trolls i need to draw more


I can’t believe I did this in one day.
Thank you so much, my little trolls for playing with me, that was really interesting and intense to do. Maybe I will do more in few weeks.
I noticed there was lots of requests about The invisible Child, the last dragon on earth, Adventures of Moominpappa and the Secret dish! I know i didn’t draw an Adventures of Moominpappa’s doodle (something’s coming ;D ) and I certainly forgot some episodes you asked me… But you were so many! XD

Last thing, even it’s doodles, I swear I did my best. Thank you to be with me and I hope i will give you the need to rewatch some episodes!!

A bit creepy Psionic.

Oh boi, I spent way too much time on this, i basically re-drew whole face like three times. I probably should’ve done more about his attire and horns i guess, as those are not as detailed as face, but hell, at this point i just hate this picture, so yeah… gonna post in this state, I really need to move on to the next drawing!

It’s pretty much just an attempt to draw an actual face, so the rest of the drawing is boring as fuck. 

So the moral is - drawing faces is damn hard for me. Even with a reference (which I normally don’t use, because I was dumb and stubborn).

new troll blog!

yo! i’m a new fantroll blog but an old fantroller who was around for like 3 years on dA [i was pulled on here by @8bit-mau5 thanks]

i’m looking for more troll blogs to follow/+ some promos so! like/reblog this and ill check you out and probably give you a follow ;3c

Some MHA manga redraws, because I’ve been binge reading it and I really really love the style!! It’s really good. With obvious Todoroki bias coz I see those parallels my boy good job on the friend thing I’m so proud

Also Aizawa’s trolling smiles crack me up every time help

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What if Slav was jean-bob?


I’m…so excited about this revelation of an idea omg. Bless you, anon! Obviously I still have a lot of details to work out but I’m gonna go ahead and assume Zarkon kidnapped him along with Matt for his science/magic knowledge and turned into the form he is in canon Voltron - although for some reason I’m picturing him being shrunk as well? So he’s essentially just a large caterpillar. 

Can you imagine tiny!Slav flopping dramatically over Keith’s shoulder and fussing about the probabilities of dying a horrible death because the wind is blowing from North-North-East instead of North-East? Or freaking out because a leaf fell in front of them and landed the wrong side up and do NOT step over that puddle because that tree over might get struck by lightning and they will all dIE.  

Oh maaan the bit where they try to break into Zarkon’s castle to steal the map from under Haggar’s nose (or whatever recon mission works with my AU) will be GOLDEN with Slav to panic and stall them at every turn. Keith would most definitely lose his shit, but can you imagine him hearing Shiro in his head saying “patience yields focus” and being like “yeah, Shiro wouldn’t get mad about this, I need to be calm” but LMAOOO JOKE’S ON YOU KEITH, SHIRO WOULD WANT TO MURDER THE LITTLE SHIT WITHIN FIVE MINUTES.

Ahh this is so good <333 I’m glad this part of the AU has been resolved neatly. Thank you for the suggestion! I’m sorry I assumed you were trolling me at first lmao >>

I’m in desperate need of money for food n water, so I’m making more adopts!! ;v;
I put a lot of time/effort into this, so I’m going to be selling this cyberpunk troll for 35 USD. For an extra 30 USD, I will make sprites of her for you!!

I’d very much appreciate it if yall boosted this ; v ;

[Rules under the cut]

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Hello, young atlas. What is your new year resolution?

* was thinking.. I’ve been using this Tumblr as my professional portfolio but figured out I may need more space for my casual, personal art. so I will make this one a bit more personal than now and set up a separate homepage for strictly only for professional presentations of my works. We’ll see soon.  

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hey hi!! i'd like to request a Tavros pls, or a Roxy!! thank!! you can take your time!!

gender conformity can suck my dick. also green looks good on him and i never noticed until now
(NOT genderbend/r63/etc)

I haven’t drawn my fav troll in a long time :0

(I haven’t drawn any of the trolls in a long time tbh)

So I doodled my faygo-obsessed clown!


Finally open again.

Please note the prices listed are BASE prices. I reserve the right to charge more if your troll is super complicated or has something really difficult about them.

I require payment upfront because I’ve had people nope out without paying before though for the pricier ones I’ll take half before and half after. I will not provide a refund if you decide to back out of the commission before it’s done if I have already started drawing it. I will send a sketch for your approval and then the lineart for your approval before finishing the commissions to make sure it’s the way you need it.

For the regular talksprites’ expressions you’ll need to tell me what 8 expressions you want. For the SAI/PSD file ones I have pre-decided mouths and such that should maximize the amount of faces you can make with it so don’t worry about it.

I also only take one commission at a time or else I get stressed out. 

I need to draw @cosmicsynthetics‘ Elpida more often! She’s gorgeous. 

Also you absolutely can’t convince me out of the idea that Troll!easter is a dangerous affair where giant bunny monsters leave their subterranean lifestyle to spawn and leave eggs in everyones’ lawn rings that can turn into nasty hungry baby giant bunny monsters.

Also that people wouldn’t get into death fights with them and then eat them. Elpida’s business probably booms around that time, lots of specialty butchering to do!

So it can be us, it can be us and only us, and what came before won’t count anymore or matter- and that’s all that we need it to be; and the rest of the world falls away~

I was listening to more dear evan hansen a few nights ago and so I am continuing my series of trollhunters artworks inspired by broadway songs with more troll dads draws because im weak for trollhunters ship art

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Hi, absolutely love your art and may or may have not cried over it multiple times*cough* uh- how would you feel abt a thing called bnhastuck?

Awwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! And @syblatortue has been drawing some of the kids as trolls now and again and I still haven’t stopped crying over how great every and each design is so I guess you might say I’m not adverse to it lmao

Anon said: kiri and kami need a good snuggle

So does most part of the UA student body, tbh… most teachers too, actually. Most pro heroes as well. Yep. 

Anon said: Do you follow any Haikyuu!! or My Hero Acedemia Fandom blogs on tumblr, if so which ones (Luv ur work)

Most of what I follow are more or less fandom blogs honestly haha I don’t think I can list all of them but I do follow stuff like @dailyhaikyuu or @dailybnha or @fymyheroacademia ??? I follow @daily-bakugou and @mina-ashido-love and @haikyuus and @foreverhaikyuu and @heroacacaps and @heroaca-anime and @bakushima and @bokuukuro and…uh. Yeah. Anyway it’s a lot of them.

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I am opening up some unlimited 10$ Bust Commissions for the rest of the summer! You’ll get a bust of your character with subtle shading in exchange for 10 USD. 

If you can’t order a commission at this time, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated! I could use the money, haha.

If you want to commission me, please send me an email to with details and character refs. I will then confirm your commission, and send you an invoice which you can pay through paypal.

  • PayPal only
  • Price is for PER CHARACTER
  • I will NOT draw underage characters, mechs, and religious symbols
  • I will draw anything else, though overly complicated character designs may accrue a small fee (1-3$) to account for the extra time spent on your commission.
  • I’ll draw your OCs*, SWTOR, FFXIV, GW2*, WoW*, etc characters… No characters who don’t belong to you, please!

*Characters who are not human, like furries, charr, tauren, trolls, etc, will require 3$ extra (so a total of 13 USD).

If you need more samples of my work, you can see my art here:

Again, give me a shout at if you’d like to commission me!

would it be too much of an exposure to mention that john @ectobiologoof just now got out of a 19 hour stream with me (to nap) because
it was pretty wild
talk about fuckin slumber party vibes