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What the heck is a yoo-keye?

exo as cats

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Chen:*strolling inside the manager’s office*
Chen:*saw the names written on a whiteboard  that are suppose to go water sports*
Chen:*”accidently” wiping off the ‘chan’ from ‘chankaisoo’
Chen:*wrote his name instead*
Chen:*laughs* *walks out from the office*

EXO-K reaction when they win on a video-game against you

-Sehun: So bad babe, try harder next time…. *sassy af*

D.O: ASDFGHJJKL HELL YEAH!! *buys a new video-game just to beat you everyday*

Kai: Ssshhh baby girl, I’ll let you win tonight…

Suho: Awww even when you pout you’re so cute, you’re my little winner, okay? *smiles*

Chanyeol: LOLOLOLOL you play worse than Baek’s grandmother!! But its okay I like losers like you! *channie sweetheart mode on*

Baekhyun: Oh Kkaebsong!! *he will tease you everyday on how he won, but soon will shower you with kisses*

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Did you see the troll on fy Kai omfg like seriously is that person that dumb or just a troll but like was there a need for fy Kai to show it to everyone it was so stupid not thanks to that troll everyone going to think kaisoo is like that =_= I hope it was a troll likely it was definitely I mean no kaisoo shipper is that dumb 😑

I’m sure it was a troll anon! They wanted to make us look bad. The fy blog too. I can’t imagine a kd shipper being that stupid, going to a fy blog like that. 

There’s been a lot of trolls lately in kd shippers ask boxes, so it wouldn’t surprise me!

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Headcanon: TLC gals telling the guys they're pregnant in a creative way with the guys reactions!

  • It might not be considered creative, but Cinder does that thing where you casually tack “Oh, and I’m pregnant, by the way” onto the end of a nice, normal conversation about when the other party will be home for dinner or whose turn it is to take out the trash (Sidenote: my mother did this exact thing. It’s a very mean thing.) because she truly enjoys trolling Kai. Kai happens to be comming her while walking to an early morning conference when she shares the news and he proceeds to walk into a wall, bounce off of it, and fall into a table.
  • When their first child makes itself known, Wolflet are in too much of a tizzy to consider cutesy things, but it’s a different story when they get to their second. Scarlet does the thing with the food where you serve a full meal consisting of aptly named things (babyback ribs, baby potatoes, etc.) and see how long it takes the other person to realize. It takes Wolf about two point five seconds before it dawns on him and he lunges around the table to grab Scarlet in a hug.
  • When Winter discovers her pregnancy, she and Jacin happen to be in Russia for a diplomatic event. They take some time away from work to explore the city—as is their habit—and whenever they wander into a souvenir shop, Winter buys Jacin a matryoshka doll. By the end of the day, he’s got like five of the, but the only explanation he can pry out of Winter is that she feels she has a lot in common with the dolls right now. As Winter is plunking down the univs for a sixth, he finally breaks and asks what on earth is going on. After all is revealed, he spends the entire rest of the day grinning from ear to ear. The embassy staff is very creeped out. Winter finds it hilarious.
  • Cress’s reveal was accidental. As we all know, she does occasionally fall asleep in front of her computer screen when she’s especially tired and given how tiring pregnancy is, those instances increase exponentially when she becomes pregnant. Soon after learning the news, Cress is researching(because that’s just who Cress is) different ways to announce one’s pregnancy to one’s spouse and she falls asleep at her screen. Thorne steps into the room, goes to scoop her up and carry her to bed, but the screen catches his eye and he lets out a yell that would’ve woken the dead. It did not, however, wake Cress, and he had to contain his excitement and his questions until she woke up the next morning.

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EXO's reaction to finding out that their girlfriend's brother is another member of EXO(and that members starts being really embarrassing about it)?

Hi! Alright.

Xiumin -  “So when’s the wedding?” *Luhan asked in a joking tone,* “I’d better be invited,” *You and Xiumin have only been dating for 4 weeks, and this was the 12 comment like that he’d gotten.*

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Luhan - *It had been a little while since Luhan had told the boys he was dating Kris’s sibling. But one time when you was watching the boys practice, Kris started to telling you all about the really embarrassing things he’d done while backstage and at the dorm.* “Hay! no no, Kris not that story!”

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Kris - *Everytime he came how from a date with Luhans sibling, Luhan and the other members would question him. About everything. Wanting very detailed answers. They’d then use it all against him, bringing the embarrassing things he did up all the time etc.*

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Lay - “Really?” *Tao said with a sneer,* “your wearing that out on a date with y/n?” “What’s wrong with it?” “You do know she hates the colour red on you, right?” *Pure Lay had been endlessly picked on by Tao as soon as he found out about his relationship with his older sister. But at the end of the day you always found out and gave him a thwack on the head for it.*

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Suho - “Have you kissed yet?” *Baekhyun asked,* “Have you?” “Baekhyun!” *You yelled, making him shrug. Suho just laughed awkwardly.*

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Baekhyun - *Baekhyun has been dating you, Chanyeols sibling. Ever since Chanyeol found out he’s been inviting you to every little activity they do, hoping that Baekhyun will make a fool out of himself, which he does on occasions, making Chanyeol very pleased with himself.

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Chen - *After he told Luhan, that he was dating his younger sister, their was a problem with his pranking. Every time he tried to Luhan would pull the same old,* “I’ll tell y/n.” “Awww, come on!”

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Chanyeol - “WHAT!? why is she dating you?” “Well, that’s nice to say Kyungsoo.” *Chanyeol pouted, as the rest of the members sat their laughing as D.o continued to walk back and forth.*

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D.o - *Baekhyun had introduced you as just a friend of his, all because he wanted to see their face a while later when he tells them that your siblings. But pure Kyungsoo, not knowing his little trick, had fallen for you and you two started dating, the rest of EXO knew because he didn’t want the flirting with you.

Not weren’t as annoying as Baekhyun made it impossible to tell. So when he told everyone that you were actually related, Kyungsoo spat out his drink*. “Fuck,” *He mumbled, and with a teasing grin Baekhyun started the endless loop of annoyance.* “Hay brother-in-law,” *He said with a smirk, as Kyungsoo’s world seemed to fall around him.* “Why?”

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Tao - “You know my sister has a pet spider,” *Chen stated, just as Tao was about to leave,* “What!” “Yeah. It’s big and hairy, and she named it Rex.” *Swiftly Tao pulled his phone out and changed the location of your date, their was no way he was going to your house if you had a really big bug their. What he didn’t know was that Chen was trolling him… Again…*

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Kai - “YOUR DATING MY SISTER!?” “SHHHH, Chanyeol!” *Every head in the Cafe was now on them as Kai tryed to shut Mr Foghorn up,* “Yes. But she wanted me to make sure actually okay with it first.” *whilst Laughing hysterically, all Chanyeol could do was nod. After a litte while he finally answered* “sure… this is going to be great!” * With red cheeks Kai let out a sigh, not knowing what was in store for him now that Chanyeol knew.*

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Sehun - “I gotta go,” *Sehun anounced in the middle of the movie,* “Got a date with my sister hay?” *Xiumin asked,* “Yep. See ya later,” *Sehun got up with drink in hand and headed towards the door when,* “cough Use protection cough.”

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Hope you like it! 

It sorta sucked though, sorry.

But i’m back in business!

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Seria - The Savage with No Fire

Well this is the a road off the beaten path, X’’’D This is actually a fatesona that’s based off my own self and personality. I chose Oni Savage cause I felt like it fits well to the type of person I am and my strengths and abilities as well as my culture. A unit that’s high in strength and can land criticals, but often not because they’re way too slow and unskilled. They have potential but is lost on a shitty unit. (#me)

Seria is basically my own personality but amped up a notch.

-Lazy af

-Sarcastic af

-Weird af

Seria is someone who’s not interested in war or politics and would rather eat, sleep, or humor others to entertain herself. She has a sarcastic view of the world and often goes with the flow with things, usually bottling up her emotions and says “I’m fine” a lot. Other than that, she’s a pretty chill person for an Oni Savage. Also she’s a troll lolz.

As fate would have it: Loves rice balls

Kai from @krazehkai is featured too lolz (Sorry I keep drawing your fatesonas so much, they’re so cool QwQ) and I need an excuse to show Seria’s trolling lolz.