There are asks that I refuse to answer. I will pretty much tell you all anything, I’m an open book for the most part. I like questions that make me think and reflect and be critical. I like silly prying questions.

But I will not answer anon– or asks off anon– that are phishing for me to say something negative directed toward another ship. 

We may not all be adults here, but I am 27 and over that drama. No one has to like a particular ship, but my defense of Gruvia, SasuSaku, Gajevy, etc do not hinge on attacking another ship. I can defend my ship without trying to undermine another fandom. I suggest everyone view their ship that way. If you can’t defend it without belitting another character, killing someone off, destroying a relationship, or attacking another fandom then your ship probably isn’t sailing, or you are very poor fan who is missing the point of the series.

I do not care who is being rude in which fandom. It happens. If I come across it, I may comment on it, but only for the request of mutual respect, not by slamming their fandom.

Each tag is intended for fans of certain ships/relationships to have a safe place to enjoy what they enjoy. And asking questions with negative connotations toward a pairing named in the ask are not appropriate. First off, they WILL show in the mobile tag, no matter how the person who answers responds. Second, the intent is to have someone gripe along with you. If it’s about an event/situation/development, that is fine. If it’s about a character or a ship, it’s not okay. It’s not okay if it’s about another member of a fandom. We are all critiquing and enjoying a piece of literature, and we are critiquing the work of an author. The characters decisions, actions, and relationships are determined by the author. 

It’s aggravating that the multitude of asks I receive bash other ships and shippers. I may not agree with what they ship, but I’m not going to stop them from saying what they say. There are so many other things we can discus pertaining to our ship without trying to incite shipping wars.

I have a decent follower base– not a lot, but enough of you that I get asks pretty regularly. And I try very, very hard to be a good model of respectful shipping. I want to enjoy my ship, not lose interest in a fandom because of negativity, insecurity, trolling and childishness. I want other shippers to feel safe stumbling into my blog and know it’s okay to reblog my posts and to follow me if they wish to. 

My goal is not to get on Tumblr and see hate and negativity. I want to be happy and positive as much as possible, so that I can enjoy fandom. 

So no, I will not answer your ask about why a Graylu fan said this, why Grayza did that, or how people can ship Navia. To be honest, I don’t care. They can say what they want, ship what they want, and enjoy what they want just like I can. Kudos for them if they keep it in their tag and shame on you for digging around looking for something to make you mad. That’s your problem, not mine.

I will answer asks politely asking for my opinion on other ships, for my feelings on negative developments, or anything else of that matter. But if I get the feeling it is phishing to cause problems, I will delete your ask and forget I ever received it. That is not me being rude or hateful toward you. That is me keeping my blog fandom positive. 

Thank you and have a nice day.


The new Ghostbusters visited sick kids in the hospital — and Facebook misogynists are furious 

Visiting ill children at Tufts Medical Center should have been an amazing experience for the new Ghostbusters, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. But as with many beautiful moments, it was ruined by disgusting commenters. Thankfully, Tufts Medical Center and other Facebook users are fighting back against the trolls.


More illustration for the Swedish table-top RPG Järn (”Iron” in Swedish). It was (very) successfully crowdfunded so I was commissioned to do more work for it and it’s been a blast.

The first picture is the cover illustration for the book that’ll be sold in stores. The second and third pictures are the front and back of the limited edition cover. The rest are chapter heads. 

Facebook page is here (Swedish)

I thought of a second design for the Homestuck design contest. I cannot believe I got this done so fast. I might think of a few more designs (designing these are fun, which I did not expect). Amazing how many ideas I can come up with when it’s in a timed limit. Wow.

You can rate it here once submissions are over!


And another batch of illutrations for the table-top RPG Järn (”Iron” in Swedish)

These are combat- and action card illustrations (four of each, first four are combat). They will be cropped to fit the cards in the final version, but I made them so they can be used as stand alone illustrations as well.

facebook page is here (Swedish)


This is heartbreaking.

Remember that there are humans on the other end of your Internet connection.

This is one of the reasons trolling and misogyny on Twitter is so damaging: you’re not just isolating women from a forum to make friends and chat, you’re potentially isolating them from income and professional contacts, and that’s devastating. I know women with crucial voices, much more crucial than mine, who quit Twitter or went private because it was taking too much of a toll to face that kind of harassment daily. That’s a travesty, honestly, when you think of how much that loss is multiplied.
—  Madeleine Holden

So you know how Alternia has this great long history of awesome movies and stuff, right? But all the adults are offworld too busy killing everything to actually make anything.

So this can mean that all their things are hells of old and the most recently anything was created was thousands of sweeps ago, before the Summoner started wrecking shit.

Or, more likely, that all of those romance movies that Karkat is into are the smutty fantasies of a bunch of hormonal teenage directors.