Aqours 1st Live - Aida Rikako’s post-live thoughts

Aqours 1st LoveLive!
Thank you very much for the past two days at ~Step! ZERO to ONE~!! It really, really was a marvelous time. I had fun from the bottom of my heart, and I’m not even exaggerating. It really was a great feeling that made me feel like I was truly alive. I cannot forget everyone’s faces that I saw while I was going around on the trolley. Everyone was shining!!
In truth, when I first heard about the results of Sunshine’s audition, I was at Yokohama Arena with my mother. I can still remember when we were embracing each other even now. It has been 2 years since then. I would never have dreamed that we would be able to stand on this stage now. Love Live! Is something that a lot of people have given their love for, and I once again felt really blessed to be able to take part in it.
I learned the real value of becoming a team and going up from 0. There were 9 of us on stage, but the stage that we created was because of the all the team members, as well as the fans.

This is all I can say!
There was a lot of love enveloping us, and it really, really became a marvelous live!!!!!! However, I have something I must apologize to everyone for. I would like to apologize for the worries that I felt. After discussing with the rest of the team, I decided to perform on the piano. I never wanted to back down, so I requested to be given the chance to do it.
And so, I really give my apologies to the rest of the team who believed in me until the end; I betrayed them. Also, having made the other members feel worry in that moment, as well as all the people who had paid money to watch a professional fail, all these emotions mixed together in my head and I panicked. Somehow, I was able to complete it on Day 1, so I calmed down and decided to play with more of a smile like Riko’s on Day 2. To be honest, I cannot remember that moment very well. But the members rushed over to me during the dance, and I also heard the voices of everyone there, so I was able to stop crying and bring back out the “Sakurauchi Riko” within Aida Rikako once again. Without that, my heart would’ve surely broken, and I would’ve regretted it for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for giving me another chance. And then the lyrics of Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare also resonated in my chest and supported me. I was once again able to realize how great the power of music was, and that it was able to give me so much courage.

“It was really the greatest performance by everyone! I was moved!” was what I heard from a lot of people, but a failure is a failure. I am no longer qualified to be a professional standing on stage. I really reflected on it.
And after that I had to perform with a smile. Because I was no longer qualified to cry. But I was able to continue until the very end thanks to the warmth of all the fans. Thank you, thank you very much for supporting me.
Also, I will never forget the members who rushed over so that I wouldn’t be alone, and held me and my hands in that unbelievable location, all the time from before the beginning until after the very end, as well as the fun after the live as they greeted me with smiles and laughed it off. Those 8 people who were there definitely felt the same way as everyone. I was glad that it was 9 people once again. Thank so so much for saving me.
And also, I am very grateful to the piano teacher who seriously taught the amateur me who could not even read musical notes for 3 months.
It was really difficult; my fingers did not move as I expected, but I was able to slowly get better and better at playing, and I was able to think, “Playing the piano is fun!” And that was definitely thanks to the people who told me so. I started the piano from this age, so I was worried about whether it was truly okay, but I was told many times that it was important to challenge that thought.

It’s getting quite long, but I wanted to tell everyone as soon as possible.

Now, the second season of the TV anime, as well as 2nd live tour and many others were announced! Aqours is advancing from here onto the next Step once again. In order to make all of you know more and more about Aqours, I will put out my heart and try even harder than my best that I have done until now as a member of Aqours!!!
So please cheer me on as a member of Aqours and as Sakurauchi Riko from now on as well.

I will forever treasure everyone who supported me.
Let’s go and see more marvelous sights together! The voice of Sakurauchi Riko 🌸 Aida Rikako

Holy shit.

Pray for Jun. K

Jun. K sustained injuries during the concert on the 26th.

During performance they were on a moving platform that moved between the audience areas. The platforms were such that three members were on one trolley, three on the other. And the trolleys would come close and touch each other before going back again. While the two platforms were moving away, his foot slipped and he fell down a height of 9ft. Eye witnesses said he hit his head/ neck on the floor and he couldn’t get up. Thankfully, he was conscious and responsive to stimuli. The concert was immediately stopped and he was taken to the hospital. Concert ticket money will be refunded.

JYPE issued a notice after some time saying that he has a fractured right elbow and the ring finger of his right hand is also fractured.

There was no word from anyone for a good 24 hours. Not even the other members or even his friends.

Tonight, JYPE issued a notice that says that he has undergone a surgery for his elbow, no complications. However, he complained of chest and knee pain. The scans were clear but he will be kept under monitoring.

Kindly send your love and prayers to Minjun. He must be in a lot of pain.

Please remember the members too. Junho is having a very hard time already. During the concert, he used to get only 30 minutes worth of sleep for the entire day because of the schedule of rehearsals, then concerts and then the drama shooting. He was shaken by the accident and was seen crying when they carried MJ away. The other members also need a lot of your love and support. They are all under a lot of stress.

Let’s send Jun. K lots of good wishes and prayers for quick recovery. Let’s send wishes and strength to members.

You can send them messages on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you could send your messages to me. And I will tweet them with your names (if you want me tpo display them).

Trending hashtag is #GetWellSoonKimMinjun

Stupid people

This is from 2015 when I worked at a petrol garage, I now smoke but didn’t back then

1st idiot of the day was a black woman….
Her son came in first
Him: pump 8
Me: ok that’s £61.00 (only one showing on screen)
Him (puts card in & takes out then puts in again)
Me (just waiting for it to go through, he takes card walks off)
I go on shop floor to work a trolley & his mum comes in with him and queues by tills, he spots me and says to her “that’s her”
Rude woman: excuse me, you charged me for £61, I can’t get that amount in my tank only put in £50 something as that’s all it will take
Me: that’s all that was in the showing on the screen
Her (rudely): well I only put in £50 something!
Me (thinking she just went to till so started opening a packet of chewing gum to put out)
Her (rudely): ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!?!
Me: if you go to the till they’ll sort it for you
She walks off to till complaining apparently I was rude for ignoring her which I didn’t …

Not long after ….

A woman wanting cigarettes and petrol
She had a thick accent too could barely understand her
Her: pump 4 for £5
Me: there’s nothing in there yet
Her (tells me make/model of car)
Me: still nothing yet
Her: there he is
Colleague authorises pump
Her: I’ll have 10 benson gold
Me (gets 10 benson & scan it)
Her: no, I wanted 40 benson gold
Me (voids it off)
Me (gets 40 benson gold)
Her: I wanted 10 benson too
Colleague gets them & scans them 
Woman (to colleague): don’t think she’s with it today (meaning me)
Me (thinking): no it’s because you told me one thing then changed your mind and then changed your mind back again moron, you only said 10 benson not 40 make your fucking mind up
Me (puts petrol on bill)
Me: that’s £29.95
Her (gives me £25)
Me: it’s £29.95 need another £4.95
Her: no that’s for them & the petrol
Me: which is £29.95 need another £4.95
Her: no no that’s for them & petrol
Colleague: what’s the matter? 
Me: she’s only given me £25 & I’ve asked her for the other £4.95 twice
Colleague: you need another £4.95
Woman (points at £25): that’s for that
Colleague: it comes too £29.95 you need another £4.95
Woman (gets out another £5 in change)
Colleague (gives it to me): here you go
Me: thanks 
Me (thinking): why couldn’t you have just given me ?!?
Me (gives receipt to her)
She walks away wittering about something

Followed by……
The guy with Alzheimer’s 
(By this time I’ve got the hump majorly and in no mood for him either)
I scan items
Me: that’s £8.66
Him: how much?
Me: £8.66
Him (gives me £5.60)
Me: need another £3.06
Him (stares blankly at me)
Me: need another £3.06
Him (stares blankly): how much did I give you?
Me: £5.60
Him (pulls out 30p)
Colleague: you ok?
Me: he’s given me £5.60 but it’s £8.66, told him 3 times that I need another £3.06 & he just keeps staring at me
Colleague (chats to guy)
Other colleague comes back off break: I’ll sort it out for you
Me (leaves till)

About am hour or so later…..(store manager knew I had been to the dr with my back so couldn’t move around properly)

Store manager: can you do the crisps?
Me: yeah sure
So I go off to do the crisps & after ½ hour store manager comes up 
Store manager: how far you got?
Me: I’ve done the green trays, now just starting on the boxes 
Store manager: it should be done by now! Your just plodding along at your speed, I’m not paying you if your not going to go at our speed
Me (just looks at him & turns around folding a box)
He then walks off
After a little while maybe 20 mins/half hour colleague came over & asked me to do the waste, this was about 3:15ish I think (I finished at 5:20pm) and I hadn’t even had a break, so I went to ask Store manager if I could have my break and he says “are you going to do waste?” So I said “yeah” & he set the gun up and handed me it, I couldn’t believe it and I wasn’t impressed as he normally says “go for your break” & he hadn’t, only when he took colleague to the hospital did I get to have a break (about an hour before I finished) and that’s only because I said to another colleague that I had done the waste and hadn’t had a break so if have my break then do sandwiches then jump on tills while colleague 3 had his break

Roman Bürki and Felix Passlack helping Matze Knop in spring cleaning (English translation)
  • MANni: Hi guys, it’s me, MANni and I am [the] bus driver.
  • MANni: Hello guys, it’s me – MANni the bus driver – I am a little bit exhausted, a little tired. I have driven 4800 km, to Marbella and back again. But now we have the next BVB away match and for this, I have to clean the bus a little bit. I will start at the back…
  • MANni: That just can’t be true! Seriously: This looks like a black-yellow compost heap and not like a bus!
  • MANni: Here is a book: "Dangerous Animals". Is this a book about a coach or something? Who reads stuff like this? Well, look. I am no trolley dolly! They left their whole stuff but this will be cleaned up! But I won’t do it on my own, the players will help me!
  • [Felix and Roman get on the bus]
  • Roman: MANni, what a sight you are!
  • MANni: What do you mean? I am cleaning your mess here in the bus. What do you think, on which seat have I found this outfit?
  • Roman: That’s definitely Auba’s!
  • MANni: That’s absolutely right, it’s Aubameyang’s! But now: Stop laughing! Come with me, Roman!
  • [With the Barbie doll]
  • MANni: Look, what’s this? To whom does it belong?
  • Roman: This is my wag for travelling, you know.
  • MANni: Of course, I see. You are often on the road. That makes sense. Put it in your bag and don’t let it lie around here.
  • [Talking about the picture on the window]
  • MANni: What’s this? Felix!
  • Felix: Yes?
  • MANni: Who has pinned Shakira [on the window]?
  • Felix: No, that is Carles Puyol, the role model and mentor of Marc Bartra!
  • MANni: Of Marc Bartra? Great, but that doesn’t look good, so I’m going to take it down.
  • Felix: No, no! Don’t do it! He is the only one here in the bus he can talk Spanish with.
  • [MANni comes out of the bus toilet]
  • MANni: Roman, Roman! So, you are going to clean the toilet!
  • Roman: With what?
  • MANni: Here, with my toothbrush!
  • Roman: Why me?
  • MANni: Counter-question: Why not? Here you are: CLEAN IT!
  • [MANni tries to remove the billiard cue]
  • MANni: Felix, please help me!
  • Felix: Manni, what’s going on?
  • MANni: What kind of stick is this?
  • Felix: That’s not a stick. That is the sushi-stick of Shinji Kagawa!
  • MANni: Ah, he uses it for eating his rice?
  • Felix: Yes!
  • MANni: I understand. Well, then this is something for the kitchen! Here, take it with you!
  • [Roman comes out of the toilet]
  • Roman: MANni, the toilet is finally clean.
  • MANni: No, you can keep it. I mean, you’re a goalkeeper. You can keep your “box” clean with it!
  • Roman: But I don’t need a brush for it!
  • [Driving license on the floor]
  • MANni: What a mess! What is that? A driving license! Is it yours, Felix? Take a look.
  • Felix: No, I don’t have one.
  • MANni: You don’t have one as well?
  • Felix: No, I just haven’t done the driving test yet.
  • MANni: I see! I’ll take it with me.
  • [With the lightsaber]
  • MANni: Guys, look what I have found! Is it yours?
  • Felix: No, it’s not mine.
  • MANni: Is it yours?
  • Roman: No, it’s not mine neither.
  • MANni: Well, whose lightsaber is it?
  • Roman: Probably Schulle’s.
  • MANni: And what is he going to do with it?
  • Roman: I think he will explain it to you.
  • MANni: Alright!
  • Roman: We have to go to our training now!
  • MANni: Yes, okay. Schulle, explain this!
  • [Schulle shows him what the lightsaber is for]
  • MANni: Oh wow, you can see everything [with it]!
  • Schulle: Everything: profile depth, brake pads, tire pressure. Everything is possible with this thing here.
  • MANni: That’s amazing! I’m learning so many things from you!
  • Schulle: Told you!
  • MANni: Yes, but what are we going to do now?
  • Schulle: Well, I’m going to have my lunch break and you’ll clean the bus!
  • MANni: Alright…
  • Schulle: I told you that you can learn so much from me!
  • ____________ ♡ ____________
  • Thank you so much @pummelpony for the translation! 😘
  • Full video:

If you’re at a cafe/restaurant/whatever and some of the tables at the back are clean, with the chairs stacked and a smaller table stored upside down on the table, generally that means that the table has been cleaned for the end of the day. It is not an invitation for you to walk past all the (also clean) tables with chairs around them, unstack the chairs, and sit yourself down at the table.

Also, if the sign says to put your tray away on the trolley, put your tray away on the trolley. Don’t leave it out on the table.


This took exactly three months longer than expected. Any sane person would have reconsidered before dumping a quarter of a year into making a parody short about a minor character in a stage play. .

If you’ve read the hilarious wild ride that was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I’m sure you too were caught off guard by the ridiculousness that is the trolley lady sequence. Under her kindly facade, she is in fact some sort of ageless homunculus that threatens school children with her arm spikes. Yikes.

You might also notice that the animation on Albus and Scorpius vastly outpaces the crap I usually churn out. That’s because Styxtwig kindly offered her animated talents in the pursuit of this madness. 

It’s been a surreal, almost dadaist expenditure of effort. Hopefully, you’ll get a chuckle out of it! 

Five tricky conundrums

1. You are a farmer who has to cross a railway track with a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain. You can only carry one at once over the bridge because you have worn out your arms doing semaphore at the passing aircraft of your long-lost love as he departs forever to the Southern hemisphere. In what order should you take the fox, the chicken and the grain over so that none of them eats the other, and why are you carrying around a fox in the first place?
2. You are another farmer who is in solitary for doing a murder. Sometimes, the warder will take you to another room where there is a light bulb which is either on or off. If you correctly assert that everyone else in solitary has visited the room, the warder will set you and all the other prisoners free onto the nearby railway tracks where you can finally slake your ever-growing taste for blood. You met with the other prisoners at the start of the exercise and decided your strategy. If your propensity to murder grows by one crow per day, will you escape before you kill the warder, or abscond in a dramatic prison break afterwards? Assume the warder picks between you and a hundred other prisoners in solitary at random.
3. You are one of a hundred drivers on a trolley, who may or may not have recently escaped from solitary confinement and stolen the trolley. After so long in confinement without mirrors, all of you have forgotten what colour your own eyes are and also how to speak. You have decided to get off the trolley if you find out what colour your eyes are. Why on earth did you do that?
4. A driverless trolley is speeding down the rails. In its path is a farmer tied to the track. You are a fox. You can pull a lever to redirect the trolley to another track, on which there is another farmer who is also tied to the rails. You know that one farmer always tells the truth, whilst the other one always lies, but not which is which, because you are a fox and to you all people look the same. You have time to shout one question before the trolley reaches the junction. Assume both farmers have mysterious pasts with foxes and probably understand fox language.
5. You are a private detective who has a giant block of ice. You are desperate for it to be the solution to a riddle. You come across the body of a farmer who has been run over by a runaway trolley. The police have not yet been called. How can you set the scene up so that they conclude the ice was implicated in the farmer’s death?


A trolley full of your loved ones is heading down the tracks and will hit another loved one. If you redirect it, it will hit three strangers, but all of your loved ones will be fine. However, there is another person on the other side of the tracks facing the same problem. If you both choose to redirect the trolleys, they will crash in the middle, killing almost everyone. 

The least amount of people will die if you do nothing and allow a loved one to die, the best-case scenario for you will occur if you pull your lever and the other person does not pull theirs, and the worst-case scenario will occur if you both pull your levers.

What do you do???