troll jegeren

A few days ago I saw a movie called Troll Hunter (TrollJegeren)

it’s a Norwegian mockumentary about some college kids who are doing a sort of news report/class project on a mysterious man whom they think it’s an outlaw bear poacher. But as the title would imply, he’s actually a troll hunter. They then find out that he’s the last one, he’s a highly guarded government secret and that he is so totally done with all this troll hunting crap. The majority of the movie is them following him on his last few missions, learning about how he does his work and how trolls existed all this time without the modern day public finding out.

As the poster says, it was pretty god damn spectacular.

I saw it in an indie movie theater that normally plays bollywoods, collections of oscar nominated animations and film shorts, and foreign gems like this that a little capital city North Carolinian girl like me would never get to see. I think it’s safe to saw that this is probably one of my favorite movies I’ve ever seen at good ol’ galaxy cinemas.

Now, I don’t tend to really be into mockumentaries, or documentaries, or rockumentaries or really an sort of mentarties of any kind, but I adored this.

and if you guys can manage to see it, you most certainly should. and if you are like me, and are lucky enough to have an indie theater in your area that’s playing this, I believe that it’s totally worth seeing it on a big screen. (and indie theaters tend to operate on the cheap so, pluses there too! 8D )

A great movie that makes me really glad that movie effects have grown to such a level that even smaller studios outside of hollywood can make neat little bits like this. :)

Especially since hollywood itSELF seems to mainly use that advanced effects technology to tear people to gooey chunks in summer horror features. .___.

ps: stay till the end of the credits heheheh ;)