Hurting- part 2

Hurting - part 2  

 Hey guys- so sorry for the long interval in between the updates- I’ve been really busy lately - preparing for my clinic opening and also the arrival of my new nephew.

 So here is the second part of ‘Hurting.’

 You can read part 1 here:

Thank you lovely Sandra @omeliashipper for helping to proofread!


Owen winced as April wrapped his wrist in a bandage. It was sprained, and there were a few bruises and abrasions, but thankfully the xrays showed that his wrist wasn’t broken.

They were both in the currently unoccupied trauma room 4.

‘Care to tell me what happened exactly?’ April asked, intrigued.

‘ I fell down the stairs.’ Owen lied. ‘ I was looking at my phone when walking down the stairs- bad move on my part.’

April wasn’t convinced by Owen’s story. She had been working with Owen long enough to detect when he was lying. The guilty look on his face gave it away.

She didn’t want to pry though- so she played along with the lie.

‘ Oh? Did you hurt yourself anywhere else?’ she asked.

‘ No. Only the wrist.’ Owen replied.

‘ You sure?’

‘ Yes’

‘ Well- if you say so.’ April conceded as she finished bandaging Owen’s wrist.

Owen didn’t reply, pretending to seem interested in the tiles of the trauma room floor, which were still stained with the blood from the previous patient who occupied the room.

‘ You need to rest your wrist.’ she said. ‘ You can take the rest of the day off, Hunt, I’ve got this.’

April walked out of the trauma room, leaving Owen alone in the room, sitting on the bed with his hands covering his face.

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