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something’s telling lotor that allura and her knights stopped taking him seriously a while ago

edit: this is Voltron DOTU and not Legendary Defender, please stop tagging it as VLD fanart ):


All the colours, when you’re around
Oh the colours, when I see your smile
It’s like fireworks in the night
A million butterflies in the sky 

Colours by Christopher (The Danish voice actor of Branch) x

DJ Suki’s Rave Playlist

1. We Are Number One

2. We Are Number One Acoustic

3. We Are Number One Nightcore

4. We Are Number One Remix

5. We Are Number One Midi Version

6. We Are Number One EDM Version

7. What’s New Pussycat

8. It’s Not Unusual

9. Be My Bad Boy

10. Girls Like Girls

11. That one slow song that Branch always requests


🌈 Can’t stop the… Friday?? 🌈Here’s my boards for this song. (Trolls jumping down from chandeliers shot by Rob Koo) #dreamworkstrolls #trolls #storyboards #cantstopthefeeling

[puts my lips against the microphone] hi i’m so glad you all came. here’s my 5000 word analysis on why the troll toll song featured in season 4 episode 13 “the nightman cometh” of fx’s hit show it’s always sunny in philadelphia is actually about mac paying the troll toll to get into the boy’s hole, which isn’t dennis’ asshole as one may suspect, but rather his god hole, which he’s previously tried to fill with money, the illusion of power, and puss, but now realizes that he’s needed mac to fill all along. furthermore,


Mikado: beware pen
Anri: boobs
Shinra: celty
Celty: shinra no
Simon: eat my fucking sushi
Izaya: -insert troll theme song- humans ;D
Tom: shizuo no
Vorona: Shizuo-senpai
Mika: Seiji ;-;
Namie: Seiji ;-;
Seiji: Celty’s head ;-;
Aoba: notice me mikado senpai
Kururi: I love….. my….. sister….
Mairu: ReaLLY!????? Me too!!!
Kyohei: cool ass beanie bro
Erika: shizaya
Walker: erika pls

I went to watch trolls last week, It is really fun and cool movie. I really like the art direction of the trolls and all trolls are really cute.So I did the fan art of poppy. the happiest troll, I like the song sequence of  “Get Back Up Again”, she trying to fight back all the obstacles. I like all the strange creatures and planets in the trolls world. they are really funny and cool looking. i did the piece of poppy sings with flower. hope people have a happy weekend. Thank you :)


In honor of Homestuck’s end I’m giving you guys my Whispers in the Dark lyricstuck from back in summer 2014, before [S] Game Over ended the gigapause! Since I started college I’ve never had the time to finish it and probably never will, so here it is in it’s unfinished state (all the panels are there they’re just uncolored), untouched since then aside from a few of the sketches that I just quickly redrew because they were too messy. Enjoy!

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