Elena - (National Poetry Month Day 20)

i wanted to write about your eyes,
how they are open and bright
but never sheltered in the dark,
where most everyone i know resides.
hope is paralyzed when covered by a curtain
because its owner is too scared to begin the show.
but you know your lines and harmonies
and you never fear opening night.

empty minds often soil open eyes,
but yours have so much wit and skill.
your optimism is bright but not hollow, 
and i dream of dreams like yours.
but mine are while asleep
and yours are always real.

i wanted this poem to be about your eyes,
but i guess mine were shut too tightly to truly see them.

dogwithasangriablog  asked:

ok that last anon was waaaayyy out of line, but I still don't think it's right to hate a group of people based on their race. racism isn't a perspective issue; it doesn't change based on where you come from. if you generalize a group of people and make a judgment against them based on their race, that's racism and it's not okay.

I think the word ‘racism’ just holds a lot more power to me. To me racism is not just hating on a race. It means holding a race back from getting fair economic, social and human rights. There are so many statistics that show and prove that minorities, especially African-Americans, are treated unfairly in society.

So what I did I don’t consider to be racist. There is just no way that my photoset is going to cause any white people any systematic problems.

I was being rude and generalizing a group, but I was not saying that I HATE white people. I distinctly said “how I feel about white people” because that’s how I feel. I feel that white people as an institution, not individual white persons themselves, are oppressive and frankly a lot of them are still quite ignorant to their privilege. I am disgusted. I make funny faces. I can’t stand the injustices that still occur to people of color and I can’t stand when people (usually white people) say “oh no we are past that! We all have equal opportunity!” because we don’t.

I do not HATE white people. I hate what they stand for sometimes, but I would never hate a person based on their race.