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let this man call his brother cute

im back wit the memes and this time it’s Ritsu as shadow the hedgehog (i mean they look exactly the same how could i not do thsi)

Thank you for 9,000 followers! Here’s a ficlet about Mari being protective of her little brother.

“Hopefully you can help me,” said the man on the phone with the funny accent. “My name is Victor Nikiforov, and I’m looking for Yuuri Katsuki. He said his family owns a hot springs resort, so I looked up the phone number on the internet. Can you tell me if I have the right place?”

Mari almost hung up immediately without offering a response. Ever since Yuuri had inadvertently become a viral video star after performing one of Victor Nikiforov’s routines, the onsen had gotten more than a few prank calls. One person had pretended to be a reporter but had instead turned out to be one of Victor’s crazy fans. Apparently this new caller wanted Mari to believe he was Victor Nikiforov himself.

Yeah, right.

“Yuuri’s my brother,” she said, a little heat in her tone.

“Oh, great!” the prankster said. “Could I speak with him please?”

Mari rolled her eyes. Was that supposed to be a real Russian accent? This guy’s impression of Victor was pathetic.

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Not everything is what it seems….

SU fandom:
Check your sources and don’t interact with trolls. They feed off of reactions. They love upsetting you. Never respond to them directly, but it is fine to nonchalantly mention amongst yourselves about how pathetic their trolling attempts are.

@ OP & similar trolls
Stop trying to pass off your prank as a teachable moment. You just wanted a laugh at the expense of a sensitive fandom. If you really wanted to teach people about fact checking or mental health, you’d have made an empathetic and informative resource post using material other than SU. Nobody learns from mean “GOTCHA” posts and you probably know it. On the small chance you really were trying to teach people something, wow, you really fucked that up. But your glory-bathing in others’ reactions leaves me pretty sure you’re just a troll. Don’t pretend to be otherwise. It’s really pathetic.

My “high fantasy” setting was essentially in a very Tolkien-like world, only the Mideavel battles and the infamous war with the Orcs a thing of the distant past. The world is in modern day with machines and computers. Magic, a sort of wave-particle radiation, permeates the Earth which much technology and organisms depend on (notable exception of humans…).

Humans were Homo Sapiens as we know them. The most populous of all sapient species which most forms of magic. like fibre, is unabsorbable and goes right though our bodies. 

Dwarves are our closest relatives, a light magic using decendant of Neanderthals and the Denisovan hominins. Ranging from 4′6″-5′4″, Dwarves ate a diet heavy in meat and tubers and often lived in underground cmplexes, tho many now use “human-style” architecture. Humans and Dwarves could interbreed easily and produce fertile young.

Halflings” were a critically endangered species descendent of Homo floresiensis who prefers to stay out of global politics. Originally of no “use” there has been a boom of “interest” in them from Humans and Dwarves due to their possible connection with their mysterious extinct “progenitors” (Homo erectus)

Elves were high magic using decendants of Ardipithecus. Extremely lithe and vaguely gibbon-like, their high intelligence and extended lifespan of the elves is due to their heavy dependance on magic. Like the relation of Humans and Dwarves and Hobbits, Elves are actually a genus consisting of several species, notibly the High elves, Drow, and Wood elves (as humans call them). Elves were resistant to use modern technology and in general the tech of other people, older elves are still more likely to use cervine as transport then own a car, tho the hip younger generation of Elves take far more interest in other species.

Orcs were a sapient offshoot of Australopithicus. While often portrayed to be 8 foot tall, in life Male Orcs are only a bit larger then the average man (tho considerably stronger). Orcs hate how the Human-Orc conflicts are taught  and treated, wars that had a incredibly diminishing impact on their people and ended up driving them to poverty for decades.

Trolls had no relation to other species, instead being a mysterious race of sapient terrestrial echidnoderms. Going though highly complex life cycles, Troll larva start off as mouse size bilaterally symmetrical creatures, to the squat “lopsideders” and eventually becoming their 8 foot tall sexually mature adult form. Trolls are nocturnal, and make a thick mucus “cast” around their bodies when they rest that hardens during the day.

The “High Ones” are somewhat the equivalent to the Maiar, mysterious highly powerful entities seemingly like no other creature on earth. They mostly live in the Arctic (and Antarctic) circle, and have. They have curiosity in other species (and manipulating them), but are secretive of their own lives and tech, killing those who come near their settlements. (They also may or may not of been aliens…)

Ogres existed as a Homo habilis-like species that are raw meat and had the intelligence of dolphins. Dragons are semi terrestrial lobe finned fish that like elves were also highly dependant on Magic.


The Company is surprised by how fiercely protective you are of them when any of them are in danger, since you are a generally gentle, sweet, and easy-going person.

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  The nasty trolls continued to rotate the dwarves over the campfire, exchanging evil grins of anticipation.  They had tied up the rest in sacks, but left you out.

   “Don’t bother restraining the female,” the troll with the deep voice told the other.  “She’s no threat to us.”

    And so, you had remained sitting in the dirt, realizing that you would not be able to fight off the trolls by yourself even with your skills.  The trolls had confiscated your weapons as with the others.  You did manage to keep a dagger concealed in your cloak.  But if you fought back now, you’d just get tied up with the others.  Your best bet would be to wait for the right moment to strike.  However, you realized this wasn’t exactly an option the moment they started to cook your friends.  

    “I’m warning you, trolls,” you snapped suddenly, glaring at them.  “If you don’t let them go, you’ll have more to worry about than turning to stone!”

    Thorin, who remained silent for the most part, looked over at you incredulously, raising his eyebrows.  Bilbo struggled in the sack beside you, but looked just as shocked.

    “Oi, what’s gotten into ______?”  Dwalin called, surprised.  

    “I don’t know, but I like it,” Kili replied, grinning despite the dire situation.

    One of the trolls laughed, pointing at you mockingly. The one with the annoying, squeaky voice looked offended.  “Hey, what makes a human maiden like you think she can speak to us like that?”

   You clenched your jaw, inching your hand towards your hidden dagger as you stared him down.  “I mean it.  If you hurt any of them,” your voice lowered into a growl, “I’ll be the one roasting you over the fire.”

    “Shut up!”  The one with the deeper voice stopped laughing and lowered his face to get a better look at you.  You had to refrain from vomiting when his rotten breath blew on your face.  “One more word from you, and you’ll be first on our menu.”

    You opened your mouth to spit back a witty reply when you heard Thorin growl your name.  You glanced over to see him shaking his head with a warning look.  He didn’t want you to put yourself at risk for them.  But there was no way you’d just sit back and let this go on.  So, you simply ignored him, breaking eye contact and turning your attention back to the ugly troll face in front of you.

    “Look, I hate to break it to you, but you can’t eat those dwarves,” you said simply, your hand firmly grasping the dagger in your cloak.  This was it. If you could get the troll just a little bit closer, you could slash him across the face.  That would give you just enough time to free a few of the dwarves and get your weapons.

   “And why not?”  The other troll squeaked at you.

    There was a shuffle in the dirt behind you, and then you felt something press against your side.

    “Because you’re making a terrible mistake!”  Bilbo interjected, standing beside you awkwardly with his arms and legs bound in the sack.  “With the seasoning, I mean.”  You looked at him in confusion, wondering what the hobbit could possibly be up to. His eyes met yours briefly before darting away.  You followed his gaze to the line of trees in the background, noticing a flash of gray move in the darkness.

    Ah, that’s what’s up.

   Help was on the way.  

    You exchanged subtle nods with Bilbo, silently agreeing to continue distracting the trolls.  Silently, your hand released the dagger from its grip as you continued the verbal banter.


   Gandalf had shown up at the right time, and it worked out so that the trolls turned to stone at the first light of dawn.  You set to work on setting the dwarves free.

               “That really was something back there, _______,” Fili told you, clapping a hand on your shoulder affectionately.  “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

    Balin approached you with a gentle smile on his face. You and the dwarves hadn’t been on this journey for very long, but you had grown to care about them so much already. Balin had become somewhat of a grandfatherly figure towards you.

    “We appreciate you looking after us, child,” he told you.  

    “Just be sure to have more caution in the future,” Thorin interjected.  “It wouldn’t have done us any good to have you eaten by the trolls.”


    “Don’t mind him!”  Bofur told you, dismissing Thorin’s solemn warnings with the wave of his hand.  “He was just worried about you.  We all were.”

   “Me?  But you guys were the ones getting cooked!”