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Starting, of course, with Watanuki dreaming of Himawari. The world is 0% surprised. Because honestly, does he do anything else? 

What I DIDN’T initially realise was that the panels were being cut off half way in the first few panels, as if something was blocking half of Watanuki’s vision. And like, Watanuki wakes up to find Mokona on his face doing just that, but I’m not sure that’s entirely it. Because your eyes are already shut when you’re asleep, Watanuki. They were BOTH SHUT.


Real talk though, I read these two pages and thought nothing of them at first, but I keep coming back to the frame on the second page where Watanuki only has one visible eye. 

Because that would mean nothing if the manga was written by literally anyone else in the world, but this is CLAMP. 


I love the relationship between Tyrathan and Vol’jin so much.
I love how they grow fond of each other, tend at their injuries and become close friends, in a moment so terrible for both of them.
The things Tyrathan says to Vol’jin before the final battle with the Zandalari melt my heart, and I was moved to see that he was at the pyre.

But at the end of the book, his choice has hurt Vol’jin, and although I have 1000 heacanons about the possible ways they could have met in the years after the events of Shadow of the Horde, Tyrathan never showed up untill now.

I cope with the pain this ship gives me with this silly thing, I think every Darkspear is somehow protective of their Chief, like a big family.
Like ‘oh, hey, are u the human who made Vol’jin suffer?’ *low growl*
Zjan isn’t very happy to see him here now, but you never really know about  the relationship of others and you should not interfere.
Keep your thoughts for you and let him mourn

Before you read this: this post probably contains REALLY bad English. You have been warned.

Imagine Alternate Universe, where just listening to the singing troll makes Bergens happy. There’s no need to eat them. The problem is that Bergens capture them and treat like they’re pets - most of the them are locked in the cages like birds. Usually there’s one troll per Bergen’s house. The only exception is King Gristle, who has at least one troll IN THE ROOM (he’s a king, after all).

Among the trolls he owns there are Poppy and Branch. Their rooms really close, so when they sing loud enough, they can hear themselves. It takes them some days for that, but they fall in love with each other’s voices.

At first Branch didn’t want to sing for anyone, but when he heard Poppy, he needed to let her know that she’s not alone.

Poppy sings about happiness and hope everyday. Sometimes she doesn’t even sing, she literally screams, so she’s sure that Branch can hear her.