Frozen Let It Go: Tumblr/Fangirl Edition

My dash glows bright on my laptop tonight,

not a fangirl to be seen, 

A tumblr full of fandoms

Loki, is the king

The feels are screaming,

like this great fire inside!

Couldn’t keep them in,

Pinterest knows I tried

Don’t let them in,don’t let them see,

be normal,like you’re supposed to be

conceal the feels, don’t let them show!

Well now they show!

Let it show, let it show!

Can’t hold them back anymore!

Let it show! Let them show!

go and check the blogs once more!

I don’t care care, what they’re going to say!

Let the brats troll on,

I wasn’t popular anyway.

It;s funny how some websites,

make fandoms seem so large

and the ‘friends’ that once would taunt me

are no longer in charge

It’s time to see, what I can make

leaving fanfictions in my wake,

the gif the memes, the post for me,

I’m free!

Let it go! Let it go!

I am one with the twitter feeds!

Let them go! Let it go!

Once in one you never leave!


is all that matters to me!

Let the brats troll on!

The fandoms come into my life-

they are a part of me

This is a passion I want 

Others to glady see

and one thought crystalizes

like an icy blast

I’m never going back,

the past is in the past!

Let it go! Let it go!

 I’ll be on at the break of dawn

Let it go! Let them go!

That normal girl is gone!

Here I am, the real me!

…I wasn’t popular anyway

*sassily opens laptop*