trolls and lands


And the last !

Nepeta and Eridan.

(Beta kid’s —-> here

Alpha kid’s —-> here

Karkat’s and Sollux’s —- > here

Aradia’s and Equius —-> here

Kanaya’s and Feferi’s —- > here

Tavros’ and Vriska’s —- > here

Gamzee’s and Terezi —-> here )

>You are bored 

>This type of boredom could kill you if you weren’t already dead, and this book about some dumbass trying to use ‘peace’ to change the minds of those idiot highbloods isn’t doing you any favours. 

>It’s been ages since a troll has appeared in your land and your boss hasn’t given you anything to do. 

>what the hell are you going to do with yourself?



I’ll be working with the background, lines and shading. Slowly but surely. I’ll be in the chat, feel free to stop by!

Off! Tried out some shading (sorry abt the ugly blending for the preview lol) and drew a bunch of stars. See you next time!

  • ROXY: john i know all about ur little hatecrush on cranky rubyshades
  • JOHN: what!! i--- dave's lying to you he's just trying to mess with me!!
  • ROXY: dude it was just from observation
  • JOHN: what?? shit!
  • ROXY: yea u get mad nervous around each other like theres somethin u dont wanna acknowledge
  • JOHN: augh... dammit. yeah. i think its true....
  • JOHN: sorry roxy :( i love you a lot and didnt wanna mess up what we have
  • ROXY: lmfao
  • JOHN: ??
  • ROXY: dude its ok i know how the troll shit works im p open minded about it what w/ bein raised by chess ppl in neo troll land
  • JOHN: ...what are you suggesting?
  • ROXY: u can go on ur lil hatedates with scarf girl im not gonna dump u cause its a different thing
  • JOHN: :o
  • ROXY: but only if u let me hatedate ur sister---
  • ROXY: john ur sister is damn fine but also annoying as shit i want to kiss her
  • ROXY: bisexual lol