troll glee

I was going through my humor tag on tumblr and I came across this post:

 Which would make a HILARIOUS Gaby/Illya fic. 

Just imagine, some super serious meeting at UNCLE HQ things are winding down- 

 Waverly: ..and finally, I received a communique from Moscow. They request that we endeavor to return Kuryakin to Moscow… undamaged. 

Gaby, Napoleon, and Illya all look at each like, like, ‘that’s weird. He was totally uninjured on his last trip to the USSR, not like his second to last trip when he had a broken collarbone.’ 

And Waverly is like, ‘oh, god, I have to clarify.’ “Specifically,” he says slowly, “this is a request directed at Agent Teller.” 

I want you to just imagine the expression of comprehension and troll-glee on Napoleon’s face at this moment. 



 Illya is staring stonily at the wall. 

 And Gaby – Gaby is just incandescent with fury. “The USSR. Is. Telling Me. That. I’ve. Damaged. THEIR? Property?” Is she upset because the USSR thinks that Illya is THEIRS? Is she upset because the USSR has damaged Illya so much already? Does she have an unlimited supply of anger at Eastern European Communist regimes? 

 Waverly has never regretted this whole UNCLE thing more. 

 Gaby probably bites her initials into Illya’s neck right before he has to go back to Moscow the next time.

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