trolls gotta stop

OKAY so I was thinking and y’all know how the humans are literally paper white in the comic, but humans don’t technically come in paper white, so we headcanon them as all different kinds of races. Now, what if it was the same for trolls? As in, no troll is literally the color grey?

  • To tie into that popular headcanon a lot of artists draw, maybe all trolls are just greyish shades of their blood colors
  • Maybe they’re all just on greyscale and range from literally white to black and everything in between
  • OR what if they were shades of color not visible to the human eye, so we just all see grey, and trolls actually can see a shitton of colors that humans can’t? They’re aliens, so who knows how their eyes work?

Just a thought.

anonymous asked:

not everyone who criticize is a hater, dont be this self absorbed darling, you are delusional because you can't see the truth even when it is shown, but it is up to you now, what you do you do and again I just wanted to see you how you didnt make sense but you had to be a bitch about it, bye =)

Ya’ll are trolls and I gotta stop feeding ya. SWEETY DAHLING you don’t make much sense, but thanks for such an intense interest in my genitals, I’m honored really.