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The Company is surprised by how fiercely protective you are of them when any of them are in danger, since you are a generally gentle, sweet, and easy-going person.

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  The nasty trolls continued to rotate the dwarves over the campfire, exchanging evil grins of anticipation.  They had tied up the rest in sacks, but left you out.

   “Don’t bother restraining the female,” the troll with the deep voice told the other.  “She’s no threat to us.”

    And so, you had remained sitting in the dirt, realizing that you would not be able to fight off the trolls by yourself even with your skills.  The trolls had confiscated your weapons as with the others.  You did manage to keep a dagger concealed in your cloak.  But if you fought back now, you’d just get tied up with the others.  Your best bet would be to wait for the right moment to strike.  However, you realized this wasn’t exactly an option the moment they started to cook your friends.  

    “I’m warning you, trolls,” you snapped suddenly, glaring at them.  “If you don’t let them go, you’ll have more to worry about than turning to stone!”

    Thorin, who remained silent for the most part, looked over at you incredulously, raising his eyebrows.  Bilbo struggled in the sack beside you, but looked just as shocked.

    “Oi, what’s gotten into ______?”  Dwalin called, surprised.  

    “I don’t know, but I like it,” Kili replied, grinning despite the dire situation.

    One of the trolls laughed, pointing at you mockingly. The one with the annoying, squeaky voice looked offended.  “Hey, what makes a human maiden like you think she can speak to us like that?”

   You clenched your jaw, inching your hand towards your hidden dagger as you stared him down.  “I mean it.  If you hurt any of them,” your voice lowered into a growl, “I’ll be the one roasting you over the fire.”

    “Shut up!”  The one with the deeper voice stopped laughing and lowered his face to get a better look at you.  You had to refrain from vomiting when his rotten breath blew on your face.  “One more word from you, and you’ll be first on our menu.”

    You opened your mouth to spit back a witty reply when you heard Thorin growl your name.  You glanced over to see him shaking his head with a warning look.  He didn’t want you to put yourself at risk for them.  But there was no way you’d just sit back and let this go on.  So, you simply ignored him, breaking eye contact and turning your attention back to the ugly troll face in front of you.

    “Look, I hate to break it to you, but you can’t eat those dwarves,” you said simply, your hand firmly grasping the dagger in your cloak.  This was it. If you could get the troll just a little bit closer, you could slash him across the face.  That would give you just enough time to free a few of the dwarves and get your weapons.

   “And why not?”  The other troll squeaked at you.

    There was a shuffle in the dirt behind you, and then you felt something press against your side.

    “Because you’re making a terrible mistake!”  Bilbo interjected, standing beside you awkwardly with his arms and legs bound in the sack.  “With the seasoning, I mean.”  You looked at him in confusion, wondering what the hobbit could possibly be up to. His eyes met yours briefly before darting away.  You followed his gaze to the line of trees in the background, noticing a flash of gray move in the darkness.

    Ah, that’s what’s up.

   Help was on the way.  

    You exchanged subtle nods with Bilbo, silently agreeing to continue distracting the trolls.  Silently, your hand released the dagger from its grip as you continued the verbal banter.


   Gandalf had shown up at the right time, and it worked out so that the trolls turned to stone at the first light of dawn.  You set to work on setting the dwarves free.

               “That really was something back there, _______,” Fili told you, clapping a hand on your shoulder affectionately.  “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

    Balin approached you with a gentle smile on his face. You and the dwarves hadn’t been on this journey for very long, but you had grown to care about them so much already. Balin had become somewhat of a grandfatherly figure towards you.

    “We appreciate you looking after us, child,” he told you.  

    “Just be sure to have more caution in the future,” Thorin interjected.  “It wouldn’t have done us any good to have you eaten by the trolls.”


    “Don’t mind him!”  Bofur told you, dismissing Thorin’s solemn warnings with the wave of his hand.  “He was just worried about you.  We all were.”

   “Me?  But you guys were the ones getting cooked!”


Has Overwatch Comp Season 5 felt worse than usual? Is it as bad as you may think? My thoughts, love to hear yours! 

The {Rescue} Role action has been branded as a notorious “troll” skill.
But it does have its serious uses like pulling members to a safe spot as they finish their LB3 animation. It’s also very handy in Susanoo EX’s “Thundercloud-Kagami-Seasplitter-Brightstorm” combo mechanic where you can pull the Chosen One in to stack with the party. Not to mention parts in the second phase of the Royal Menagerie (you guys know what I’m talking about!)

Then again, it takes a good load of latency, timing and reflex to execute a proper {Rescue} <_>

Also, don’t take the context of this comic too literally iknowLB3aintupduringthatmechanicpart

Fair enough. Dave’s trolling skills are beyond doubt, so I absolutely believe that he was just fucking with John, but John still stepped in it pretty badly.

Like I’ve said before, something that bothers me in a lot of alt timeline/universe stories is the unspoken assumption that the characters the audience has been following the longest are the “real” ones. At least John seems to have realized that he was being really uncool by thinking that way.

would it be too much of an exposure to mention that john @ectobiologoof just now got out of a 19 hour stream with me (to nap) because
it was pretty wild
talk about fuckin slumber party vibes

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So i have very mixed feelings regarding the yank skill (Rescue?)because it's going to save lives in the hands of those of us that care, but i feel like it's also going to be a horrible horrible tool for assholes (or just us getting very angry at that BLM failing to dodge yet again) to kill people with like in That Other MMO. What are your thoughts on this and ways for SE to prevent that from being a thing?

Semi long recast time. Can’t use unless you’re on the hate list of the enemy. Short (10y) range. They’ll fix or remove it if it gets abused obviously. It’s natural people will get weh about it because it basically gives us the power to force the person we target to dodge which is what I’d be using it for (that and helping someone who isn’t fast enough dodge upon their spell completion). It a troll skill waiting to happen. Like Fluid Aura and frankly I like it. The most evil thing I’d use it for would be to get hate on enemies while an over zealous tank is pulling and yank their ass back if they think they’re gonna get away with over pulling when I’m not prepared.

– Mod Mhi

  • Bethesda: *makes a character with the name 'Valentine' and plays it up with a cute heart logo at his office*
  • Bethesda: *has him approve when you suggest robot/human relationship would be fine bc love knows no bounds*
  • Bethesda: *has him talk about wanting to feel real and have others view him that way*
  • Bethesda: *allows you to make a joke about seeing him in compromising situations*
  • Bethesda: *he just wants one thing that's his and you helped him with that and, gee, he's really happy you're with him now*
  • Bethesda: "Yeah, he's not a romance option."
  • Ash: Now you see me, now you don't...
  • Banshee: D-D-D-D-DROP THE BASS!
  • Ember: Things are about to get real warm and toasty~
  • Excalibur: TASTE MY KNIVES!
  • Mag: TIME TO PULL YOUR GUTS OUT! ...Did I really have to say that?
  • Nova (chan): DESUUUUUUUUUUUU!
  • Nyx: Hey, let's all relax, do some deep meditation, be nice to each other, and not kill anyone... Lol jk.
  • Oberon: *Goat noises*
  • Saryn: Hey there, good lookin'... Let me torture you until you're bleeding out on the floor helpless. It would be so cute~
  • Trinity: Oh, hello there! Would you like some cupcakes? They're venom flavoured~
  • Valkyr: I hate battle cries.
  • Vauban: Son, you're about to get your ass murdered the good ol' tactical way.
  • Volt: Er... Um... Y-You're gonna die?
  • Zephyr: *She's mute, so she just flips them the bird- GODDAMNIT THAT PUN WAS AN ACCIDENT*
You don't owe anyone a platform

Two basic facts about the internet:

  1. Unmoderated comment forums are terrible. They get overrun with trolls, low quality content, and off topic remarks.
  2. If you moderate a comment forum, angry people will argue with you and accuse you of censorship

Moderating isn’t censorship. Moderating is deciding what kind of community or forum or page you want to build, and making sure things that are posted that are consistent with your objectives.

Everyone has the right to say whatever they want - but they don’t have the right to make you say whatever they want, or a right to make you publish whatever they say.

You have to right to decide what to publish, and what kind of speech to allow in a forum you’re moderating. That’s not censorship. That’s building a high-quality platform.

People who want to participate in a site that works differently are free to go elsewhere, or to build their own platform. They’re not entitled to yours.

Moderation is necessary to building a good platform, and you can’t do it without making some people angry. People being angry doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It just means they’re angry.

==> Be the Bartender

Your name is ELLIOT ERRIST and you’re a bartender at an underground SPEAKEASY for society’s UNWANTED and WANTED.

Name: Elliot Errist

Age: 22 sweeps

Gender: Male

Blood color: Indigo

Lusus: Leech

Physical Characteristics:

  • Height: 5′9
  • Injuries: Plenty
  • Deformities/Mutations: N/A
  • Tattoos/markings: Spider on his neck
  • Other notable aspects:  

Strife Specibus: Bat

Secondary Strife: Psionics

Occupation: Bartender

Voice Claim:


Troll tag: armoredTerror


Notable Skills/Abilities/Powers: Secret chuckle voodoos


Interests/Likes: Alcohol, gossip, fighting, looking respectable, collecting body parts

Dislikes: Lowbloods, mutants, cops, nosy people, rats

Extra Information:

  • Has a pet mouse

Elliot things


The Killer: Neccoh is a thorn in your side that just seems to have gotten infected. He started killing off your bar patrons and being the kind of person you are, you just couldn’t let that slide. You attacked him, crushed his legs and cut them off. And since then it’s been an endless cycle of revenge. (Hide and Seek)

The Little Sister: Jovita is your broodmate, you found her a bit ago and you have just been keeping an eye on her. Buying some things from her shop and being silently supportive.

The Foolish Cop: Officer Geniva came into your bar completely by mistake, everything about him reeked of law enforcement and it made you sick. Rather than doing what you usually do with most cops, you decide to take advantage of his naivety. You’ve been playing the helpless victim and having him personally take out your competition. 


Relationship Status