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BOBBY-LOVE AND FALL: First impressions.

iKON’s Bobby just dropped his first solo album. After all the jealousy and mean comments I read when it was announced that he would be releasing a full album, I really wanted it to be amazing. It is. Not the way I was expecting though. This album is definitely full of surprises. When MOBB (WINNER’s Mino and Bobby’s unit) made their debut I found out Bobby was the one who participated in writting the music for their titles and then Mino gave it his own spin. That’s why I put Bobby on my list of idols that make me excited about their solo careers specially since he’s only 21. He wrote all the lyrics and took part in composing every song for Love and Fall.

If you’re expecting this album to be a party hardcore hip hop trip then let me tell you it’s nothing like that. The only song that has a heavy beat that matches his previous song HOLUP! as well as MOBB’s FULL HOUSE is UP a collab with MINO. When Bobby went to MBC’s King of Masked Singer I was surprised about his singing voice. I knew he could sing because of the snippets he’s shown with iKON and MOBB but I didn’t know he could sing that well. I now wonder if he made that appearance as a spoiler for this album. I’ve listened to this album on repeat ever since it dropped just a few hours ago, here’s what I think about it track by track.

I LOVE YOU. As most summer songs in kpopland, the beat is tropical house. A fun song about love with a sad twist in the end. He mixes his unique voice with a few hip hop verses. 

RUNAWAY. One of my favorite songs of the album. A melancholic song about wanting to runaway when the pressure of daily life and fear of failing is suffocating you. I love the chill rap.

다른 세상 사람 (A person who’s out of this world). A more hip hop based song with a slow beat about meeting a girl out of this world and warning her to stay away.

텐데 (I would). Another of my favorites. A song about turning a friend with benefits to a more serious relationship.

UP (feat. MINO). A song with a heavy beat with lyrics that talk about fame. This song gave me mixed feelings. I kind of wanted them to do a stronger rap on this track but I do think their lyrics are witty and fun.

SECRET (feat. D.K and KATIE). A very pretty mid tempo ballad. The lyrics talk about a girl with a boyfriend.

IN LOVE. This pretty love song is one of the highlights of the album. Bobby’s falsetto on this track is so beautiful specially with those strings in the background. 

수영해 (Swim). A bright colourful song with a chill beat.

Firework. A sexy song that will make you unconsciously follow the beat with your whole body. 

내게 기대  (Lean on me). A great way to end the album with this upbeat song about being there for the one you love in the hard times.

As a side note, I barely posted this when I realized the MVs had been taken down and reuploaded for the second time. Even though they haven’t confirmed it, seems like a hacker is doing this. Maybe someone who is not happy that Bobby got a full album. I can’t possibly relate to that kind of thinking. Either way I hope YG properly fixes the problem.

You guys know a couple months ago when I said Katie McGrath probably has all the social media but under a fake name....

Her apologizing, just adds to my theory. Like we all know she is on her phone a lot, from the pictures we see of her. She’s probably got lie this vague SuperCorp Tumblr, where she reads fanfic and reposts fan art and gives opinions about episodes, and ships SuperCorp just as hard as the rest of us, so she logged in real quick and saw the uprise and was like, ‘no one else is going to apologise for these idiots, so I will’ and she’s trying to fix it.

a little something from tamyra of two dorks singing terribly and loudly. theyre probably keeping everyone else awake because they are incredibly rude. thank you, tam, it came out great!

Basically how every LL v Olicity civil fight goes
  • Hater/Olicity fandom: I hate Laurel Lance ugh, she's so annoying.
  • Laurel Lance fans: Please explain why you hate her and why she is annoying to you?
  • Hater/Olicity Fandom: OML A LL FAN IS ATTACKING ME.
  • Laurel Lance fans: We aren't, we just need you to explain to us why you hate Laurel.
  • Hater/Olicity Fandom: Because (error 52: no reason found)

Gail Simone

writer of BIRDS OF PREY Comics

who said she wanted a pic with Katie Cassidy

who honestly said she had no idea who Felicity was because she doesn’t watch arrow and felicity isn’t part of the verse she wrote for

is getting bombarded by whiny fangirls because she “disrespected felicity fans” and “supports anti-feminist KC/Laurel fans”

fucking suck a dick antis

not everyone, INCLUDING ACTUAL DC COMICS WRITERS, likes or KNOWS of Felicity—its like when the felicity fans went after the Rebirth writers because they made it clear the Rebirth comics were nothing to do with the Arrow TV-SHOW or would include the non-canon Felicity in its story…

fucking grow up, you go on and on about arrow “not being a part of comics” and that “black canary fans need to get over it” and as soon as the comics world makes a statement that isn’t pro felicity, ur suddenly offended?

like, all of this, because she said she wanted to meet Katie Cassidy

i hope they do meet and post a selfie together… suck it antis… SUCK IT.