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Ok but Kyungsoo is one dramatic hoe like his hair legit looks the same as it did a month ago only now its brown…

Like the 007 shit he pulled at the airport last month was…


Why have I not seen this anywhere?!

Okay… So, we know that many of the skeletons have a sense of humor; many of them are infamous for their jokes and pranks. There’s also a lot of speculation that some of them have no shame, especially if it can be used to add amusement (Looking specifically at you, Russ and Stretch)…

With Halloween quickly closing in, we get to see all sorts of spiders, bats, witches, vampires, and anything else we consider Spooky/Scary… Well, I had a thought as I tried to get to sleep last night and I want to know why I have not seen this anywhere in all my time in the fandom.

Imagine them pranking people in stores and outlets that sell Halloween decorations by unclothing themselves and hiding with the plastic skeletons.

Think about it though: person chooses a decoration and brings it home, they place it to the side as they go to put other things away… To hear the tv start itself in the next room… They go to look and the naked skelly is reclining in a chair with a drink from the fridge ‘sup?…. your cable selection is shit…’

Victim drives home with their decoration in the trunk and when they get to their house, the thing opens up and out climbs the skelly 'Thanks for the ride~’ and saunters off down the street.

Victim is still shopping with the skelly half-draped out of the cart… His brother comes running up: 'BROTHER! HAVE YOU NO COMMON DECENCY?! COVER YOURSELF!’ and they proceed to cover/dress the one that is still limp and they apologize that their brother is so lewd… Poor shopper doesn’t want to hurt their feelings and tell them it’s just a decoration… As the limp one still hasn’t reacted, they sigh and say that he must have fallen asleep and heave them up and walk away 'B-but? Ummmmm….. I-I was going to buy that?’

Better yet, they follow a person around the store- victim gets the feeling of being watched but can’t find anyone…. Wasn’t that thing across the room?
Eventually they are positive it’s a weeping angel and stare hard at them while walking backwards with their cart; bumping into everything and trying to not fall as that would break eye contact…

Just a few ideas as I can see this becoming a big thing once everyone starts to think of what they get up to… @tyranttortoise , @icybeanheadcanons , @forgivemeimmasin , @skeletorific , @dreams-of-undertale , @ssskeletonsoffun (There’s so many of you 💖 Can’t think who else to tag at the moment~)

What do you think?

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Lovey dovey💕

Trolls week day 3: Hug Time!
Not exactly on the trolls week prompt but these two dorks usually just can’t help themselves during hug time.
These two are ocs!
Coal (on the left) belongs to me and Roxie belongs to @gaytrollofficial!!

EDIT: the rough sketch was done by @gaytrollofficial! I just did the coloring and lines

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You can’t stop the alt-right. We will soon be everywhere, in your Parliaments and in your Governments. And we will fix things. No more gender bullshit in school, no more transgender in the Army, no more illegal immigration and easy citizenship, no more gay adoption, no more bullshit about the non-existent white privilege, no more easy-abortion, no more globalization. You can not stop us. We are your worst nightmare and we will blow your little magic snowflake world up.