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i mostly did dio and a couple of his groupies because i wanted to and i’m not regressing back to an ages-old art style just to go add the full gang. sorry about all of their names. homestuck is real and it’s out there. disclaimer if i got something wrong about Troll Canon it’s fine and do not talk to me

the troll-to-lusii scale is so scary esp considering that the further up the hemospectrum you go the more likely it is that your lusii is massive. could you imagine going to your highblood friends house to play troll mario odyssy and theyre like “hey want anything to drink” and youre like “ok” and theyre like “HEY DAD DO WE HAVE ANY SPRITE” and an 18 ft tall horse busts through the hive wall with three packs of sprite stuck between its grotesquely massive fridge-sized teeth as well as your own lusus that it ate for breakfast so now youre parentless, have to floss out your sprite, your friend wont even give you a turn w/ the troll switch, and theres a giant horse there

I hate the sheer amount of unnecessary rape in Berserk. I feel like a lot of it is unnecessary and was only there for shock value.

The only rape scenes I feel add anything to the story are Guts when he’s a child, Casca when she’s a child and meets Griffith for the first time(and that one’s a stretch), and Femto and Casca during the eclipse.

The rest (Casca with the soldiers in the forest, the black dogs and the lady at the end of the golden age, the trolls, Farnese and her horse, even Guts when he’s under the influence of the Beast of Darkness and any others I’m forgetting) could’ve been written where instead of being raped, the girls are almost killed and nothing of value would’ve been lost.

I tell people that Berserk has a lot of sexual violence and they pass it on that alone, refusing to give this awesome story a chance because of how many forced rape scenes are in it.

Since I saw someone making a Bird!AU of Trolls, I will try to make a Horse!AU of Trolls (after my school intership in a stud, I couldn’t fucking resist, I am sorry)!

-Branch: “Grey” Clydesdale horse (stallion), used for work in the fields, pretty hot blooded, nervous and unpredictable.
-Poppy: Paint horse, used for lessons with kids or games, sometimes for parades since she totally loves people around her.
-Guy Diamond: “White” Andalusian horse (a gelding), used for dressage or for jumping competitions, sometimes for entertaining the kids.
-DJ Suki: “Red” Mustang Appaloosa horse, curly, used for rodeos, not completely tamed and pretty moody.
-Satin and Chenille: Arabian horses, used for parades or events thanks to their unique beauty and grace.
Cooper: Mule or Donkey (a gelding), used for little kids, work in the fields or for games.
-Biggie: Haflinger horse (a gelding), used for work in the fields and for lessons with bigger kids or unexperienced adults.
-Smidge and Fuzzbert (stallion): Falabella horses, treated more like pets and playmates for little kids.
-Creek: Thoroughbred horse (a gelding), used for riding lessons, jumping and hippotherapy, due to his calm and pacific behaviour.

[Stupid and useless Broppy headcanon/story coming, feel free to skip it. Also, even something for DJDiamond too]:

I think Branch’s owners would work pretty near to Poppy’s stud, and that she would often see him in the fields, working his ass off everyday, ignoring her completely. But after a lot of calling and showing herself in the same place, Poppy would attract Branch with her vivid enthusiasm and incredible beauty, pretty much forcing him to approach the small gate that separates them and talk, bonding slowly and meeting at special events, in secret or something like that.
At first Poppy’s owners would just let the two horses communicate, of course keeping their guard high since Branch is a stallion, but after a few years (and because of a little, innocent escape at night) a new little foal would born. u.u

For DJ Suki and Guy Diamond, I simply think he would be a stallion at first (not very stubborn, a very calm one, willing to be brushed and treated like the beautiful king he is ofc), but after flirting a little too much and especially after jumping in the paddock and having a heated “adventure” with a certain, aggressive, just arrived “Red” Appaloosa Mustang (GD would be stunned by her beauty and wild temperament, ahah), the owners would get him fixed right away. And Suki would laugh to tears in his face for days and days, despite it all.

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Can we get some Bunnyribbit content please and thank you

…Fairytale AU, anyone?

Once upon a time there was a princess named Hana who rode atop a great armored steed she lovingly called Meka. She was famed for her skill in combat and much beloved by the people for her fierce spirit and joyful heart. Of all these people, no one loved her more than a humble bard named Lúcio.

 Though with his great talents, Lúcio could have easily taken his place as a singer to kings, he had long ago decided that his music belonged to the common folk, and he preferred an open blue sky over his head more than any castle. Still though, he would find himself drawn to the jousting matches where the Princess Hana would compete. He would watch as the enemy lances shattered and splintered against her sea-green shield, and the scalloped edges of the pink caparison of her horse fluttered as it galloped. Her skill and valor would leave him speechless and awed in the daylight, but by night he would write out pages and pages of music inspired by her, for she was the song of his heart.

Eventually these songs, so pleasing to the ear, would be sung throughout the kingdom, and leave the Princess in a wonder as to where they were coming from. 

One day, however, the bard emerged from his room in the inn to find there was no singing in the streets. The next jousting match had been cancelled, and he was determined to find out why. He went to the castle and found a long line of knights there, and politely asked what was going on.

“The princess has been captured,” one of the knights replied, “But sunset yesterday, she lead her horse to water, and sat down to rest herself. While she was unhorsed she was stolen away by a cruel sorceress.”

“Then I must rescue her,” the words fell out of Lúcio.

“You?” the knight laughed and poked Lúcio in the chest with a gauntleted hand, causing Lúcio to flinch slightly “With no armor? No horse? Naught but the clothes and lute on your back and that silly feathered hat upon your head? Go home and write your verses, bard, sing a sad song, and leave this to a real adventurer.”

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what color horse looks best with soft pink? what color leather would look best? and yes, i am planning to buy a horse based on what color tack i want.

i’d suggest a pastel pink unicorn! If you’d pick a deep pink for your tack (that can be soft pink as long as the colour’s a bit more vibrant!) it will enhance your coat colours :)