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Yvette and Bitsie talk about trolls in social media and ship wars from around 8 minutes in. So fucking good!!

Edit: Ooooooh! Sonequa gives some veeeery interesting insight on the “angry black-woman” -trope on TWD… Hope you heard that, Gimple. Don’t fucking fire her! She’s right.


Hear me out here

A Homestuck Fruits Basket AU.

If you haven’t seen Fruits Basket, let me explain,  It’s about a family who live with a curse. Some family members are possessed by spirits of the Chinese Zodiac and turn into their zodiac animal when they are weak, under stress, embarrassed, or when hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

So for the AU, instead of the Chinese zodiac, it would be the Greek one (as in, the normal signs the trolls have) and the cursed people would be the trolls, but humanstuck (kinda) of course. And for the sake of the AU and ships and shit, instead of it being a person of the opposite sex who has to hug them, it can be any person as long as they don’t have the curse too. So the trolls could hug each other, but the kids can’t hug them without them transforming. Also, for the sake of AU, the curse isn’t held in-family, so they aren’t all related, but know each other because of the curse. 

So, to state the obvious, the Megidos would turn into rams, the Nitrams into bulls, the Captors into bees. the Vantas’ into crabs, the Leijons into cats, the Maryams into vampire bats (debatable), the Pyropes into Dragons (small ones i guess), the Serkets into Spiders, the Zahhaks into horses, the Makaras into goats (debatable), the Amporas into sea horses, and the Peixes’ into cuttlefish.

Like in the show, they still go to school, and that’s where they know the other kids from. The trolls form their own little group to stay safe from the rest of the school, to keep it a secret. The kids often wonder about them, and want to hang out with them more, eventually the kids get let in on their secret, but can’t tell a soul. all 8 kids found out in different ways (that I won’t explore too much because i don’t wanna dive too deep too fast, where’s the fun in that? I wanna explore this bitch some more) 


‘Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones exposes racist harassment on Twitter

On Monday afternoon, the Ghostbusters star and Saturday Night Live cast member tweeted that she was tired of receiving constant harassing messages with overt racist and sexist imagery. Jones announced that she was going to stop blocking her Twitter harassers so that their tweets and comments could be seen publicly in order to expose their offensive nature. Almost immediately, her fans sprung into action. 


Hey friends! Sorry it’s been a minute, I’ve been busy as HECK. 

Regardless, last year I went on an amazing residency trip with the @lightgreyartgallery​ family. We just opened a show featuring the artists who went on the trip, dedicated to the land and lore of Iceland. 

I did these 2 illustrations as an expression of the insignificance, yet powerful relationship you feel to the land there.

Both of these are available as prints from Light Grey, and can be found here (and on the second page of this link as well)

Thanks for looking!~

Microsoft’s experimental chatbot turned into a Nazi in less than a day. ‘Tay’ was designed to interact with and learn from 18 to 24-year-olds on social media, but immediately had to be taken down because within 24 hours it tweeted “Hitler was right.” Source Source 2

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Photo credit: twitter/@geraldmellor

Photo credit: twitter/@geraldmellor

Photo credit: twitter/@geraldmellor

Photo credit: twitter/@geraldmellor

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The first woman to put her face on a product got trolled like crazy for being too ugly. When Lydia E. Pinkham used her own image to sell her apothecary products in the 1800s, she was mocked, labeled as ‘extremely unladylike,’ and men sent her nasty letters, but sales went through the roof and she became the 'best-known woman in America.’ Source Source 2 Source 3

An old-school troll named T.G. Scott wrote in 1880: 

 “If it is necessary that you should parade your portrait in every country paper in the United States can’t you in mercy to the nation have a new one taken once in a while? Do your hair a little differently say—have a different turn to your head & look solemn. Anything to get rid of that cast iron smile! You ought to feel solemn any way that your face pervades the mind of the nation like a nightmare & that you have become a bug bear to innocent children. Also that portrait is destroying the circulation of the newspapers. I have stopped my county paper to get rid of it & I know of several flourishing papers that have been absolutely killed by it. I think my words express the heartfelt desire of a long suffering people & that I am sustained in this request by the strongest public sentiment ever brought to bear on any subject!”