nem | igen | nemigen

nem [ˈnɛm]
1) no; not
2) sex; gender

igen [ˈiɡen]
1) yes
2) quite; very
[e.g.: Igen sok ember volt ma a koncerten. – “Very much”/A lot of people were at the concert today.]
[e.g.: Igen meleg volt ma. – It was very hot today.]
[e.g.: Igen, meleg volt ma. – Yes, it was hot today.]

nemigen [ˈnɛmiɡen] – hardly; not really; not too much; not particularly
[e.g.: Peti iskolakerülő, nemigen jár iskolába. – Peti is a truant, does not go to school much.]
[e.g.: Józsi nemigen hitte hogy léteznek földönkívüliek, míg egyik éjjel el nem rabolták. – Józsi did not really believe that aliens exist, until one night they have abducted him.]
[e.g.: Nemigen lesz meg a vizsgád, ha el nem kezdesz most rögtön tanulni. – You are not really going to pass the exam, if you will not start studying immediately.]
[e.g.: Ez a dal nemigen szól semmiről, csak egy szokásos diszkó dal. – This song does not really have a meaning, it is just a regular disco song. / This song does not really talk about anything, it is just a regular disco song.]

Made this meme to explain the five forms of the Dutch ‘you’.

Je is the informal, singular you.

Jij is the informal, singular you with emphasis.

Jou is the informal, singular you if it’s the direct or indirect object. For example “to you” would be aan jou. It’s like the French toi (à toi) or the German dich/dir (für dich/an dir).

Jullie is the plural you.

U is the polite you, like vous in French and Sie in German.

All these words are very necessary. I stole the template from this.

See my German version.

allthefujoshiunite  asked:

GAAHH Rui, I adore your sense of humor :,3c I revisit your blog whenever I feel down or I'm in need of a good laugh! We're seeing third year!Karasuno boys but how about first year!Bokuto and Kuroo?? Do you think they were friends back then? ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

Awkward first encounters.

Thank you so much btw! it means a lot <3


“[…] Vanille was looking well, don’t you think so?”

“Hope, is it me, or do you sound happy? Does someone have a little crush?”

“Wh-what are you talking about, Light? Of course not!”