quick lil wind down sketch after work so I could hopefully get my brain to ease into a sleepy state, at least enough to nap!

this was a terrible idea because my hand was already killing me. Anyway, since I draw homestuck (I typed himestuck wtf) every day, I decided to draw a prompt I saw on my dash and drew Hal as a wee babby kid. It’s halbabby! 

now I go pass out for a couple of hours and let my hand rest. erhgh.


I have insomnia again and I’m mad about periods, so I scribbled a troll tooth comic about periods. huge spoilers for sfen’s eventual second haircut, but eh

(ok but in all seriousness and to prevent any confusion, yeah, eki isn’t cis! please keep using male pronouns for him. but it’s not something I ever wanted to be a huge plot point or secret so there you go)

a character who will show up much later in troll tooth. his name is a secret, but let’s call him Paisley for now :> he’s kind of a prick and I love him, I wish he’d show up sooner! he has his own story that takes place many years before troll tooth, but who knows if I’ll ever get around to telling it

troll tooth is finally going to update later today aaaaaaa hiatus went on too long

Camui and Old Man Hunger

I kept picking at this between prints, but I finally decided to finish it just so I’d stop wasting time. Camui and Grandaddy Hunger are actually two of my oldest characters, older than anyone else in Troll Tooth, and from a story that was originally unrelated to Troll Tooth too… but maybe we’ll get a peek at this scene sometime in the comic, who knows :>

(incidentally, this is also for sale as a print, although more because it’s at a high enough resolution to print than because I actually expect people to buy it, haha;;; )

one more short scribble before I head off to bed (aside from a few tweaks I’ll probably make tomorrow, I am pretty much done with hso!! super late but aaaaa I’m so glad ;; )

when I told my sister that troll tooth would have some horror elements, she seemed really doubtful that I could make it scary enough in the style it’s in