trolled by technology

Today on Fresh Air we’re talking about the Twitter paradox: How a platform designed for free speech and connection has also created an ideal platform for trolls – online bullies. David French will tell us about being targeted by trolls. He’s a writer for the conservative publication National Review.  After he criticized Ann Coulter, the alt-right and Donald Trump, he was bombarded with hateful tweets.

“It was unbelievable. I began to see images, for example, of my youngest daughter, who we adopted from Ethiopia… images of her in a gas chamber, images of her photoshopped in slave fields… and then it just got worse.” 

Then we’ll hear from Charlie Warzel, who covers technology for BuzzFeed and has written a series of articles about what Twitter is and isn’t doing about trolling. “Twitter has a very rigid set of community guidelines, unfortunately these rules seem to be enforced haphazardly.” 

I just realized that alt calliope probably never found out about trolls during her lifetime, due to not having troll technology (unless she read about trolls in rose’s book or something) 

do you think she’s confused about jade suddenly having grey skin and horns? do you think she knows who the strange white haired person wearing her clothes is?? is she gonna be like:

“welcome back, jade. come toward me.”

“now tell me, child. where did those strange growths on your head come from?” 

“they look infected. they’re bright orange. jade, please apply some aloe vera.”

For ten years, Reddit had been unbreakable. It has just kept growing. The founders feuded with each other. It kept growing. The CEO quit. The new CEO quit. The web went mobile, and Reddit did not. But it kept growing. Nude celebrity selfies starting popping up, while Reddit’s employees played whack-a-mole with the trolls and tried to refute its worsening reputation. Even then, it limped along. Now, on this July day, Reddit was broken. And for the first time ever, Huffman worried that it was unfixable. “I thought, this time Reddit might not survive,” he says.

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