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from @miskatonicwhaler to @eeveebethfejvu, a James Bond AU with Emily as Agent 007, Billie as Eve Moneypenny and the Outsider as Q!!!


((OOC: This guy goes to a college near me and I think this is hilarious and I’m sharing it with you now.))

Ok so I’ve been thinking some more about the trolls apocalypse au and talking with @this-is-my-secret-trolls-blog and I was thinking, what if poppy and the snack pack got mutated to look more like their movie counterparts, so like:

•Guy diamond skin tends to flake off in weirdly pretty glitter flakes

•biggie grew in alot in size and mr dinkles his pet chihuahua legs shrunk and become practically useless so biggie has no choice but to carry him everywhere

•smidge was already short but then she began to quickly shrink, the upside to this is that it seems the shorter she gets the stronger she also becomes. Her voice is also incredibly deep and rapsy from accidently breathing in some fumes.

•coopers become alot more gangly and elongated with his teeth almost following a similar route

•DJ suki becomes almost totally deaf but gains synaesthesia

•poppy’s hair becomes bright pink and even her skin gains the hue

•the twins once the chemicals hit were knocked unconcious by them. They had fallen next to each other with their long hair touching and when they awake the ends of their hair had been fused together. They tried cutting it but it was so painful they had to stop and even they it just healed back together but they can stretch it pretty far so they do have some range.

@homestuck-secret-santa gift for @bitches-and-crackers, who has an excellent taste in ships.

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