troll u mad

anonymous asked:

Imagine Dio with the Stone Mask but instead of it's super cool design, it's just a troll face and makes him speak in LE TROLL VOICE U MAD JOJO? im very tired

hi, IT? yeah, I havent checked my inbox in months and I think a ghost from 2009 is hacking my account? Im kind of scared? its saying its tired, when can a priest come out to inspect it?


for ur checkered phan needs.
for4⃣✨ ur👆🙇🙋👇 checkered🔲😋🔳😉 phan🇬🇧🆒🚮🎦 needs😎💻😜✌️👌…🌚💻📱🌝.

(😭😿😓rip,, no llama nor lion emoji😡😤😵)