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EXO Reaction To Another Guy Flirting With You, Their GF

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Xiumin: “Excuse me, that is my girlfriend.”

Luhan: *completely overreacts and goes to defend you like a manly man*

Kris: Wtf is that guy doing? Wait, he’s trying to flirt? Are you sure?


Lay: *confused Yixing*

Baekhyun: “And just what do you think you’re doing with my girlfriend? hmm?”

Chen: *not taking any of this guy’s shit*

Chanyeol: *watches the situation from afar thinking…*

DO: *begins plotting the guy’s end as Satansoo activates*

Tao: *when you start talking about the guy later*

You: Tao, he was such a sweetheart as he gave me directions and everything!

Kai: Does he know that she’s already got all of this?

Sehun: Honestly, I don’t even think you can call what that guy’s doing ‘flirting’

So that was my first reaction! Hope you liked it!

EXO Reaction To Dating A Younger Girl

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Anonymous said:

hi beautiful! I was wondering if you could do an EXO reaction to you (gf) being younger then them? /like either they get teased for it or something/ thanks I love you!

Xiumin: *when he finds out*

Xiumin: Oh you are? I don’t see what difference that makes….*mind goes to corrupting your innocence*

*when he gets teased*

Luhan: *when he finds out*

Luhan: I am not surprised *thinking dating a younger girl makes me look manlier*

*when he gets teased*

*we are going to imagine these are middle fingers lovelies*

Kris: *when he finds out*

Kris: That’s because dating younger girls is my style *but how should I know*

*when he gets teased*

Kris: Nah uh, that shit is not gonna fly in this house.

Suho: *when he finds out*

Suho: I probably shouldn’t be thinking something dirty right now…

*when he gets teased*

Suho: Aya, how much shit am I going to have to deal with everyday?

Lay: *when he finds out*

Lay: omg that’s adorable! No wonder you’re so cute

*when he gets teased*

Lay: Shouldn’t we be spreading happiness and love? Yeah?

Baekhyun: *when he finds out*

Baekhyun: so does this mean I can corrupt her?

*when he gets teased*

Baekhyun: oh, you’re just trying to start something. Well I will be finishing it.

Chen: *when he finds out*

Chen: Oh my god, I never thought you were younger!

*when he gets teased*

Chen: oh, it’s so cute that you think I care about what you think.

Chanyeol: *when he finds out*

Chanyeol: so does that mean that one time we did…a long time ago…was that illegal?

*when he gets teased*

Chanyeol: You are starting to piss me off right now, but don’t forget, I am the one with a girlfriend. There’s nothing else you can say to that.

DO: *when he finds out*

DO: Oh that just makes you cuter to me, why would you be embarrassed about it?

*when he gets teased*

DO: Baekhyun, you know how I resist killing you, that just a whole lot harder to control. Prepare yourself.

Tao: *when he finds out*

Tao: oh that is an interesting development…hehehe

*when he gets teased*

Tao: I am just going to ignore you and your big ass mouth, Sehun.

Kai: *when he finds out*

Kai: Why would I care about your age when I just care about you?

*when he gets teased*

Kai: Aish you guys already tease me about being young, but my girlfriend too?

Sehun: *when he finds out*

Sehun: age doesn’t mate a difference to me, sweetheart.

*on the inside*

Sehun: yehet!! Finally someone around that’s younger than me!!

*when he gets teased*

Sehun: oh, are we going to be teasing now? Because being it, I have a ton more dirt on you than you could have on me.

EXO Reaction After Making Love

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Anonymous said:

Idk if this has been done before but how would EXO members act after love making? -blushes-

*guys I will have too much fun with this and I’m making a double reaction with a cute and sexual response also I think in general, they would all just hold you and go to sleep, probably after working themselves out with it…* 

Xiumin: *cute response*

Xiumin: So this is the part where we cuddle and fall asleep together right?

*sexual response*

Xiumin: So would you be willing to go for a round two?

Luhan: *cute response*

Luhan: So do you know what you kept saying during that? That’s right. Proof that I am the man for you.

*sexual response*

Luhan: I don’t know sweetheart, that might not have been enough for me. I think I want to go a second round…

*also this gif…ooooooooh*

Kris: *cute response*

Kris: come here baby *yes, you are the floral bear*

*sexual response*

Kris: so if I were to suggest a second round, what would you say?

Suho: *cute response*

Suho: And you know I really love you right? *returning to being cute and adorable after being a bit of a freak in the sheets. IDK just how I picture suho…*

*sexual response*

Suho: Maybe we should keep going…I don’t really like this bed anyway, how about we try going untiiil we break it?

Lay: *cute response*

Lay: and now we sleep, yes?

*sexual response*

Lay: *as he looking at you afterwards* Oh damn….Now I want to go again…how am I supposed to tell her that? But she looks so good…

Baekhyun: *cute response*

Baekhyun: and now, you promise that you were not lying when you said it was good. Hold up your hand like this and repeat after me ‘Baekhyun is good in bed and I am not lying’

*sexual response*

Baekhyun: since you already agreed to round one, what about round two? I know you want to.

Chen: *cute response*

Chen: Come here….Let’s just go to sleep baby…

*sexual response*

Chen: *when you suggest a second round before he does* Aish…this girl is teasing and testing me…But can I say yes and give in?

Chanyeol: *cute response*

Chanyeol: and here’s a secret - I love you very much!

*sexual response* *these both ended up being adorable but Chan is adorable so…*

Chanyeol: *after you suggest going again* yes, yes, I would like that, yes.

DO: *cute response*

DO: is there anything you’d like? Some food maybe? *tries to spoil you with his amazing cooking after the amazing sex*

*sexual response*

DO: that’s right. I just rocked your world and you’ll forget it.

Tao: *cute response*

Tao: and just one more kiss ok baby… *imagine you’re the panda*

*sexual response*

Tao: So I saw we should try for another round yes?

Kai: *cute response*

Kai: it’s ok, you can say that I was great lovely. *teasing you*

*sexual response*

Kai: *just makes sexual facial expressions to get you in the mood again*

Sehun: *cute response*

Sehun: *smiles like a dork to himself when you cuddle into his arms afterwards*

*sexual response*

Sehun: *subtly tries to turn you on again but when it doesn’t work, starts kissing you as things get heated…*

EXO Reaction When They Go To Introduce You To The Other Members

*We are pretending this is Ot12 btw*

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Xiumin: She’s attractive right? See? I got myself a good one. Jealous?

Luhan: *the second someone started talking about all the things that Luhan did backstage, in the dorm, etc…*

Luhan: she is going to hear all the embarrassing stories. Oh god. This won’t end well. I will never hear the end, from her or them…Aya.

Kris: And now they’ve swarmed her and she’s ignoring me. When is she going to give me some attention? Right… Not anytime soon. I’ll just stand here then, ignored.

Suho: Kids please stop calling her ‘mom!’ 

Suho To You: They’re just being ridiculous, I swear. Ignore them.

Lay: “Oh you think you’d be great with her? Hahaha, no. Never. Ever.”

Baekhyun: *Afterwards when you will not stop talking about how great they all are and attractive*

Baekhyun: Maybe this was not a good idea…

Chen: *The second Luhan gets a little too friendly*

Chanyeol: “No! No touching her! Stop it! Hands off! Byun I see you!”

DO: “This. Is. What. You. Get. For. Hitting. On. And. Touching. My Girlfriend.”

Tao: *you are Suho here* “This is my girlfriend and she is pretty and she is mine and none of you can have her. Miiine.”

Kai: Oh no they are embarrassing me. Oh but at least they like her. I can put up with the embarrassment if they get along and no one mentions how I sometimes sleep with DO.

Sehun: That’s right. I know what you’re all thinking; Yehet!

EXO Reaction Losing Their Short Girlfriend In A Crowd And Then Finding Her

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Anonymous said:

oh my god i love your blog * fangirl a bit * can I get a reaction to EXO loosing their short girlfriend in a big crowd and then finding her again ? :D

Let’s be honest here guys, this would be me with EXO. This is also me in the hall looking for my short friends. Short people trying to find short people in a crowd of tall people does. not. work. Just like, in case you couldn’t guess. #i don’t have a ton of heels to solve this problem #pssh 

Xiumin: *when he realizes he lost you*

Xiumin: great job, genius. You lost your girlfriend in a crowd of tall people. And you have no idea how find her again. *still starts looking for you while dialing your number* 

*when he finds you* 

Hello Y/N look who found you! *once he realizes the girl he is hugging is in fact you, feels really proud of himself and relieved he hadn’t hugged a stranger*

You: Oh look, my boyfriend, aka the guy who lost me. *you say to sass him before you turn around and hug him yourself, feeling relieved that he managed to find you*

Luhan: *when he realizes he lost you*

Luhan: I must look for Y/N with my all seeing googles. Then I will find her and she will see I am her manly man. Yes, good plan, Luhan. And she will love you for finding her and forget that you’re the one who lost her.

*when he finds you aka the second he sees you and then proceeds to tackle you over in a hug, victorious in his quest*

Kris: *when he realizes he lost you*

Kris: oh shit. How the hell am I supposed to see her when she’s short? Aya! All I see are heads and she’s shorter than average people’s heads. Damn it, you’re supposed to be tall and use the height to find your girlfriend. Aish…I’ll just hope she can see me in my giant-ness.

*when he finds you*

You: Yifan! Did you even try to look for me?

Kris: How the hell am I supposed to look for you? You’re short!

You: I know I’m short, idiot. But you’re tall! Can’t you use it?

Kris: Stop yelling at me, at least we found each other!

Suho: *when he realizes he lost you*

Suho: Right. Now I can find her and save the day without using my money just to show her that I can do things without money! Yes!

*When he finds you*

Suho: And there she is!

You: *crying because you couldn’t find him or see where you were and it was just stressful and as time wore on, you broke down* Where did you go?

Suho: perhaps buying her something will make her feel better *he thinks to himself while you collect yourself again in his arms*

Lay: *when he realizes he lost you*

Lay: *screaming into the towel freaking out before he goes to find you*

*When he finds you*

*comes up to you where you are sitting on a park bench, watching the people walk by hoping one is lay*

Lay: Hey there Jagi, are you ok?

External image

You: Yeah, I’m fine. Can we hold hands now so this doesn’t happen again?

Lay: Of course baby. *fluffy unicorn*

Baekhyun: *when he realizes he lost you*

Baekhyun: Oops…Time to go find her. Maybe I should stand on a bench.

*when he finds you*

Baekhyun: So you’re not mad that I lost you because I found you right?

You: *glare*

Baekhyun: Hey I know! Let’s get ice cream! hehehe

Chen: *when he realizes he lost you*

Chen: Right, so did anyone happen to see where she went? No? Great.

*when he finds you*

Chen: hey baby! I found you!

You: God Chen! I was so worried and I couldn’t find you anywhere! *you say hugging him happily*

Chen: I mean, a kiss would show how happy you are a lot better, yeah?

Chanyeol: *when he realizes he lost you*

Chanyeol: *reaction king mode on full blast* Oh god! What have I done? She’s so small she could get hurt!!

*when he finds you*

Chanyeol: And now that I’ve found you, you can’t get rid of me! Haha, never gonna lose you again!

DO: *when he realizes he lost you*

DO: *going about the place like normal until moment he realies* how the hell am I supposed to find her? I’m not tall either! !*$&%&^@^

*when he finds you*

DO: ah yes Kyungsoo you did it! you did it! you did it! 

Tao: *when he realizes he lost you*

Tao: How could I let this happen? Chen, I’m terrible!

Chen: We can go look for her…It’s ok.

*when he finds you*

Tao: Ah yessss! I did it! Best boyfriend ever! Haha!

Kai: *when he realizes he lost you*

Kai: Aish…Where did she say she was going again? I was thinking about chicken and if there would be anything for my dogs in that pet store…Aish…Where oh where to look for that girl.

*when he finds you*

Kai: I’m so glad I found you! Now let’s go home where I can’t lose you!

You: Kai, I told you where I was going

Kai: *awkward laughter*

Sehun: *when he realizes he lost you*

Sehun: Op she’s lost again. Just perfect. Now I have to deal with this. *sigh*

*when he finds you*

Sehun: *mocking you because he is a brat* Ah! Oh stop your freaking out! I found you! Just calm down, jeesh.

EXO Reaction To Hiding Their Love Bites/Bite Marks/Back Scratches From Their GF

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Anonymous said:

Exo reaction to having to hide the love bites on their neck and/ or scratches on their back from their girlfriend ! Thank you, I love your blog so so much btw :)

So I kind of made this a double one where they inevitably get found out by the other members, and so there’s also their reaction to that as well :3 Because I thought it would be hilarious and funny 

Xiumin: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Xiumin: No, don’t come near me! Ah! Nothing to see here Byun! Move along move along!

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Xiumin: Well now that you all know, you know who is getting some yeah? 

Luhan: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Luhan: let me just walk through the dorm and hopefully no one will look too closely at my neck…hehehe…oh god…why does there have to be eleven of them? What am I supposed to hide from eleven people I live with?

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Luhan: Please don’t tell anyone! Let’s keep this quiet! Y/N can never know this happen!

Kris: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Kris: I’ll just straighten out my shirt and no one will know. Just do it carefully Yifan…

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Kris: *slowly watches the very fabric of his life seemingly fall apart before him as the inescapable teasing begins.*

Suho: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Suho: act normal and they will not know. Just be normal. Act like you do not have very obvious marks from last night just under your clothes.

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Suho: Kids please stop saying how daddy got dirty with future mommy last night.

Lay: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Lay: it’s not like they like messing with your neck or anything…They won’t notice the hickey there for sure…hehehe….ahhh…

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Lay: Yes! Ok yes! I did naughty stuff last night!

Baekhyun: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Baekhyun: Nobody come near me! Ah!! *runs away like a child*

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Baekhyun: Well now that you all know that I’m getting some, you can all bow down to the master!

Chen: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Chen: let’s just hope that Xiuhan are to busy to look at the back of my neck right now… Just be cool and it will and be ok and the marks will fade in a couple days.

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Chen: *when they start talking about his girlfriend in a way chenchen is not fond of* Do you want to keep talking? I’ll leave marks on you, too, a completely different kind.

Chanyeol: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Chanyeol: do not react. Just stay perfectly still. They’re like dinosaurs. If they sense movement, they pounce.

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Chenyeol: *screaming* no! No one say anything! There is nothing there! Nothing! It’s all an illusion! Nooo!

DO: *when he’s trying to hide them*

DO: No one better touch me or come near me. I am not in the mood. *acting all Satansoo to scare them away*

*when he gets found out by the other members*

DO: *awkward squishy soo* Hahaha…What is that? I don’t know what those are! hehe haha… Want me to cook? I’ll cook and we forget all of this!

Tao: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Tao: *wears a scarf and hits people with it so they stay away.* no one is seeing the hickey on my neck today!

*when he gets found by the other members*

Tao: *when Sehun sees and will not stop making fun of him*

Kai: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Kai: they will never see the hickeys with all these layers on. I finally beat those hyungs*

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Kai: deny deny deny those are not hickeys. Nope. I don’t know what they are. Maybe something’s wrong with your eyes.

Sehun: *when he’s trying to hide them*

Sehun: What’s that? Hahaha! Really funny hyung! use the pillow! use the pillow and no one shall see!

*when he gets found out by the other members*

Sehun: That’s right. I’m getting laid. And it’s hot and heavy. I’m Oh Sehun

EXO Reaction When You Do Something Unintentionally Sexy

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Anonymous said:

EXO reaction to their girlfriend doing something unintentionally sexy e.g. taking their hair out of a ponytail or pulling their shirt up as they take their jumper off :D I couldn’t seem to think of great examples but I hope you get the idea!

This is my dirty mind talking but how intentional would this be given EXO? Hmm? Granted I like teasing the boyfriends I have had so I could just be a pervert… Definitely dirty minded. Friends have blamed it on my dirty blonde hair. Again, I like to think I’m funny when I’m not.

Xiumin: Oh hey… That’s hot…I’ll just stand here and enjoy the view *he thinks to himself as he watches you fluffing your hair while you work*

 Luhan: oh hey, Luhan likey… *he thinks as you flip your hair during a break while you were attempting to play football against him*

Kris: I’ll just be here then…And she manages this unintentionally… Aish…Calm down Kris for Christ’s sake! *he thinks as he looks at while while you suck your lip into your mouth while reading your textbook*

Suho: *on the outside stays cool but on the inside…* I hope she knows what she’s doing to me right now otherwise my upcoming behavior will come as a great shock *he thinks to himself as he watches you dancing absentmindedly while you do the dishes*

Lay: I shall be here, hugging my guitar to control myself, so I do not subcomb to these feelings. *he thinks to himself watching you pursing and unpursing your lips while you read*

Baekhyun: Oh Y/N, look at this… Why don’t we… ;) *he cannot last while he watches your shirt catch in your hoodie while you take it off*

Chen: why does she do this to me without even trying? Aish…how could I hope to control myself if she did do it on purpose? *he thinks to himself while watching you shake out your hair to dry it*

Chanyeol: AYA this girl is going to be the death of me one day! *you were just twisting your hair up into a bun but he still got turned on*

DO: You: Kyungsoo, what are you suddenly doing on the bed?

DO: No reason, but why don’t you join me? *all you’d done was stand up to reach something and as your arm lifted up your midriff had been exposed*

Tao: Oh jagi, why don’t we do something more interesting? *he says after watching you let your hair down*

Kai: this girl…Being all innocent as she drives me crazy… *fumes to himself while you continue to dance a little while you clean*

Sehun: ah damn Sehun, just play it cool. Don’t let it show that you think it’s sexy when she licks her lips and fluffs her hair while she reads. She’ll torture you with it for sure. No, just sit here like your sexy self and she’ll come to you.

EXO Reaction When You Come Home Late and Tipsy From A Night Out With Your Girlfriends

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3-15am Asked: 

i’m in love with your blog! so good! (: could you do an EXO reaction to you coming home from being out with your girlfriends a little too late and a little too tipsy? that ought to be interesting O_O lol! thank you! <3 

Xiumin: So…Care to tell me why you were out later than you said you would be? Hmm? And why you’re a bit drunk? Did you think to text me to come get you or tell me you were ok? 

Luhan: Why would you just let me worry about you like that? And then you come home like this? I was about to start calling all your friends!

You: Luhan, relax…I’m totally fine. *you say, slurring your words*

Luhan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s just get you changed and into bed…

Kris: Congratulations on getting yourself through the door, looked like you were having some trouble there…

You: Do not give me some responsibility lecture, Yifan. You don’t want me to go there with you.

Kris: *glares for a second before his secret super fluffy side comes out* just come here. I was worried about you.

Suho: what does she think she’s doing? I do not understand. I stay up getting worried and she comes in the door completely fine except for stumbling a bit and laughing without a care in the world.

*Then mom Suho kicks in and he forgets about yelling at you and just helps you get ready for bed, listening to your slurred words about your awesome night.*

Lay: *just as tipsy as you* So Jagi do you want to continue tonight’s fun?

Baekhyun: *when you finally come through the door late at night, he’s so relieved he just drops his face into his hands, the idea of lashing out at you forgotten with the wave of relief*

Chen: I do not want to hear your excuses missy.

You with drunken excitement: Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build monuments of nothingness and those who specialize in using them are seldom good at anything else!

Chanyeol: do you know how worried I was about you? You’re two hours late than you said you would be! You could have been in an accident! You could have been dead for all I knew! *stops yelling after a deep breath* Just next time let me know ok?

You: Oh Yeollie, I’m so sorry! I just…I’m sorry! *you tear up and just sink against his chest wrapping your arms around his waist*

DO: Oh look who’s home, late. Just how do you plan on explaining yourself?

Tao: Oh baby I was so worried about you! I thought you had gotten in an accident and were hurt or worse! I’m so glad you’re home!

Kai: *doesn’t say anything about what he thinks of your behavior since he knows he won’t remember and just resigns himself to talking to you about in the morning.*

Sehun: *he’s just confused because you’ve never come home tipsy before*

You *an affectionate drunk*: You have such a good jawline and I love you’re eyes and your hair and your torso and I even love your attitude except when you use it on me. Oh Sehun, I just love you so much!

Sehun: *really doesn’t know how to respond to that*

Hope you liked it!

EXO Reaction To Walking In On You Changing

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Anonymous said:

exo reaction to accidentally walking in on you while you were changing? thank you :)

I made this two different reactions, one where he’s your friend and is therefore surprised and one where he’s your boyfriend and therefore more turned on…

Xiumin: *when your friends*

Oh did anyone else see that? No? Oh good, now just one more peek…

*when you’re dating*

Xiumin: this is just a thought baby, but why don’t we continue this?

Luhan: *when you’re friends*

Luhan: Oh HAI!!! Don’t mind me! I’m just leaving!  Cute bra by the way! Bye!

*when you’re dating*

Luhan: *the return of pervhan* oh hey there jagiya, just ignore me. I’m not here. I am just a fly on the wall that’s really enjoying the view…

Kris: *when you’re friends*

Kris: Oh that’s the kind of bra she wears? Oh that’s a sexier kind than I thought she wore!

*when you’re dating*

Kris: Do you think she’s noticed me yet or can I keep enjoying this? Oh she’ll probably kill me for watching her like a creep…..Hehehehe….But you did well Yifan.

Suho: *When you’re friends*

Suho: whoa there I was not expecting her to look like that without her clothes on…

*when you’re dating*

Suho: Hey there baby, I’m just going to lock this door like you should and you don’t really have to keep putting on clothes…

Lay: *when you’re friends*

Lay: Oh she’s changing! I should go now! Oh but she looked good…No Lay, leaving you are leaving.

*when you’re dating*

Suho: Oh don’t mind me, I can wait until you finish Jagiya

Baekhyun: *when you’re friends*

Baehyun: oh this is an unexpected turn of events…

*when you’re dating*

Baekhyun: Time to start taking it off Jagiya, I locked the door.

Chen: *when you’re friends*

Chen: Oh you’re changing! I did not mean to do this! I’m leaving! I’m not looking, I’m leaving!!

*when you’re dating*5

Chen: Maybe it’s just the sudden heat in this room but maybe we should consider taking clothes off rather than putting them on..

Chanyeol: *when you’re friends*

Chanyeol: Oh Sorry!!! I’m leaving! Gone! Gone!

*when you’re dating*

Chanyeol: Hey, how about I join you in here?

DO: *when you’re friends*

DO: You were changing in here? Why didn’t you lock the door???

*when you’re dating*

DO: Oh is that what’s happening in here? Care if I join in?

Tao: *when you’re friends*

Tao: Oh that’s where you were…I thought you’d left…

You: Get out!! Pervert!

Tao: Oh right, now I’m going….Bye!

*when you’re dating*

Tao: so is there anything I can help with or should I just stay here and enjoy the show?

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai: *when you’re friends*

Kai: Oh you were changing in here! I’m so sorry! Ahhh…. Right I’m leaving!

*when you’re dating*

Kai: You can come over here and I’ll help you with taking those off ;)

Sehun: *when you’re friends*

Sehun: Oh shit! You’re changing in here! *totally unprepared for that and everything in his hands falls to the ground*

*when you’re dating*

Sehun: It might just be my opinion, but you should be taking that off not putting it on…

Once again my dirty mind comes out and I am left questioning if I am a pervert…

EXO Reaction To Meeting Your Little Sibling

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*Also… the sibling here is a bit of a brat just because I thought it would be funny and I’m the youngest in my entire family and I have experience with that.*

Xiumin: aren’t you so adorable and look at your cheeks! They’re just like mine!

Y/L/S: Don’t touch me. Just because my older sister lets you get away with being…whatever weird behavior that is…does not mean I will. Do. Not. Touch Me.

Xiumin to you later: Did you know your sister can be a little like Kyungsoo when he’s mad?

Luhan: *Your sister actually loves him, she just wants him to play pretty pretty princess with her. She’s even insisting he use the pink tiara.*

Luhan: No, I am a manly man!

Y/L/S: Please? *biggest puppy dog eyes ever*

Luhan: Fine…

*later, with the pink tiara on his head he mutters to himself*


Y/L/B: What does my sister see in you? I mean, yeah you’re tall but you’re also a dork.

Kris: I hate to brag but I am a dragon and I can fly.

Y/L/B: You can’t fly.

Kris: well I can’t actually tell you what your sister sees in me…hehe…so what do you want me to do?

Suho: so little guy, what kind of stuff do you like? Do you like video games? Dinosaur toys? Stuffed animals? I can buy you whatever you like to get you to like me.

Y/L/B: Oh now I get it, my sister likes your money!

Y/N: Suho, you know I don’t. I don’t even let you buy me stuff I don’t need or anything designer. *you say to reassure him, glaring at your brother who might just get his butt kicked in a nerf gun war later for his behavior* 

Lay: So your sister said you like stuffed toys so I brought you one!

Y/L/S: What even is that thing? *she will ultimately fall for his angelic nature, don’t worry*

Baekhyun: *him and your little brother actually get along really well and decide to team up to troll you*

Baekhyun: so we should totally…*whisper in your bother’s ear*

You: this might not have been my best idea.

Chen: Come on, you have to like this! See! When I was your age I loved this!

Y/L/B: *unamused*

You: Don’t mind him, he hasn’t matured past that age fourteen.

Chanyeol: *to your little sister* it’s on, girl. I will get you to like me, just you wait and see.

DO: *watching your brother start to misbehave once you leave the room*

DO: isn’t bad  enough that I live with a group of idiots already??

Tao: *is quickly getting fed up with your brother’s shit*

Kai: *when your brother pulls out the nerf guns and starts making his own base fort in the basement*

Kai: No! I am outta here! Hide Y/N! Hide!

Sehun: you have to hold back Sehun! You cannot be a brat to her brother! Even if that little twerp deserves it! No!

So might make a cuter version of this but yeah!

EXO Reaction To You Being The Big Spoon

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Anonymous said:

reaction to you being big spoon 

*some of this is through my eyes as a five foot two person*

Xiumin: Oh hello there sweetheart…*mumbling as he settles to go back to sleep*

*but on the inside*

Luhan: *pouting* I am the man. I should be cuddling you as the big spoon, not the other way around. *then he realizes that it’s adorable*  aish, fine…Only because you’re cute…and asleep so this all pointless.

Kris: she does know I’m like a foot taller than her right? What is she even trying to do? Tsk….crazy girl…well, cute crazy girl.

Suho: oh you’re so adorable! Oh I just want to cuddle with you forever.

You *barely awake*: Suho, what are you saying? Go to sleep.

Suho: Uh huh…. *and you two drift off to dreamland bliss*

Lay: Oh hi there!

Baekhyun: Oh high there Jagiya, did you want something? *realizes you’re just asleep* well then, guess we’re not going to do anything…Sleep well.

Chen: *this guy is just asleep too so it hardly makes a difference*

Chanyeol: What is this girl trying to do? I’m a lot taller than her, how did she hope to spoon me? 

*then sleepiness takes over*

DO: *finds it incredibly adorable and goes squishy trying not to move so you can sleep*

Tao: how do you plan on being the big spoon? I’m six feet tall! you crazy girl. *can’t but giggle though*

Kai: *doesn’t move but smiles to himself secretly loving it*

Sehun: *leans over to kiss you before turning back around, chuckling and smiling to himself because he has such a cute girlfriend*

EXO Reaction When They’re Scared Of Disappointing You

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leagreenly said:

Hi can you do a reaction in which they are afraid of disappointing you (their gf) because of something they might have messed up ? I hope it’s understandable ^-^ Thank you :*

It’s totally understandable love! Here it is!

Some of the things I made them do are more serious whereas others are not very serious.

Xiumin: I just hope she doesn’t hate me. It’s not like I meant to run into my ex…And then she started talking and fans showed up…I didn’t even want to see her. I hope Y/N will understand when I tell her…Oh…How do I even tell her?

Luhan: Y/N…There’s something I have to tell you..

You: Oh sure, Luhan, just go ahead.

Luhan: I don’t want you to hate me or feel disappointed in me…But there are going to some pictures in an ad campaign and for the campaign, I was with another model, a female model and we had to get pretty intimate at the shoot. I tried to keep things from getting like that but the company wanted it and I just…I don’t want you to see them when they come out and think I lied.

You: Luhan, I know that’s your job. You have to do a lot of stuff. Sure, I might not be comfortable with it but I will never hate you for it. Ok?

Kris: Y/N before I tell you, I just want you to know that I don’t want to lose you and I don’t even think I can…But my negotiations with SM fell through and…well, if it turns out that I have to go back, they’re going to try to control me and I won’t be able to see you and…I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to prevent that…

You: Silly, I know that’s not your fault. I’ll be right here through all of this and more, ok? Whatever happens with SM, I’ll be here for you.

Suho: *right after he has to shoot a music video scene where he kisses a girl (it was a stage kiss so no real kissing but it looks real)* oh god, how do I explain this to Y/N? How do I tell her? oh god, oh god, oh god…

Lay: this is going to be the last straw. All she asked me to do was clean out the dishwasher and then I have to leave it open so Chanyeol runs into it and breaks the dishes. Y/N is not going to be happy.

Baekhyun: *comes in to see the cake he’d gotten for you, the one you asked for so you two could celebrate your 100 day anniversary, getting eaten by the other EXO-K members* Oh how do I explain that this happened to Y/N? Oh she’s gonna kill me for letting this happen! Granted she also knows them and probably half-expected this to happen….

Chen: Jagiya, before I tell you what happened, I want you to know that I love you and I care about you and I didn’t mean for it to happen.

You: Chen, what happened?

Chen: I accidently ate your last chocolate chip cookie!

You: I can make more, you know.

Chen: Oh good! So you’re not mad! But I am not letting you go just yet.

Chanyeol: Byun, what do you mean you broke it? What did you break?

Baekhyun: You know that thing in the box that was sitting by the door with Y/N’s name on it? Yeah…That.

Chanyeol: I want to kill that kid. *goes to hit his head on the wall, partly overreacting* You know that was her birthday present, right? The one I spent weeks working and custom designing for her? You do know that, right?

Baekhyun: I’ll pay for it, once I get the next pay check…

Chanyeol: What good does that do? Her birthday is in three days!

DO: No, get me out of here! I do not want to be here when she sees that the others made a mess in her kitchen.

You: Kyungsoo? Where are you? Oh my god, what exploded in here?

DO: Get me out of here now! AH!

You: I’ll just wait for DO to come back so he can clean this mess up.

DO: Aish…

Tao: *doing something with the guys that escalates into something he knows you will not really approve of and he only really realizes it when you ask him when he comes home what he was doing all day*

You: Tao, what were you up to?

Tao: Oh well we were…oh shit, she won’t like that we were hanging out with all the female idols until late…

You: Tao?

Tao: Don’t be mad…

Kai: When she sees the mess my dogs made in her living room, Y/N will not be fan of them for sure. They even ripped open one of the pillows. I knew I shouldn’t have left them in here supervised by Baekhyun and Sehun… Hopefully she’ll understand and let me replace the pillow…and the rug.

Sehun: How do I explain that another idol just innocently asked me to run lines with her for her TV show and it was a kiss scene and before I could stop it, she was already “rehearsing” it and people took pictures? How do I admit that to her? God, I feel like I betrayed her. I don’t want to lose her over a situation I couldn’t control. But I should have been able to control it. Stupid Sehun.

EXO Reaction To You Carrying Around A Totoro Plushie Around

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Anonymous said:

Exo react to you always carries a totoro plushie around?

Xiumin: *Pretend you are Lay* since she always carries you around, Totoro, I can’t hold her hand or anything myself. You are taking over my role. Silly plushie. You’re not a man. You’re not her boyfriend. And now I can’t even hold her hand because of you. Aish…

Luhan: See? I have my own plushie too! Aren’t they cute! And they can be together like we are! Our plushies are cute and we are cute! <3

You *giggling*: So my manly man has a plushie?

Luhan: Yes I do. And you do too. Everyone has plushies. Everyone has cute plushies.

Kris: *this is a sheep, not an angelic girl or at least it is here because he carries a sheep plushie around* Oh I like your plushie! It’s just like mine!

You: You have a plushie?

Kris: Of course I do, I take it when I travel.

You: What kind of plushie is it?

Kris: A sheep.

And because I think Kris and his sheep is adorable and I want to hug both of them.

Suho: You’re so cute with your plushie! Aw! And look I can be cute too! read: love me too! love me too like you love your plushie!

Lay: this is so cute. Would she be mad if I took a picture?

Baekhyun: Y/N, pay attention to me! You know I love you. Cuddle me too… Don’t just pay attention to your plushie and forget me

Chen: Look at my cute girlfriend and her cute plushie! Oh I could just hug you forever!

Chanyeol: *when you come over with a plushie for him too*

Chanyeol: Oh it’s so cute! And I can take it with me on tour and it will remind me of you and add it to my collection! Oh this is so perfect! Thank you!

DO: *it is too cute for Kyungsoo to handle*

Tao: *totally jealous of the plushie* You know, I’m here too. A warm-blooded man. I mean… I can do things plushies can’t. 

Kai: The way you feel for your plushie is how I feel for my dogs and it’s just too cute!

Sehun: Don’t you want to cuddle and be cute with me too? See? I’m cute and squishy too!

EXO Reaction When Their Kids Are Getting Bad Grades And Don’t Really Care

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Anonymous said:

Helloo~ I was wondering if you could please do a reaction where EXO’s kids are having bad grades at school and they (the kids) don’t really care? I thought this could be funny (yeah I know I have a bad sense of humor) I’m sorry if this is difficult to understand…I tried to formulate the things as easy as I could. Sorry for my mistakes if there are any. I love your blog! Thank you <3 ^^

*You’re all good for the mistakes and this is a two part reaction where they find out about the bad grades and then find out their kid does not care*

Xiumin: *when he finds out about the grades*

Xiumin: why is he getting grades like this? He’s smarter than some of the members?

*when he learns that his kid doesn’t care*

Xiumin: Are you serious right now? Nah uh, nope. You are going to care and you are fix this.

Luhan: *when he finds out about the grades*

Luhan: And we are talking about my son? My kid? He’s the one getting bad grades? *also panicking about who is going to tell you about this*

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

*as he kid walks away, just basically ignoring him*

Kris: *when he finds out about the grades*

*talking to you about it*

Kris: Our son getting bad grades is not my fault.

You: I didn’t say it was but you have to be the to fix it. He’s not listening to me.

Kris: Why do I have to do it? He’s your son too!

You: Yifan!!

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Kris: ah fuck, now what do I tell my wife?

Suho: *when he finds out about the grades*

Suho: I don’t see why we can’t just…fix it with money.

You: Are you serious right now?

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*


Lay: *when he finds out about the grades*

Lay: wait, what’s going on?

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Explaining the situation to you later: Yes, isn’t it an unfortunate situation?

Baekhyun: *when he finds out about the grades*

Baekhyun: No, just let me call your mother about this. Then we will figure out just what to do with you.

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Baekhyun: well that’s too bad because now you have to care. Now get to work.

Chen: *when he finds out about the grades*

Chen: Oh great…I just know my wife is going to blame me for distracting him during exam week.

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Chen: Nope, don’t even try. I am not taking that bullshit. Get to work.

Chanyeol: *when he finds out about the grades*

Chanyeol: Honey I am just surprised as you. Please don’t hit me..

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Chanyeol: Oh great! now she is really gonna kill me…

DO: *when he finds out about the grades*

DO: what is happening right now? My son’s grades are what??

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

DO: is he freaking kidding me right now?

Tao: *when he finds out about the grades*

Tao: I don’t know what’s going on right now. He’s risking his future. Oh my boy…

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Kai: *when he finds out about the grades*

Kai: oh I am so not sticking around for when Y/N finds out.

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Kai: Grades are important mister! Now you are going to march your butt up to your room to do your homework!

Sehun: *when he finds out about the grades*

Sehun: this kid is so dead when Y/N finds out. And I’m probably dead too. Great.

*when he learns his kid doesn’t care*

Sehun: Ohhh boy, you didn’t just go there. You’re in for it now!

EXO Reaction To You Fangirling Over Seventeen

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Anonymous said:

exo reaction to you fangirling over seventeen

*what I learned from this is that I  consider most of EXO to be easily jealous and possessive also I don’t know a lot about seventeen so sorry for my ignorance!*

Xiumin: yeah sure…fine whatever…just fangirl over another k-pop group. They’re not even that great. I’m way cuter than any of them and a much better dancer…

Luhan: she’s gonna make me do their vocals isn’t she? She definitely is. She said she missed me singing in EXO so now she’s going to make me sing these songs too….Well, it’s fine if it’ll make her smile.

Kris: that girl is the meaning of a phrase once a fan girl always a fan girl. At least the EXO posters covering the walls are gone…They were seriously making me feel guilty…

Suho: *when you show him their songs* These are good, would you like to meet a couple of the members? I’m sure I can set that up! Just give me that adorable smile like this!

Lay: *when he comes over to see all the posters* Ok but when you called saying you got really into k-pop I was expecting my group…And it’s like they’re all staring at me…But yeah, I can listen to them with you, if you want…

Baekhyun: *after you making him watch the videos* Yeah, they’re totally great. I’m so very impressed. Not like I can sing better than them and look better than them. 

Chen: endure Chen endure. Surely they can’t have that many videos she’s going to make you watch…Eventually she’ll stop. Just try not to fall asleep. She’ll definitely never hear the end of that.

Chanyeol: no more. I am not learning their songs on guitar for you. I already write songs for you. I draw the line at playing songs from another k-pop group. I liked it better when you had the life size cardboard cutout of me, even if it gave me a heartattack every damn time I saw it…

DO: you know, when I close my eyes, this becomes possibly bearable. At least they’re a relatively new group so there won’t be that many songs. Eventually she’ll stop and move on. Things like this are just a phase…

Tao: You cannot say that Seventeen and EXO are comparable. We’re on completely different levels. And can you stop playing their rracket, it’s hurting Candy’s ears.

Kai: Are you going to stop listening to them sometime today? No? Well, can I go out and walk the dogs then? Get out for a while? Clear my head? Get away from that noise?

Sehun: No, no, no. That’s just unacceptable. You have *me* and you’re fangirling over another group instead of your own boyfriend? You’re crazy…I should get you checked out…

EXO Reaction To You Dropping Hints At Doing It Again Then Coming Home To A Special Surprise

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Anonymous said:

Idk if u want to do it but how would EXO react when after the two of you finally got together and are very much in love and had just a little sexy time, how would they react to you dropping hints that you want to have sexy time with them later on and reassure they are the only one for you bc they were getting jealous and later they come home to you dressed in very sexy lengery and dancing seductively for them and all this continuing with you orally pleasuring them? i hope you like this idea 

Xiumin: *to you dropping hints and reassuring them*

Xiumin: Then I really hope you’re ready to what’s going to happen when I get home…

*to coming home to his surprise*

Xiumin: yeah I am good with this…Just keep going while I enjoy watching……..

Luhan: *to you dropping hints*

Luhan: Hehehe, oh that’s definitely going down…Just get yourself ready for when I come home….hehehehe

*to coming home to his surprise*

Luhan: while this wasn’t what I was expecting, I like it and you definitely got yourself ready……please, continue…

Kris: *to you dropping hints*

Kris: oh frick…Now I’ll hardly be able to focus all day just imagining what I’m going to come home to…

*to coming home to his surprise*

Kris: This definitely makes up for my day of distracted thoughts…Hell, this is better than what I imagined would happen…. Now when are you gonna come here baby?

Suho: *to you dropping hints*

Suho: Oh, oh my…Maybe I pretend I didn’t here that I can get through my day without my brain torturing me with images of just what I could be doing if I was back home…

*to coming home to his surprise*

Suho: oh my…such a naughty girl….hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lay: *to you dropping hints*

Lay:* it takes him a second to understand what you meant but when he does…he knows he definitely won’t be able to completely focus all day*

*to coming home to his surprise*

Lay: *he can do nothing but watch, transfixed…*

Baekhyun: *to you dropping hints*

Baekhyun: hmmmm I hope she knows that I’ll have a lot of…frustration to let out when I get home then…

*to coming home to his surprise*

Baekhyun: guess I’ll just be the one enjoying the show rather than the one giving it tonight…

Chen: *to you dropping hints*

Chen: *he must retaliate and torture you too…*

*to coming home to his surprise*

Chen: yes finally, a chance to relax and just sit back and watch…I can rest up to give her some satisfaction, too.

Chanyeol: *to you dropping hints*

Chanyeol: then I hope you’re waiting for when I get back home…

*to coming home to his surprise*

Chanyeol: I am such a lucky boy to have a girlfriend like this…me-likey…

DO: *to you dropping hints*

DO: oh how this girl frustrates me……….

*to coming home to his surprise*

DO: *can’t take his eyes of off you* I hope you’re ready for a long night after this…

Tao: *to you dropping hints*

Tao: *in his head* Oh yes! Yes! I’m getting laid tonight too! Yes!

*to coming home to his surprise*

Tao: *as soon as he steps foot inside, he can’t look away. He doesn’t even speak as he sits down to watch the show…*

Kai: *to you dropping hints*

Kai: Alright baby, just you wait for tonight….You’ll hardly even sleep…

*to coming home to his surprise*

Kai: oh my god the things this girl does to me…I could do that too, all of that but I don’t even feel like I can move away from this spot right now…

Sehun: *to you dropping hints*

Sehun: freaking hell…That girl knows what she’s doing. How am I ever going to maintain being the innocent maknae like this?

*to coming home to his surprise*

Sehun: she better know what she’s getting into because my ability to hold myself back completely is about to snap in thirty seconds…

EXO Reaction To Dating A Noona

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Anonymous said:

could you do an exo reaction to them dating a noona (older girl)? :D

*this one is perfection. Thank you for the perfect request*

Xiumin: are you guys impressed? Yeah? And she’s a great girl. And I know what else you’re thinking hehehe

Luhan: *pervhan all day everyday*

Jealous Sehun: How’d you even get an older girlfriend? You’re ancient!

Luhan: Mad skills that you are too young to understand!

*just because I could*

Kris: What do you mean you’re older than me? How is that possible? You look like your twelve. *blushes because he’s a bit embarrassed but also finds it attractive*

Suho: what the hell? How is that possible? Oh my god, is this behavior appropriate for a leader? 

Lay: *is very into it for some reason* Well then…What kind of wisdom do you have to show me?

Baekhyun: *once again we return to how Byun is the master, especially when it comes to Noonas* hahaha that’s right. I am the master now and forever.

Chen: *him and his documented thing for noonas* wait you’re a noona? Are you serious? OMG!

Chanyeol: That’s right. And I got you with my sideburns.

You: No, trust me it wasn’t the sideburns

Chanyeol: Still gonna tell the guys I got a noona with my sideburns.

DO: *squishy soo that does not know how to respond* oh you’re a noona? hahaha. What? Noona? what do I do now??

Tao: *to his his hyungs later* that’s right bitches, I’m dating a noona and I’m part of the maknae line. Be jealous.

Kai: I’m not all that surprised. I am attracted to mature women. Plus I hang around with a lot of older guys so…I mean…

 Sehun: *happy Sehun is happy and cocky sehun is cocky and bratty*

EXO Reaction To Luhan and Kris Meeting at CNY Rehearsal

*I could only find very little information about what happened so pls do not assume I know much about what I am talking about*

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Kris and Luhan: “Hey, how are you? Oh good. Yeah. Been doing good work? Let’s take pictures together.”

Xiumin: “Does anyone think Luhan misses me? Do you?”

Suho: *tries not to cry about seeing his lost babies together and happy.*

Lay: “Isn’t it sad that they’re no longer here with us and we can’t do things together?”

Baekhyun: Are we all just going to pretend that we’re not hurt a little bit and that this is totally ok and we’re not all feeling a little emotional? Ok, right.

Chen: do not cry Chen. Just because they left EXO and aren’t with us anymore does not mean I can cry.

Chanyeol: I guess it’s good that they’re continuing with their dreams. I happy for them…I just miss them…

DO: Oh they’re together? Wow. That’s cool. I wasn’t expecting that.

Tao: “What is this? They met up and didn’t bother to call me? I’m around too!”

Kai: What is happening? Wait, they’re together? What?

Sehun: Yeah fine Luhan, run into Kris and just forget about me and all the times and bubble tea we’ve had together. I’m totally ok with this.

EXO Reaction When You Put Your Anime/Video Game Posters In Their Room

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3-15am said:

EXO reaction of coming to you putting all of your anime and videogame posters and stuff all over their room! Thank you (:

*I made this like the room you move into together btw. So it’s a single part of moving in with EXO*

Xiumin: what is this? what is happening? Why are there anime boys on my walls? What?

Luhan: what is this? What is going on? where did these come from? and why are they staring at me??

 Kris: I did not expect this. No.

Suho: they won’t stop staring at me. Ahhhhhhh

Lay: and you cannot get back into this room until those freaky things are gone and can’t stare at me.

Baekhyun: No I don’t know what happened to your freaky posters. Last I saw they were all on the walls, creepily staring at me.

Chen: you and me poster boy - it’s on and I will be victorious.

Chanyeol: what the hell is going on? *clumsy yeollie falls down from surprise and can’t get up to escape the anime boy stares*

DO: can we put posters from my sports animes?

Tao: no no no no no no no. Get this freaky stuff out of here and away from me.

Kai: oh god. Wasn’t expecting that when I came in here. It’s creepy that’s for sure.

Sehun: *gif says it all*

EXO Reaction To Their Favorite Artist Making A Comeback

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Anonymous said:

Can you do EXO fangirling/fanboying when their favorite artist has a comeback? Your blog is aamzing btw. Your reacts are so funny xD

Xiumin: Oh my god! they’re back! They’re back! They’re back! Weeeee!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally!

Luhan: Oh yes! I totally called it! Finally new music and new videos! oh my god! I have to call Xiumin! He’s gonna freak out!

Kris: This is totally out of this world and into the galaxy! Oh yes! 

Suho: *Suho cannot contain the feels* Today is the best day ever! The boys are behaving and my favorite artist is making a comeback!!

Lay: *immediately starts dancing but he’s so excited that he falls over but continues freaking out anyway*

Baekhyun: *out of excitement, starts blasting their music and dancing around the dorm screaming about their comback, probably to Kyungsoo’s displeasure*

Chen: My body is completely ready for the new music…And the new music videos….

Chanyeol:*immediately starts freaking out when he sees the information online* Guys! Guys! Guys! You’ve gotta see this! They’re making a comeback! Guys!!!!!

DO: *so unable to contain the feels starts clapping with his face again* I have been waiting for this so long!! Aya!!

Tao: Everything is coming up Tao! Let’s get this dance party started!

Kai: What? They’re making a comeback? Hold on, I have to go to the store and get everything! Waiting to listen to the new album shall not happen!

Sehun: Yehet! 1000X Yehet! I have been waiting for this for years!