a list of things that are valid names for your fantrolls:

prized banjos, mumbly squabs, jigsaw puzzle, deluxe hummus, picnic basket the lunchbox, and: unique zodiac the trollboy 

pizazz, jazzbo, scuzzy, jujube, pizzle, huzzas, nuzzle, paxwax, friend, jockey, hijack, jackal, pajama, pickax, kwanza, shegay, quench, jumper, quirky, skybox, joking, zephyr, jimmie, asspal, zombie, jingly, theguy, object, johnny, sadboi, floozy, junker, junkie, eczema, sphynx, gazebo, hesgay, qwerty, climax, whacky, benzol, wheeze, unzips, cervix, hijabs, jerkin, shazam, hazmat, cockup, inkjet, quagga, jungle, squeak, juiced, joseph, squark, chippy, anowon, hubbub, jagger, amazon, kazoos, basque, frozen, bronze, bubbly, fjords, whacko, jetlag, whacks, squegs, jaguar, thwack, zareba, unique, floppy, glumpy, beezer, spritz, bumkin, queasy, flabby, plexus, bupkus, fajita, blabby, occupy, cracky, flappy, wobbly, guffaw, humbug, buckle, frumpy, webcam, brumby, cranky, waffle, vellum, funked, flambe, piffle, teabox, sneeze, sexing, cowman, sexism, crunch, lackey, snuffy, scruff, scurvy, snooze, brunch, shlock, sexpot, crumps, cummer, kayaks, monkey, doozie, paypal, peachy, syntax, common, saxony, muumuu, clamps, shimmy, cloggy, mythic, wabble, clinch, clomps, vulvas, victim, clench, matrix, improv, bitchy, quests, hookup, becket, psyche, sickly, whimsy, pushup, blimps, becalm, heckle, asylum, ionize, magnum, humble, bigwig, wiggly, wimple, torque, thwanky, praxis, wigwag, square, humvee, earwax, sleazy, zealot, mayhem, boxers, babble, toxics, pimped, pimple, bouncy, hacked, pippin, bedbug, queers, expert, exotic, hobnob, stumpy, cliche, myself, clingy, lawful, yuccas, cuddly, snobby, commie, comedy, sticky, french 

just consider this your standard issue grub naming handbook