Tweets from totally real feminists supporting FEMCON2015, a totally real conference and not a 4chan scam

Tweets from totally real feminists supporting FEMCON2015, a totally real conference and not a 4chan scam

Seems legit So over the weekend some enterprising 4channer decided to try to create some mayhem and make a few quick bucks by concocting a fake feminist conference, and selling tickets to it. He — I’m pretty sure it was a he — headed to /b/ to round up some accomplices. (more…)

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The flash that will go down in Homestuck history

Where the ghosts were given one final instance of plot relevance

Where Terezi’s powers were demonstrated and proved her worth

Where Vriska traveled the void alone with only her thoughts

Where the Scourge Sisters were able to reunite and sail together one last time

Where the fans all simultaneously burst into tears

We will never forget, we will always, remember


Dj troll murió al salir de está discoteca. Aquí su último troleo

I thought of a second design for the Homestuck design contest. I cannot believe I got this done so fast. I might think of a few more designs (designing these are fun, which I did not expect). Amazing how many ideas I can come up with when it’s in a timed limit. Wow.

You can rate it here once submissions are over!


This is heartbreaking.

Remember that there are humans on the other end of your Internet connection.

So you know how Alternia has this great long history of awesome movies and stuff, right? But all the adults are offworld too busy killing everything to actually make anything.

So this can mean that all their things are hells of old and the most recently anything was created was thousands of sweeps ago, before the Summoner started wrecking shit.

Or, more likely, that all of those romance movies that Karkat is into are the smutty fantasies of a bunch of hormonal teenage directors.

This is one of the reasons trolling and misogyny on Twitter is so damaging: you’re not just isolating women from a forum to make friends and chat, you’re potentially isolating them from income and professional contacts, and that’s devastating. I know women with crucial voices, much more crucial than mine, who quit Twitter or went private because it was taking too much of a toll to face that kind of harassment daily. That’s a travesty, honestly, when you think of how much that loss is multiplied.
—  Madeleine Holden

For all the other women out there speaking out against online harassment and the trolls that we so regularly have to deal with. jessicavalenti lacigreen femfreq