troll. trolls


//sobs quietly in a corner ifinallymanagedtogetthesedone aaaaaa

Rix is @dustyowls
Zebodah is @madmadameem
Annnd Zulado is @celestialkiri !!!!

I’m weak for hot trolls ya’ll.

Bonus: so is D’or.

You really shouldn’t touch ppl without asking first, D’or.

mona-wolt  asked:

Could we see how Lily's parents looked like when they met each other in they youth? :3

Ah, that’s little bit difficult I’m afraid! D: You see, Lily’s father is pretty unknown and even she, herself haven’t met her father, ever. The reason is that he died almost soon as Lily was born. Luckily he get to see his daughter (and hold her in his arms) before he got murdered (don’t know how). I’m not sure what his personality is or what he looked like but what Lily’s mother have told Lily is that even tho he was pretty stubborn, he loved his wife and Lily verry much! <3 

But I can tell the first time when they met each other! 
When Lily’s mother was much younger (lol she looks still young) she was collecting herbs in the woods and then she met Lily’s father who was verry badly wounded. He couldn’t even stand! Lily’s mother felt little bit sorry but she didn’t trusted trolls (same goes to papa troll) but in the end, she cared his wounds. She even took the troll her home and she was taking care of him and they started to get to know each other and the end! :) 

Right now Lily’s mother lives alone but she is happy because she knows that her husbands spirit is with her. <3

What bergens are made of

So it’s lunch. And i made my little sister pb&j.
Being as weird as we are weve dubbed the jelly at troll innards. And she’s into it -
Sis: TROLL GUTS! *bites sandwich*
Me: So what are bergens made of?
Me: why peanuts.
Sis: cause peanuts are salty and make you look like this * proceeds to squish face*
Me: so you’re eating bergens and trolls
Sis: yes… we are the monsters theyre afraid of * ravinously bites sandwich*
I think she’s Been spends too much time with me.

anonymous asked:

Why are some of the mods so rude sometimes? You've successfully scared me away from asking any questions and trying better to understand. Apparently anyone who doesn't entirely get the concept is a rude troll. Some people are actually fucking trying, and chasing them away is a dick move.

Listen, I’ve been here for a long time. I don’t respond to trolls anymore most of the time, because it’s so exhausting. I’m not going to go into the many reasons we don’t take trolls seriously, or the reasons we don’t take possibly unintentionally rude asks seriously. All I’m going to say is, this is exhausting. We are here for nonbinary people, and not to exhaust ourselves on rude cis/binary people, whether rudeness was their intention or not.