troll joyce

I’ll tell you what pisses me off.

How Lonnie isn’t there at all for Will, Jonathan and Joyce.

- Nancy is there

- Nancy wanted our man Jonathan to have a decent sleep in comfort considering all the stress he’s under and shared her bed with him. Naw, that’s friendship right there 😂😂😂

- Hopper is there

- Bob the damn Superhero (I won’t get over that ever, even my son was like ‘that makes me sad’ yes son, me too.

- Steve was hella there for those kids because ride or die and protection.

- Max barely knew the kid but all in for the Party!

- That reunion between Joyce and Eleven? Future mum and daughter? They’re connected now there’s no turning back Joyce respects the fact that, you know, Bitchin’ has been trying to save her kid’s life…

- Did I say Hopper? Because our man been working hard for a girl he used to share cigarettes with back in the day. He’s a good lad. Fine lad. Mad lad. Best dad. All round good guy.

- Wait. Who da fuq is Lonnie?