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well why do you think jeronica will never happen then, even in like season 4 or 5 (i do not want it to happen and also hated dan and blair when they happened on gossip girl but it did happen still and i view it as a possibility)

Yeah, nice passive aggressive concern trolling there, dude…..already pretty much said it….but:

  • Riverdale’s a better show than GG ever was, so there’s a lot less constant coupling/uncoupling, particularly with Bughead. They have better shit for drama, like heroin smuggling and murders
  • Even Chair never dominated in the way BH does (and has over the course of a mere 8 episodes since their first kiss)
  • Chair frequently bordered on abusive, so you got their issues, BH’s refreshingly healthy
  • Vermin is no Blair
  • Dan is no Jughead
  • Dair actually had a fair amount in common, Jermin has nothing (the only thing are quips and Vermin’s are way too middle-brow, Betty’s the more literary/intellectual one, so even that’s crap)
  • Using your argument, Nathan and BROOKE should’ve happened on OTH (and, frankly, would’ve been more believable)
  • Unlike Douchie, Juggie wouldn’t date his friend’s GF/exes (same as Ryan and Summer never happened on the OC)
  • In fact, Chuck and Dan barely tolerated one another
  • Ratings gold (BH)
  • Lightning in a bottle (BH)
  • End of Core Four (Barfie/Jermin/Jouchie/Moronica)
  • Definite end of show
Tango is the world’s largest troll

You don’t have to say something like that unless someone has REPEATEDLY AND DELIBERATELY taken your instructions to literally just to fuck with you.

It may have been said before, but this is the one that throws the whole thing into sharp relief for me. I mean, I probably should have known from his first appearance.

I mean sure, maybe he really is that clueless, he’s been asking a lot of questions, but I ask you…really? ……Reeeeally?

I’m convinced he’s playing the long game acting totally lost all the time just for the laughs.

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Here’s an unfortunate story for you: Last year my sister got a puppy and named it Pre after the runner Steve Prefontaine. Now I don’t think I can introduce her to game grumps because it would ruin her dog’s name as it has for me (see every instance of someone shouting “I’m gonna pre, dude”). At the time I wanted to say something but I didn’t know how

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pan and bi are the exact same thing, and please don't use the split attraction model (saying panromantic bisexual or any variation thereof) unless you're ace or aro. :)

Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “The exact same thing”. You sure seem to know more about other people’s sexual/romantic orientation than themselves. I’m very impressed. Thanks very much for educating my ignorant ass. Hahaha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. 


It’s like I’m looking in a mirror. My name is Chester Whittingham, of Philadelphia’s Whittinghams. Welcome to the city of brotherly love. Now, our good founder William Penn bent over at least three rivers to get this premium plot of land. Now, he set out to be a holy experiment. And Lord, did he experiment with every hole he could find. Where do you think that crack in the Liberty Bell came from?

The stupidest idea came to me, and after an entire day of procrastinating while trying to write a chapter, I decided to draw this because my Alistair tag is too empty.

Soooo… a royal family portrait!

Davekat is killing me

akjfdhakfh dave and karkat watching a troll romcom and dave is like what the fUCK when the two dudes suddenly start kissing, what the fuck, they’re buddies? because no matter how much tension dudes may have in a human movie, they never ever hook up. he’d thought watching a romcom was gay, but this is getting way gayer than he’d been prepared for..!

Karkat doesn’t get his problem at all, of course. “their relationship has been built up properly, Dave. it’s been a long time coming. don’t you see how well they complement each other? but how similar they are nonetheless? how much they make each other better? do you know nothing about structure and character?”

after a while, a long while, Dave agrees to watch a romcom again and hey, it turns out most troll romcoms have dude relationships in them, huh……. he talks over the romantic scenes, at first. when Handsome Troll A and Handsome Troll B start smiling at each other and A touches B’s hand reverently and COMPLIMENTS THE GUY ON HIS EYES, Dave is like “oh wow, here we go. those two are gonna do the whole buttsex train. Karkat, no way this isn’t at least a tiny bit weird to you? of course we’d get stuck with homicidal bisexual aliens”

he gets used to it, gradually. two men can look into each other’s eyes and it can be romantic, who would have thought. it doesn’t even make them useless in a fight or anything, weird…

aliens are so alien.

but it becomes so normal, then. he reads one of his old pesterlogs, two years into their journey through space, and it’s so cringy. he couldn’t stop talking about how gay everything was, could he? man…

three years into it, almost at the end, he kisses Karkat and they both agree that it’s been a long time coming and they laugh about how often they’ve thought one of them would make the first move and they both chickened out. and those are the only thoughts he has. no “this is weird”.

just “finally”