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Oooh, which Faroese ballad in particular is that? It sounds awesome!!

It’s called Lokka táttur (Loki’s Tale) and you can read it online here.

In which Loki trolls an actual troll and saves a kid’s life by trickery. But only after the boy’s father goes to Odin and Hoenir for help first, and they’re only able to offer a temporary reprieve. Dad is desperate enough to call on Loki, who not only offers to help but apparently decides that if something is worth solving, it’s worth solving in a permanent way.

By trolling, of course.

The Types As Random Family Members

ESTP: the uncle with the crazy party stories (don’t ask him about his college years)

ESTJ: the grandpa who buys you a stock for your birthday and tells you about how it could be worth billions someday

ESFJ: the soccer (and wine) mom

ESFP: the great aunt who always wanted to be a dancer and now forces her nephews to dance with her at weddings

ISFP: the artsy mom who never let their kids try sports

ISFJ: the mom who’s super sweet but will literally cut you if you don’t use her specific oatmeal raisin cookie recipe

ISTJ: the grandpa who asks you to name random capitals of the world “to see how much you’ve been paying attention in school”

ISTP: the uncle that introduces you to “Lord of the Rings”

INTP: the cousin you hear about but never actually see

INTJ: the uncle who hates kids but the kids still try to win him over

INFJ: the uncle who asks his nieces and nephews what they want out of life when they’re seven

INFP: the cousin who sits in a corner at family gatherings because they don’t want to be bothered

ENFP: the stereotypical crazy aunt

ENFJ: the sweet grandma who you’ll fondly remember years after they’re gone

ENTP: the dad who trolls their kids into wearing outdated crocs because it’s funny

ENTJ: the business dad who’s never home for dinner

Welcome hiveswap fans

Hello if you are new please read homestuck. hiveswap and homestuck are literally one in the same you will enjoy the game more if you read it the whole thing involves homestuck characters and you will appreciate it so much more. And remember kids. Ship hate is unnecessary. They are fictional characters. Seal your body paint! BUCKET JOKES ARE FROWNED UPON! DONT STOP READING IF ACT 1-4 ARE BORING THEY ARE NECESSARY BELIEVE ME! watch let’s read homestuck on YouTube if it is hard to follow or read on the actual comic. And please all current homestucks let’s be nice and guide the new fans not be douche bags about it okay? Don’t let the homestuck fandom die because we’re not welcoming new people.