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let this man call his brother cute

im back wit the memes and this time it’s Ritsu as shadow the hedgehog (i mean they look exactly the same how could i not do thsi)


Not everything is what it seems….

Thanks for sending all those prompts, guys! I’m drawing them now, but I’d like to upload this before Thanksgiving ends :P

Branch has one hell of a sweet tooth and he’ll often try to get his hands on Poppy’s cooking before it’s served or even cooled

AKA, Poppy finds use for Branch’s ridiculous amount of mousetraps 

From the Fluff Starters post.

  • “I think I love you.”

It was almost always when she was doing something utterly mundane – tying up her hair, brushing out her dress, catching a moment of serenity in the whirlwind of excitement that was her existence – that Branch found himself most stricken by her effortless beauty. It wasn’t merely how she looked, though he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy that. It was her, in her entirety. Happiness in so many forms.

There was the happiness she held in the early mornings, when he saw her brushing the sleep from her eyes and greeting the potential of a new day with a smile. There was the joy she expressed so earnestly to friends and family, reveling in another moment of true bliss, surrounded by the warm glow of those she loved. There was the grandiose giddiness she imposed upon the world at large. And then there was the soft, gentle happiness she expressed in soft whispers and fragile touches: a hand brushing across the face of a flower or a hushed request for a song.

They sat, now, their limbs intertwined in a natural way. Poppy had her head against his chest, humming softly to herself and playing with her hair, braiding and un-braiding the long strands. When she hummed a high note, she wrinkled her nose, and Branch smiled.

“I think I love you,” he said, and a slight band of pressure grew behind his nose, embarrassment and affection sending a rush of adrenaline through his body.

Poppy turned her head, looking up at him, her lips a small line as she studied his face through her curved lashes. She had stopped humming. The room grew quiet, and then she grinned wide. It was a sudden, gorgeous, unapologetic burst of a smile, and it made Branch feel as if he’d suddenly been brought into sunlight.

“I know,” she giggled. And then she kissed him, and in that moment Branch discovered yet another beautiful incarnation of Poppy’s happiness.

  • me: *loves Olicity & has hope for reunion* (✿◠‿◠)
  • random olicity-hater #3675: olishitty sucks! you're in denial! they're done! deal with it! (╬ ಠ益ಠ)
  • me: *loves Olicity even MOAR & has ALL THE HOPE for reunion x 1000000* (ノ✿◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This teen’s perfectly succinct and forceful shirt about bigots just sitting down and being quiet just won the internet

Twitter can sometimes seem like a dark place. But sometimes, amidst the trolls going off on one bigoted rant after another, people like Houston teenager Aaron Tamez can occasionally have a poignant moment via the social network. Where he found the shirt is even better.


Bungo Stray Dogs Tsuu strip 3 is starting~~  And just a note that I will be out of town for two weeks so I will be on hiatus during this time.  More updates will come after I am back :D  Also, we are still accepting preorders and orders for the store but all orders will be processed on or after 15 Nov 2016.  Sorry for the inconvenience…!!

Bungo Stray Dogs Tsuu Strip 03 Pages 1 & 2.

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Akutagawa deserves some love in the manga… but sadly this is a trolling spin off, although I will try my best to be nice to him XD (while struggling to keep everyone in character…)

Original BSD © Asagiri Kafuka & Harukawa Sango.


Here’s my review or something of the new Dreamworks animation movie, Trolls! Based off those creepy troll dolls from the 90’s.

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February 16, 2017

Hiveswap is not out yet. We are failed…we take off our troll horns and wipe away our gray face paint just as mulan did in “reflection”. this historic day, a mirror of 612….is a farce. hiveswap has not been released and we have no more date predictions….we are broken..

it has been (-47) days since “January 2017”.