Equius rules Western Europe
  • Gamzee rules the Netherlands
  • Eridan rules some penguins
  • Feferi rules Oceania

Nobody wanted Russia

I have re-designed my fantroll Marina, her new surname is Medusa because now we know that not all Heiress have “peixes” as surname. She has also a new symbol (its still very similar to feferi symbol but diferent)

Your name is MARINA MEDUSA.
You are the Heiress of one of the Empress colonies. Your planet has been conquered by the troll race and you rule over it. (She doesn’t live in Alternia)

You spend a lot of time watching grubtubers gameplays, you are really into that stuff and your favorite game is “MAINCRA)(”. You even have your own GRUBTUBE CHANNEL with your own gameplays, the most famous channel. Obviously, you would kill anyone who dare to not watch AND LIKE your videos. It’s your first rule as future empress.

You are also obsessed with “El Rubius”, your favorite grubtuber. You will find and force him to be your matesprit. That’s your second rule.

Alric Summerthorn's Hide and Seek Meet up (Krokotopia)
When: Saturday March 28th

Time: 2:00 PM Central time

Where: School of Balance, Krokosphinx

Realm: Troll

RULES: The wizard names of everyone playing will be recorded in the School of Balance from 2:00-2:15. Once I get all of the names I will post the list here on Tumblr. You will then have until 2:30 to find your hiding spot. Everyone playing will turn on the Hidden to friends option. You CANNOT hide in dungeons and you CANNOT leave the Troll realm. (Zigazag IS a part of Krokotopia as long as you aren’t in the dungeons). Once you are out, you will then help to find the other wizards (Wildfire stye). When you get out, you will private message me in game who got you, and I will strike out your name in the Tumblr post. (BE HONEST!)

PRIZES: (If you are with one or more friends in the same hiding spot, and you are the last to get out, the hoard packs will be divided amongst you, so I suggest you find your own hiding spot)

Last Person to get out: 10 Hoard packs of your choosing

Person who got the most out: 10 Hoard packs of your choosing

Second to the last person to get out: 5 Hoard packs of your choosing