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  • Dazai: If you stand for nothing Chuuya what do you fall for!?
  • Chuuya: Not your bullshit, for starters.

Before you read this: this post probably contains REALLY bad English. You have been warned.

Imagine Alternate Universe, where just listening to the singing troll makes Bergens happy. There’s no need to eat them. The problem is that Bergens capture them and treat like they’re pets - most of the them are locked in the cages like birds. Usually there’s one troll per Bergen’s house. The only exception is King Gristle, who has at least one troll IN THE ROOM (he’s a king, after all).

Among the trolls he owns there are Poppy and Branch. Their rooms really close, so when they sing loud enough, they can hear themselves. It takes them some days for that, but they fall in love with each other’s voices.

At first Branch didn’t want to sing for anyone, but when he heard Poppy, he needed to let her know that she’s not alone.

Poppy sings about happiness and hope everyday. Sometimes she doesn’t even sing, she literally screams, so she’s sure that Branch can hear her.

Deardrie the baby troll

So during my campaign, I had my players fight a troll. The party, made up of a half elf Druid, half elf ranger, dwarf fighter, halfling bard, human monk and a human princess, fought and killed the troll. Upon inspecting it’s bedding area, I decided to give them a moral dilemma by adding in a troll baby. The conversation went something like this:

Elf Druid: oh I feel bad for killing its mum, let’s keep it!

Dwarf fighter: let me smash it with my hammer!

Human monk: no let’s keep it

Halfling bard: it’s a troll, kill it!

This debate went on for a bit, with the dwarf and halfling getting shouted down, and the Druid and the monk getting named parents to Deardrue, the baby troll.

I’ve been thinking a lot and I need to let this out somewhere, bear with me this is going to be long

soooo the first time we see the trolls, they are carrying the princess all the way to the king.

and King Peppy is not worried about his daughter, he’s not worried about where she might be or if she’s safe or not, because he TRUSTS his people and knows they’ll keep her safe, he knows she’ll find a way back to him during the run or after

I think the fact that THIS is the first view we have of the trolls tells us something, and it’s that the trolls are like one big family. They all know each other by name, they all help and support each other, they hug each other every hour?? no matter who’s next to you, when hug time strikes you can bet you’re gonna be part of a big group hug.

And this makes me think a lot, especially in regards of Branch and Creek.

Because if Branch hadn’t left the village and isolated himself, the trolls would have totally taken care of him. This little kid with no family, he probably would have been adopted by the whole village. Everyone would’ve made sure he was always well fed and had everything he needed, practically AND emotionally. Unfortunately, Branch didn’t ask for help, and having lost his positive emotions all that was left was sadness and anger and the personality we all can see when he’s first introduced. BUT even as a grumpy hermit troll, he still cares about the others. He cares enough to show up quite often and warn them, either quietly or panicking, but he still wants everyone to be safe. He still has a bit of that “no troll left behind” attitude.

Creek though, Creek does not. Through the movie he seems to be perfectly fitting in the troll society: he joins the group hug, he parties hard, he’s one of Poppy’s closest friends. But as we find out later on, he doesn’t care about his people that much. He is selfish enough to sell everyone out just to survive. His decision goes completely against the troll philosophy. Poppy, the Snack Pack, THE ENTIRE VILLAGE trusted him, and he broke that trust. No wonder Poppy is devastated when she finds out: Creek did something no troll would ever even consider doing. Not even Branch, who seems to hate the other trolls and their “cupcakes and rainbows” view of life, would consider doing that. But Creek did, and I think that’s the reason he actually makes a better villain than Chef. He does a terrible thing, but it’s even worse if you consider where he comes from, and what that action means for his people.

10/365 : ALMA AND YU !!!!
From DGM. I rather like how this pairing is like. Canon but not but it is-
I drew them in some kind of College/rommate AU where Yu probably study Japanese litterature, Alma does Mecanics or like Informatics and that tiny troll Lavi does something like History or philosophy.
Also. There’s not enough alma/Yu stories out theeeerrreee WHyyyyyyyy


Flowers be poppin’ everywhere 

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2013-2014 eva fandom throwbacks
  • the kozo fuyutsuki copypasta. you know the one.
  • no girls allowed 
  • hot pockets 
  • “quiero una burger“ 
  • kaworubunga, pachinko kaworu, beatboxing kaworu, etc, 
  • bad 3.0 camrips and shoddier fansubs 
  • shinji ikari defense squad 
  • that one asuka kin troll blog. vaporwave something. i cant remember.  
  • ramiel memes. no other angel matters, jsut ramiel
  • yui ikari: “im so pumped for autumn im gonna fill my ass with leaves”
  • so muhc…..weird….official merch…
  • also the weird official art like detective gendo and wrestling rei
  • im so fucked up
  • “sweet jesus it’s an anti at field”
  • “i gotta take a whiz, or something”
  • that one noise kensuke made? “O MY GOD”
  • “yes SIR, i’ve been Dating Gendou RokuBUNGI, a Lot”
  • congratulations!
  • the blonde one is fucking your dad, go for the one on the right
  • *very long neck* Pathetic.
  • does the bus come through here
  • shy bi and ready to cry

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