How to get into Pottermore : A legit guide on how to get your welcome email RIGHT NOW.
  1. Go here and download Firebug
  2. Restart Firefox
  3. Go to
  4. In Firefox, Cick on Tools/Firebug/Open Firebug
  5. Go in the HTML tab in Firebug
  6. Search for ‘Submit your email’ in the search field
  7. Edit the text to something legit like “Congratulation Beta Tester !” or “Welcome to Pottermore beta-testing !”
  8. Repeat step 6 and 7 for all the other text on the page.
  9. To make your Pottermore welcome page even more legit, search “Title” and edit it to something like “Pottermore: Beta-Testing”
  10. If you got advanced HTML/CSS knowledge you can also edit the background to something different
  11. Now take a screenshot of your welcome page and post in on Tumblr
  12. Here you go ! You now have your very own Pottermore welcome page ! Now all you need to do is say that you can’t speak of what is inside Pottermore and it’ll look like you got in ! WOW.

NOTE: You can also use this to create your very own Pottermore welcome E-mail ! All you need to do is load your registration email and search for the text you want to edit using the same technic ! Remember to change the date of your email to August 8th 2011 !

Final result :

(Click here to see a Full Screen version of A REAL POTTERMORE WELCOME PAGE)