trolling in the deep

How to make munny (fast)

1. Create website on deep web advertising as a hitman

2. Charge [smaller price] for people in [continent farther from you] and [greater price] for people [in your continent]. (This should trick them on ur location lol.

3. Collect munny

4. Don’t kill any1

5. Sent e-mail to customer [given time] later, saying “they r ded”

6. They see person that you hired to kill

7. theyre confussed and u hav butcoin

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Dont you think its kind of creepy to know so much about their life and living arrangement as a fan it seems a tad stalker-y

???? idk if u tryna troll me or something but this so phake deep lmao every single thing i know abt got7 was shared publically by either got7 themselves or their fam/friends and things i find out that were discovered by fans i keep to myself. Got7 literally had a show when they debut talmbout their dorm n giving a tour of it n all other shit i know abt their dorm theyve shared w us via interview or radio shows or live vids. The info i talk abt on my blog is literally public knowledge that any1 can find if they look/read abt it so u can miss me w this condescendin bs n worry abt ya self toodles

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i know you're deep in magivel hell, but do you have any other berseria ships? o:

I’m here for polyamorous pirate family taking care of their smol son so I basically ship everything and anything that moves.

But aside from Magivel, I’m really into Magiveleanor, Maginor, Rokunor, Rokumagi, Eimagi (hi I have a Magilou bias), Eiroku, Eifread, whatever tf Velvet/Teresa’s ship name is, whatever tf Magilou/Teresa’s ship name is, whatever tf Magilou/Shigure’s ship name is, Artorius/Shigure, everyone/happiness.

I’m a filthy multishipper wassup /dabs off the Van Eltia deck

I still haven’t finished reading/watching/playing Homestuck *cue collective Internet gasp* but I think this drawing of Vriska is finished! Really close to being so, at least.

I was playing/experimenting with oil pastel and colored pencil, so things didn’t go quite how I expected. I still have to research how to store/display this without it smudging. Geh.

Vriska and Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie!

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Ooh, could we get a basic rundown about the kitlars? I'd love to hear anything you'd wanna share about them!

Kitlar trolls are a fierce and emotionally volatile race of trolls that are native to crystal caves deep beneath the landmass known as Iceland. Volcanic activity and undiscovered-by-humans underground lakes make for a warm and humid environment, which encouraged crystal growth in the hides of the first Kitlars to settle in these caves.

Fun Facts! (Stuff you are more than welcome to ask Ypsa about, if you want to ask more stuff ;O)

  • Kitlar whelps can be identified by large and dark speckle-like spots along their arms, shoulders, and backs. The markings indicate where, eventually, their crystals will grow.
  • Antler-like horns are a trait seen amongst all genders. Larger, spikier, or more ornate appearing racks tend to be seen as more attractive.
  • Kitlar trolls are world renowned for their smithing prowess, as they have mastered the art of crystal weaponry and armor, an art that few outsiders have learned.
  • They are a rather aggressive type of troll, and are prone to getting into fights. It is very common to see two Kitlars “locking horns”, which is a way to posture. Whoever can throw the other to the ground with their horns first is the victor in these disputes.
  • There’s a pretty big emphasis on bloodlines with them. I’m talking stuff similar to family crests and everything

And there’s much much more ;O