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Can we please please pLEASe talk about Trolls more

Like seriously look at the characters

we have a character who is not only a (lets face it) single father in some essence, but certainly doesn’t stick to most “movie-skinny” body standards.

Cooper, a character who is majorly different from the rest of the cast, with dreads and uneven teeth

Harper may be a minor character but she is rocking that heterochromia 

Not skinny, monobrow, long nails, jagged teeth and still won the guy over

He is literally the KING and he has never even HEARD of body standards, pimples and all

if you say DJ doesn’t have dreads i will throw a banana peel in your general direction

??? conjoined twins???? that are??? fashionistas??? and??? have?? piercings??? where was this???? when i was a kid????? also Chenille definitely has a tattoo on her ankle 

  • Dazai: If you stand for nothing Chuuya what do you fall for!?
  • Chuuya: Not your bullshit, for starters.

SHERLOCK: Ships Johnlock but despairingly believes that only Warstan will ever be canon

JOHN: Ships Johnlock  but despairingly believes that only Adlock will ever be canon

MARY: Ships Warstan fiercely and will doxx anyone who disagrees

MRS HUDSON: Ships Johnlock, Queen of TJLC

IRENE: Trolls people about shipping Adlock for shits and giggles, actually ships all the fem!ships


MOLLY: Ships Sherlolly, knows it’s sunk, is a good sport and supports Johnlock. Kind of getting into Lestrolly ATM

ANDERSON: Ships Anderlock Sherlolly

MYCROFT: Claims to ship nothing but has a hard drive full of Mystrade porn

LESTRADE: Has money on Johnlock becoming canon, wants an OT3 with Mycroft and Molly

DONOVAN: Shipping what is shipping you are all FREAKS *gets shipped with Anthea by Irene*

One more thing I liked about Trolls, and this is kinda spoilery so if you don’t want that stop reading now.

I liked that you can OBVIOUSLY tell Branch had a thing for Poppy, but it wasn’t overbearing and it didn’t take over the movie.

They also could have done a love triangle route with Creek, since Poppy was implied to be fond of him, but they didn’t, and I’m so glad. Sure, Branch disliked him but it was probably for a lot of reasons, not just Poppy liked Creek ya know.

It makes Poppy and Branch’s relationship so much more realistic and likable honestly.

About Moana and Maui...

I know I will be chewed out for this on Tumblr of all places but hear me out. Here it goes.

1. If people want to ship them or like seeing them as consenting romantic couple, that’s okay.

 2. If they like seeing them as a non-romantic pair and just as siblings, that’s okay.

3. If you want Moana to be Bi-sexual, queer, pansexual, asexual, or straight, that’s okay.

4. But for the love of all things Disney, do not tear each other down for it! Just because one ships them does not mean they support pedophilia, which in this case is Ephebophilia (sexual interest in people ages 15-19) nor do they support that. I can’t believe we are fighting or defending a character that does not exist in real life which is not okay!

5. Even if you don’t support the ship, that does not give you the permission to judge others. It just makes you look like an snobby asshole. If you have such an issue with it, then why do you still buy Disney Merch when they still sell princesses who had romance in their movies at this age? 

Honestly guys calm down. Snow White is a 14 year old girl who was kissed without consent by a man who she met one time! Think about that! That is gross. At least Moana did not fall in love nor was romance was the center of the movie. If people want to ship their character with Moana, it’s their business. I got other things to worry about like school, a job and prepping for the Trumpaggedon than to worry about a FICTIONAL CHARACTER and her interests.  

if matespriteship is primarily hit off by a mutual feeling of non-threatening, there’s a lot of interesting ways to apply that, but most especially Karkat himself is probably like the flushed GOLDMINE 

he is small, he is adorable, he is about as intimidating as a hedgehog made of yarn. Every word oozes pitch hatred but the instant you actually meet him in person he will probably melt into you and cry about how nice your sweater is. it will be grumpy but the red seeps through the gray

he is flushed to the core and it’s hard to maintain any feelings for him that aren’t, in some way, linked to primal feelings of ‘you precious squishie’