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Park Hyung Sik and Lee Sung Kyung perform the song ‘True Colors’ from the movie Trolls

Domestic Jikook #1/?

1. Baby Kookie looking out for cars while his hyung gets a little too carried away saying ‘Aloha’ to strangers while crossing the road.

2. Laundry date with bae every night. Who says you can’t enjoy doing laundry?

3. Look at how relaxed JK is, yawning with his mouth wide open while answering his hyung, and letting him rest his smol hands on his arm (very unnecessarily, might I add). 

4. Kookie must have been kicked/hit (playfully, of course) enough times by Jiminie to even anticipate it before he tried to knee him in the stomach. LOL.

….and again.

5. Of course, what’s a honeymoon without plenty of selfies/selcas to capture those memories because you know, it’s not everyday you get to go on one. 

Well, In their case, it’s probably not everytime they get a chance to show their affections so publicly (and ‘officially’)… #justsaying

Ugly shots capture the best moments. 

And how many times has Kookie trolled his hyung into taking such photos with him?

Sidenote: Jikook seems to be the only ones constantly taking selfies. 

Sidesidenote: When is JK gonna upload all these selfies?!


20170611 - ‘2PM 6 Nights’ concert day 6 (final)

@.2pm_stagram :  2PM ♡ HOTTEST

@.follow_2PM :  2PM ♡ FOREVER

a few fanacc:

wy: chansung a have a strong one (intro
cs: yes, I will be 2PM’s maknae, for my whole life!

wy: I have a question for cs! isn’t this too pervertic?
2pm: cs is always pervertic

as you know I have been spending my time supporting 2pm. Recently i had my solo in Japan, which ended well thanks to everyone

nk: I’m filming overseas
2pm: what kind of filming?
nk: I’m filming… deuuuurama

cs: I had wanted to feel this concert more quickly, but now that it’s the last night, it still doesn’t feel real… ;; I didn’t dream of a singer when I was young. But I met JYP, met my members, practiced tgt, and seem to find the path I have to take. do think of it as taking a short break… now, I will be singing for my whole life.

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What Seungri ACTUALLY meant:

  • “That’s because you hyungs were being children in previous countdowns.”
  • “That’s because you wouldn’t listen to me when I talk.”
  • “That’s because you didn’t respect your MC just because he’s the maknae.”
  • “That’s because you lack discipline when I was trying to set order.”
  • “That’s because you didn’t let me do my part properly.”

But ‘Whatever’ had to cut for all of that Haha


for @donghyuckstudies hope you like it!! it was a challenge writing for haechan but i hope i did the cheeky lil donghyuck justice! enjoy :-) was inspired by ur username for the prompt LMAO

-the schoolbell rings and u rush to ur desk at the very back of the classroom

-class is about to start when the teacher says HEY GUYS STOP TALKING look we have a new student, dong-

-HAECHAN!!! this guy holding bunny ears up and the cringiest most forced smiley face uve ever seen corrects the teacher

-without further adue this annoying kid rushes to sit next to u at the back of the class

-u chuckle a little cause wtf just happened and get back to ur work

-but this kid taps u with a twinkle in his eye and just says HI

-and ur like uh hi and hes just winking at u nonstop like a meme or something

-u get back to ur work

-hey do u have a pencil

-hey do u have paper

-hey do u have an eraser

-ur just like omg here take my whole bag

-the next day this boy has the nerve to forget everything again so u give him everything bc hes harassing u and hes like thanks!!!

-during break he gets up bc everyones like OMG HAECHAN and you realize that hes become friends w everyone and they’re all snickering in the corner but when lunch comes he ditches everyone and comes over and begs you! to eat w him

-so he breaks you down bc hes attacking u with paper planes and making sound effects until you fly one up his nose and hes falls off his chair laughing w the plane in his nose…

-you two arrive and he pays for ur meal and you two sit down on a bench in the courtyard. ofc he grabs half of ur sandwich for himself and hes like u know i paid for it lol pay u back when im a rich beautiful kpop star!!! and starts belting fcking random operatic notes

-u ofc put the rest of ur sandwich into his mouth to shush him

-instead hes like omg chagi~ thanks for feeding me and stares at u lovingly

-u cringe too hard and turn away and this kid is ofc like OMG DONT BLUSH!!! and then u kill him

-one day he takes u to sm bc in his words hes a VIP and you should feel honored that hes letting u into his rockstar life

-donghyuck is actually serious and singing like an angel and dancing and sweating and repeating it again and again and you just watch bc you’ve never seen him be like this

-you see him troll his hyungs in between and chase them/randomly scream lyrics but as soon as the music drops hes immersed in the music and he actually looks… cool

-he’s so focused and after the hyungs leave he’s ofc like OMG BYEEE DREAM OF ME to them but you stay with him till ten pm and he just is practicing the same moves over and over again

-when he’s finally done you wait for him since you guys live in the same direction and he  bursts out I WAS COOL WASN’T I but it comes out like a croak bc he strained his voice from the constant practicing + trolling the members and you just laugh so hard but you also wonder how he manages to stay so carefree amidst all the work

-ofc you dont say this but instead ur like NOW IT CAN FINALLY BE QUIET and he smiles to himself

-suddenly you feel this weird rush of concern because you’re not used to seeing haechan differently. and now that he’s finally shut up it’s awkward and when he’s not making ugly ass faces he actually has the cutest smile?

-but you two just walk in silence and say bye but he mimes it bc he cant talk LOL and his mimes suddenly become charades??? so you push the idiot towards the direction of his dorm bc he needs to rest

-the next day he doesn’t come to school and ur wondering if he faked being sick or something. either way, the whole day is super quiet and u cant believe you miss his voice and bothersome presence..but u do

-so ofc after school you run as fast as you can to his dorm w a ton of shitty junk food (his fave ofc) and check to see if he’s actually sick

-you ring the doorbell and the other rookies are laughing so hard bc they see you holding a pizza and burgers and fries

-they go like LOL ONLY DONGHYUCK’S GIRLFRIEND WOULD bc ur literally carrying a feast with you and yuta and jaemin are just eating fries that are falling lol

-donghyuck comes out and he looks so shocked and his eyes widen and he just bursts out laughing and comes over to help you with all the crap you brought him

-ur so happy to see him and his laugh is all high and randomly ur heart just starts pounding like no other. YO WHAT KIND OF FATASS DO YOU THINK I- you cut him off and just hug him bc he’s okay

-except he’s not bc u feel that his face is super warm so maybe he’s actually sick? You let go and his whole face is red and this idiot is suddenly speechless

-UH STOP WITH THE GERMS—-but you hold on bc you would die if anything ever happened to him

-LISTEN IDIOT-just SHUT UP JEEZ-and you guys continue insulting each other while hugging… and the other members keep laughing bc u guys look so dumb

-you pull away after like what felt like an hour LOL and then you’re like.. eat all the food its cold now bc you dont know what to say and u feel all shy???

-so he just starts eating mindlessly and stuffing his face with pizza and burger

-suddenly he spits it out and is like. dude…. this is all cold

-and you guys just both stare at each other for like five minutes

-both u idiots start laughing bc WTF is this situation LOL


-and ur just done with his shit so ur just like YEAH I REALLY DID

-he wasn’t expecting that so he just reverts to this shocked face and he turns red and you just go up to him and squish his face and ur face is red too

-he inches a lil closer and gives u a lil kiss on the cheek before he cant take it anymore and yells UR WELCOME LOSER!!!!!! but u can tell hes dying inside and then he suddenly starts running around the dorm bc hes SO embarrassed and cant cope

-u tug him by the hood of his jacket to get him to stop but instead he pulls u with him and u both fall onto the floor (moral of story: u guys are both idiots)

-since then u guys are as per usual always together and constantly sending each other ugly selfies and making fun of each other

-when he does hold ur hand u he holds u so hard so that u cant escape and he just goes like MUAHAHAHAHA bc…. dumb

-and then u run and then bc hes holding ur hand he just… has to run with u and then u guys collide into each other LOL

-ur always there when hes practicing bc even though he’s sarcastic and cocky he’s the most hardworking boy you’ve ever met and u know he loves having u there

-when u sit there watching u just wonder how the hell u got so lucky to end up with this idiotic perfect weirdo

Oppayam’s Love for BaBird

“Ahhh Jinnie is going to have a SOLO ~ i will make a dog for him ~”

“Yosh! I can do it! I even looked it up on youtube ~ “ 

/Oppayam is too immersed he didn’t saw Babird already passed by/

“Okay ~ let’s add more details here..” / twist * twist /

“OMOOO! It looks WEIRD!” ~ Oppayam 

“Jinnie, i can fix this.. pls don’t misunderstand.. “ T_T

“ wait.. hmm… ugh… wait.. “ /cold sweats/ XDDD


“Saranghae Jinnie” XDDD /i’ll quit balloons for now/


BTS Star Wars: Attack of the Hyungs

Jungkook: Jimin-hyung?
Jimin: give me a sec
Jungkook: Taetae-hyung?
Taehyung: Kookie, if you look closely enough, you might notice Jimin and I are currently engaged in a staring contest
Jungkook: yeah, I see that, but we already know Taetae-hyung will win, so can we skip to that?
Taehyung: I blinked
Jimin: you lost on purpose just to prove Kookie wrong, didn’t you?
Taehyung: what do you need that is so important I had to lose that staring contest, huh?
Jungkook: you didn’t have to– anyways, have you noticed anything off about the hyungs lately?
Jimin: off how?
Jungkook: they seem, um, different?

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First Kiss

this is request~

A/N: i honestly think u guys dnt care but i have been sick (threw up 4 times last night) so i have been resting all day… it is 5:30 am now and I’m wide awake so… haha time to catch up on writing XD

“Yay, my turn to spin the bottle!” Jongdae smiles and puts his hand on the bottle. He skillfully twists his wrists and the bottle starts to fly around in a circle on the floor.

You quietly watch along, not paying much attention. The food on the table seems more interesting than this childish game.

The bottle lands directly on Kris, and jongdae has an evil grin on his face. You are really curious what this troll is planning out.

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Things that you should know about kpop 2

So I saw that my first post about this has “succes”, so I thought “Why shouldn’t I do a part 2?”. So here is things that you should know about kpop part 2, with new things that you maybe already know.

1. The change their hair colors more often than they change their socks. And beside this, they’re not afraid to color it in weird colors.

2. One word : aegyo. Aegyo everywhere!

And where is aegyo it’s gwiyomi too.

3. Fucking abs. I know you want to lick them too, don’t lie! I said DON’T LIE!

4. They have catchy songs with catchy dance. Don’t lie, you all know the dances below.

5. It’s an unwrite rule : boy groups must show the world that they know dance girl groups coreographies.

6. It’s impossible not to feel fat when you see all those kpop female singers.

7. Every group has that one member who gets less lines in a song.

8. The maknae is evil or likes to troll his hyungs. But remember : the evilest maknae in kpop is and forever will be Kyuhyun (Super Junior).

9. The interactions between girl groups and boy groups are just fucking adorable.

10. Beside their dancing and singing skills, some of them have drawing skills too…well, more or less.

Well, see you next time with another part…and yes, I was bored again. Don’t judge me!

Part one

anonymous asked:

Could you please describe each member of Vic please? Like their personalities? I'm a really new to them as group and would like to know more about them!😊 please and thank you!! Oh & happy new year!!

This is merely based on what I’ve seen from them and the aura I feel, so take with a grain of salt. 


  • Mom of the group
  • Friendly and engaging 
  • Can come off as sassy at times especially with his infamous stank face, but is honestly the most caring person I’ve ever seen
  • Cares for his members a lot
  • Confident 
  • Hilarious (Dumb and dumber with Ken)
  • Responsible and reliable 
  • Naggy
  • Emotional


  • “Dad” of the group
  • Comes off as cold and intimidating
  • Is actually the warmest person you’ll ever meet
  • Has an obsession with food, small animals and tiny humans kids
  • Honest
  • Observant
  • Soft spoken and camera shy he’s not even that shy he’s just quiet…
  • Extremely polite (They all are actually) 
  • Awkward dork
  • Violent towards his members cause bae doesn’t take shit from no one


  • Moodmaker
  • He’s honestly so effing loud I can’t even deal 
  • Famous for his “Ottokaji Song”
  • Cutest attention whore ever I mean wtf is Ken TV even….
  • Turns into kenjumma when people interrupt him
  • Extremely proud of his animal impersonations
  • Conscious of what people think of him
  • He’s actually pretty quiet when others are around or on shows
  • Stupid, stupid, stupid 
  • Considerate
  • The epitome of weird


  • Another moodmaker of the group
  • Kind and caring him and his sister are so cute omg
  • Pretty confused half the time
  • Gentle
  • Very considerate
  • He knows when to stop with jokes or when things are going too far
  • Will do the tasks no one else wants to do


  • He’s the most genuine person ever 
  • Extremely sincere
  • One of the purest souls in Kpop man hands down
  • Laughs at almost everything
  • Very hard worker
  • Tends to get embarrassed a lot like Leo
  • Biggest Park Hyoshin fanboy you’ll ever meet
  • Considerate and caring
  • Neat freak


  • The sassy/evil maknae
  • Is both Hyukawaii and Manhyuk
  • When he smiles, sun shines
  • Talkative 
  • Trolls his hyungs like it’s his life mission
  • Ambitious and not shy at all
  • Witty


I hope this gave you more insight on the members and Happy 2015 to you too~

-Admin C