Dango, 43
Hunter - Invertebrate beast specialist
Darkspear jungle troll

My main character, you’ll probably see a lot of him on here. If you don’t like trolls, then… WHOOPS.

Dango’s just a big goof that really connects with beasts, especially of the creepy-crawly variety. His main companion currently is his Ghostcrawler spirit beast, but regularly rotates between a Grub, Jormungar, varieties of Silithid, and a Scorpid.

He’s generally a nice fellow even towards Alliance races, but seems to have a sour spot for Night Elves… hmm.

Don’t feel too threatened though, he’s a total dingus.

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Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland:

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Sinbad - Legend of the Seven Seas:

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The Thief and the Cobbler:

Before they became “nations” (as in an established community, republik, etc.) Nations were somewhat demon hunters.

America and Canada traveled around the Americas hunting Wendigos, ghosts, demons.

Prussia and Germany had to fight Slender man more than once.

France had to deal with Death on more than one occasion.

And don’t even get Greece started with fighting the Minotaur and dealing with Zeus inability to keep it in his pants.