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dndstuck based off this also because this is the dorkiest au and i love it

Uuuurgh, I love troll anatomy headcanons.

I love it when people give Karkat gills.

I love it when people give Eridan vestigial gills.

I love bio luminescent freckles.

I love carapace trolls.

I love squishy trolls.

I love how people explain the boobs to be extra chest plating that protects their hearts.

I love the headcanon where lady trolls are vicious and more blood thirsty than troll guys.

I just love troll anatomy headcanons. It feeds my inner science fiction nerd.


My best beloved Troll/Changeling Barbara, whom I have desperately wanted to share with you for the longest time! Here she is, in all her stony stunning beauty!

This is actually concept art/doodles for a fanfic I really hope to tackle for this fandom one far off day in an Alternate Universe where I have my life in order

Jim, being Jim, runs into trouble whilst Trollhunting and disappears, taking Claire and Toby with him and leaving all wondering and worried over his sudden and silent absence. 

Barbara, now being clued in to what’s been going and determined to do what mothers are supposed to do and take care of her son, goes to Draal for advice. Is there any way she can find Jim, help him…? 

Draal, being Draal, offers her a certain magical trinket he’s heard about, one that is supposed to give one newfound strength, Bar-ba-ra! 

Draal, being Draal, has once again magically messed things up. Something he comes to realize when he is suddenly a flesh bag Human–

–and Barbara wakes up to find her skin stone, neither her clothes or her glasses fitting her, and that she now has horns.HORNS, DRAAL!” 

Add in one bewildered Blinky and one equally bewildered (but also incredibly besotted) Strickler, and you’ve got Shenanigans Ensuing with the Unofficial Trollhunter Rescue Party as they deal with dangers untold, Newly Human Draal, Newly Troll/Changeling Barbara, prejudice, and the fact that even after everything and try as they might, Barbara and Strickler cannot deny what’s between them…

Like I said, I really wanna write it, and I hope that one day I shall! But in the mean time, have some concept art for it {the subtitles are just a bit of silliness on my part, not actual dialogue that shows up in the story} =) 

As I mentioned before, I was inspired by Gargoyles Demona for Troll/Changeling Barbara’s look…

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…but I hope I’ve kept her different enough to make her stand on her own! No tail and no wings, for one thing, which Barbara would probably be very thankful for. 

Her outfit here will be explained in the fanfic, and as for her eyes…they’re the only giveaway that she’s not a true Troll/Changeling. I went back and forth on this decision, but I ultimately think this is the right choice – her soul is Human, so her eyes are Human. 

Also, I am now seized by the desperate desire to do a full body drawing of Stricklander and Troll Barbara together posing romantically

Gosh, but I had fun coloring this! 

Once Bog and Marianne actually start dating everyone is just going to move on to bugging them to get married.

So one day in front of everyone Bog gets down on one knee and takes Marianne’s hand, “Will you … fight me?”

And Marianne puts her hand over her heart and pretends to be all emotional. “Yes, yes, I will!” And puts him in a choke hold. “Shouldn’t have knelt down, loser!”


Maji Love Live Favorite Moments [4/∞]

ST☆RISH Meets Pen Lights (part 1) - 4th Stage Talk Corner

Uwaaa~ it’s cool! Cool! It’s awesome!


Rating: G

Ship: Poppy/Branch (Broppy, Boppy) 

Fic Summary: When Branch’s new bunker below the Troll Tree floods, Poppy finds a way to help him cope with his past (And learns a few things about her own history while she’s at it.)


Poppy loved the rain.

Well, Poppy loved almost everything–but rain was one of her favorites. So when she had awoken to the pitter-patter of water hitting her roof, she was thrilled. She spent most of the day cozy in her house, watching the drops hit the leaves of the trees around her while she worked on one of the many scrapbooks she had lying around. Her friends managed to drag her out for about an hour to enjoy an impromptu ‘singing-in-the-rain’ party, but she was quick to retreat home as soon as the cold started to seep in.

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nothing is wilder to me than the fan theory that all the limebloods on alternia were killed off because they made amazing moirails. LIKE. there’s just this one group of people that were just fucking gifted pale romantically, I want to know what dealing with the stereotypes of that would’ve been like before they got killed off. Like if a highblood is flipping shit would everyone just LOOK at the lime green in the room like

and then the lime green would be like

I want to see like the offensive stereotyping pale porn that super fetishized limebloods as this pacifying soft group of people and the limebloods that protested against it like UM. NO.